Demonstrations of DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies

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StoopVital : And I still can't close the YouTube app and listen to my music

Peter August : This is great. 10 more years and the US army can use this technology to automatically change afghan people in the 3D Video to shooting targets. This way the Tank Crew wont even notice that they are killing random people while playing GTA Kabul.


Bit Little : DARPA says "here's a bunch of stuff we've had for decades and never got round to using, and now we can show you. Just wait till 2090 to see what we built in 2018!"

Sho Jo : Gotta admit those transforming wheels are pretty badass. 🔥🔥

Ralph Louis Mendoza : Darpa is just showing old and declassified things to let people know they’re doing something with the government ‘s money.

Stew : Finally taking the windows out and enclosing people in armor. One thing that always bugged me about space movies like Star Trek hey look here is the bridge like a bullseye on this big circle. The Bridge should be in the center of the ship.

killersushi99 : Hope nobody has a EMP weapon....we will be screwed with all of those electronics.

Stealthy Mongoose : I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall during a top secret darpa meeting.

Charlie Shakur : but where is the DARPA chief lol

Mladen Lončarić : Darpa, get a logo update. It looks like a kid played in ms word 95 :D

Thom E. : Is my sense of humour bad when I find it funny that her name is walker?

Gcal1956 : Darpa = coolest jobs ever.

Jaron Schreiber : I guess you guys reinvented the wheel there

thebakerman1 : If people only knew what they really had...

dutchsinse : the movie STRIPES comes to mind @ 45seconds ! :D hahahahaha… URBAN ASSAULT VEHICLE ! xD

Justin Noker : That raptor was pretty badass, especially if it can off-road autonomously

Lemonaed : checkmate Boston dynamics

Rise Spartan : Ya its cool and but I didn't see one cup holder...

Setting Mind : I really want to drive a car with a video game controller. That would be rad

Enkel Bega : And this is the unclassified tech, imagine what they have hiding in the candy shop.....super exiting

iCQ : Too bad and silly that only militarily seem to properly invest in such amazing new techniques... that should tell u something about the "human kind" (minus the kind part) and the "current state of affairs" in this world. Really sad... BUT... WOW AMAZING WHAT U GUYS MADE THERE!.... SHARE MORE PLEASE (dont worry we wont DE-militarize it but... pffff.... too bad... much has to be top secret... truly sad)

CasinoR : Don't trust darpa look what they did om the island of LOST

Banu191919 : The wheel is reinvented... wish only good things.

Paulis Architector : Money washing

PalmBeach Grown : To be honest serious and honest note the only thing you can say about this video is "Wow, technology" not trying to be funny but seriously look at this stuff. It's crazy.

OFF Fishing : Holy crap that was cool af

U Wot : All of this so they can get shot at by ragheads who earn less than a dollar a day.

DragonsLord76 : Волкер - сразу видно тупая пизда.


kollspb zet : Круто!!! Молодцы США!! Раша как всегда - в жопе!

Shane Reimroc : No wonder we have so many towns without clean water...


leebog31 : DARPA is a enemy of the state. All the things they create will be used against us in the future.

CK_32 : Soooo the college kid ideas that didn’t make the cut. Got it.

ansaree97 : Wonder how long it'll take to achieve full transformation of cars into any desired weapon/robot.

fat guy no more : The last viehcle looked alot like the halo warthog set up... Big suprise there... Lol

Jesper_117 : KITT 2000 soon coming to a car dealer near you

Hitmaniak17 GTA V *Cinematic* : Reconfigurable wheel-track that sick!!! 😍👌

Tailslol : War has changed,metal gear.

Kermit : From the people that brought you FaceBook on Feb 4/ 2004 oops I mean LifeLog “until” Feb 3/ 2004

samspinchat : On Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces.

The Sad Plague : You usually see those computer setups in anime.

John Hurst : Yeah this is cool and all but all these sensors can be picked off by snipers, then you got a useless vehicle

Turquoise 16 : Now put some mini guns and rockets on it and use it againts north korea

Pavel Mecer : So, if the vehicle takes a shot and the electricity goes out, the crew will be virtually blind... right?

Placebo : All I see is maintenance maintenance maintenance.

Merlin Man : There's no doubt that war, or the threat of war, gives the human race huge technological advancement.

MDSsystems : MEH............

mr reality : Wait till Isis have these.....FROM NO WHERE.