What I Saw on September 11, 2001
Previously unreleased footage from Lower Manhattan on 911

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I woke up that morning to my roommate saying, "Duncan get up, the World Trade Center is on fire." I was living in NYU housing on Broome Street, roughly a mile north of the WTC. I quickly put on some clothes, grabbed my camera, and went outside.


C. Saint-Saëns : Great footage man

Scott Eisen : Thank you for posting this, great job filming reactions.

Roel van Deventer : Super sharp footage. It seems so recently. If something like this were to happen today, there would be thousands of photos and videos. In 2001 it was not so common to just film things, unique video material. Thank you.

eU Hunt : 13.03 was that lady nearly sick? Scary.

Adam Archer : Thank you for posting this. The thing that struck me the most back then was the fact that Manhattan didn't actually come to a standstill. There were a lot of curious people, obviously, but by and large people just kept going on about their business. I was 17. I was caught in mass panic. I had nightmares for years. A friend of mine sent me a short clip a few years ago, and it brought it all back. This is a great video.

elena roshchupkina : УЖАС!!! Но такое впечатление, что большинству обсолютно всё равно.

Camgore 88 : amazing footage, some of the best footage of those moments I've ever seen. You always see the violence of the towers falling, but the focus on the emotions and reactions of the people on the street adds so much to the reality of that day.

3mily81 : Need commentary edition! WOW!

Bit Bandit : Good footage, I like that you focused on getting reactions

ChathamFireDeptfan : I can safely say the quality of this footage is that of a feature film. The heart and emotion shown in this footage should be shared throughout America because this shows the true American emotions at the time of the incident it’s breathtaking

Justinian Snow : 16:11 That dude casually eating a banana right after both towers fell.

Trev : Terrifying. Thank you for sharing.

Albinator : 11:07 Ouch :(

Len Hart : If your one of God's children, you will take part in judgment day, not to be judged but to judge the world, then we will see who the real perpetrators were.

BlockChainDP : looks like the movie George Bush - Inside Job

Thee Attic : What camera did you use ?

Dt Mt : 2:28 nonchalant pretty lady

imfromtambunan : You missed the money shot

Mustin : Horrifying.

Peggy Bean : Omg. It brings it all back.

Kataroku : 14:55 who were those guys?

js10p6 : not trying to make light of this horrific day but the guy at 1:47 looks like Chris Evans

elwhyify : Saudi Arabia -1 America - 0