Demonstrations of DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies

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OFF Fishing : Holy crap that was cool af


fat guy no more : The last viehcle looked alot like the halo warthog set up... Big suprise there... Lol

Jaron Schreiber : I guess you guys reinvented the wheel there

Stew : Finally taking the windows out and enclosing people in armor. One thing that always bugged me about space movies like Star Trek hey look here is the bridge like a bullseye on this big circle. The Bridge should be in the center of the ship.

coolrusskiy : Made by men, but presented by women as if they had something to do with it.

Justin Noker : That raptor was pretty badass, especially if it can off-road autonomously

Setting Mind : I really want to drive a car with a video game controller. That would be rad

dutchsinse : the movie STRIPES comes to mind @ 45seconds ! :D hahahahaha… URBAN ASSAULT VEHICLE ! xD

Ch Jo : Gotta admit those transforming wheels are pretty badass. 🔥🔥

John Hurst : Yeah this is cool and all but all these sensors can be picked off by snipers, then you got a useless vehicle

Stealthy Mongoose : I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall during a top secret darpa meeting.

Thom E. : Is my sense of humour bad when I find it funny that her name is walker?

Mladen Lončarić : Darpa, get a logo update. It looks like a kid played in ms word 95 :D

FPV FREAKY : DARPAtv I won’t terminators 😬

Blu Rox22 Js5 : nothing new here look at desert race trucks and rock crawlers

Kelson Blount : Go DARPA

thebakerman1 : If people only knew what they really had...

Ralph Louis Mendoza : Darpa is just showing old and declassified things to let people know they’re doing something with the government ‘s money.

PalmBeach Grown : To be honest serious and honest note the only thing you can say about this video is "Wow, technology" not trying to be funny but seriously look at this stuff. It's crazy.

Phillip Brewster : blah blahs blahblahblah blahblah blablahblah blahblahblahblahblah blahblah blablah

john S : A single EMP or what ever the russian jet used to shut down the USS COOK and all this technology is useless.

Brian Hodgson : So this is where all my taxes are wasted

JohnyK07 : lol, gamepad at 1:02, best way to drive

PrincePhase : War will be the END of us. I'm grateful I won't be around to witness it

Banu191919 : The wheel is reinvented... wish only good things.

kollspb zet : Круто!!! Молодцы США!! Раша как всегда - в жопе!

Pistol Pete : you enjoy war darpa?

Placebo : All I see is maintenance maintenance maintenance.

Pavel Mecer : So, if the vehicle takes a shot and the electricity goes out, the crew will be virtually blind... right?

ScienceIsTruth : Incredible technology.

Сергей Сергеев : ЧУШЬ !!!

Nava Ro : no use guys, still you got fked in iraq and afghanistan whatever you invint

U4G : you guys down in the comments do know that these are probably 5 maybe even 10 year old prototypes?they are not gonna reveal their state of the art technologies so other countries can copy their stuff.. only time we are gonna see what they really have is when another world war breaks out and they bring out what they really have...

Charlie Shakur : but where is the DARPA chief lol

Gcal1956 : Darpa = coolest jobs ever.

Ghost Assassin : Nice F-150 Raptor.

The Sad Plague : You usually see those computer setups in anime.

icommand : that transformer wheel ....whoever came up with that idea is a genius

A.J. Bensinger : Cool now let's focus on spreading pro US propaganda

Mihi Gyver : Murders!

leebog31 : DARPA is a enemy of the state. All the things they create will be used against us in the future.

Skaraosky Tube : All these to better KILL YOU when they need to...

theTIVANshow : Awesome . Usually things are developed for citizen use then to military as a truck driver with over 5 million miles and a former US ARMY Vet I'd like to try some of these things

Jesper_117 : KITT 2000 soon coming to a car dealer near you

Cardinal : Third person view? How the f**k.

Angelo : That man sounds like a woman

Jacob Wellington : DARPA should get out of the business of fkn up the world and just build cars. Those things are sweet

mr reality : Wait till Isis have these.....FROM NO WHERE.

Team6OWG : Why is the major fat?