Uk Mma scouse kid wants it with Mcgregor, tuff 1

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Inspectah deck : dont be confused by MMA an MDMA theirs a big difference

theWall1994 : "Where ye goin there fella?" Hahaha

Jason Walker : I know this lads family he's had mental problems for over 20 years an yes it's in a mental ward it's sad the only entertainment people get is taking the piss out of others just shows how much of a fucked world we live he might have problems but everyone must be sick in the head if they think that's funny

JustJohnboy : I was trained by shaolin monks hahahaha sick gear that lad

dick turpin : Lad talkin on this video makes the video. Lol quality this though haha

Shaun Szalai : "where you going there fella" had me rolling 😂😂😂😂

El Chapped : Looks a buzz on the nonce wing

Michael Hollowell : aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha your a heavy kid you... am crying laughin here

Roman carter : "I was trained by shaolin monks" gold

Marco scandella : where ya goin there fella? 😂😂😂

Kelly Hunt : do a back flip... haha

Kyle H : oh my god you are ruthless" do you do MMA"

PORK MACHINE : Nahhhhh im dead lol! The way these guys are keeping him gassed up had me creasing 😂

Chris Butterworth : You are ruthless

Paul Anderson : watched it about 20 times , still piss me self laffin. quality

Dj-Wisdom-UK : hilarious this, can't stop laughing

Tom T-Bag Washo : eeeeeeaaaavyyyy kid youuuuu laaaaaaaaa

John ó brien : this made my day,thanks for posting it ;)

Paul Lyons : Obviously not right in the head , the ones filming it and the ones who think it's funny are arseholes , simple

Jeheffiner : Aw I do feel bad for the guy but that bit at the end haha, where you goin there fella 😂 aww bless

LAB Gaming : Lad I can’t stop laughing at this video 😭😂😂 where you going der fella. Do the move stay out of it 😂😂

Dj-Wisdom-UK : hahaha brilliant!

RTSchofield : Ronald Mcgregor

LittleOttys : Welcome to the circle lad.

Dana Black : "Go ead show us a move. No stand back stay out of it" hahahahaha Trained by Stephen French.

Gary Laser eyes & Principe Vincenzo : how has this only been viewed 22000 times? this needs more publicity

phil2003ashleigh : MMA mma mma mma mmma mmma mmma brain hurts lol

Ian Letford : obviously has mental issues..

John's Law : His a Heavy kid!

Mr400Bhp : I won't stand no where

Simon Jones : hilarious lmao

ibby sting : my man knows his shit 😉

Tracey Mcgrath : Who's the original uploader

CaPz One : Mans taking eds off with them slappy slaps

richard cheese BUT PEOPLE CALL ME DICK : The lad videoin was defo dyin to punch his ed in hahahaha

Jack Birkenhead : Probably got a Mohawk because he thinks it makes him more aerodynamic with all those high kicks.

Daniel Addison : De you do MMA? Ahaha, so funny.

danimal Hills : fall at end who tought him that

Doctor Green : WHAT A KNOB!!

Boyle Frankie : I fooking ate the scouse accents.

William E : what a waste of a human life

Deranged Hooker : his nipples r too small, typical man dont wanna feed bby or pay child support. CHAV

Lewis Miller : Haha smak ed hes no scouser blatent jedi

Will Richards : Hahahaha hahaha

moorzymoores : Hundred hand slap.....

Joseph McKenna : Insane cunt...

JK UK : Built like Lesnar, moves like Demetrius

Khabib Nurmagomedov : Tight cunts he is obviously not well

Peter S : What is the entertainment in exploiting someone with a limited capacity for Youtube hits, it's quite pathetic.

Jammy Man : Was that actually mma im not 43 and I can do a spin kick better than that but I go mma jokes