Huge Great White Shark Stalking Fishing Boat

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Wonderful Aircraft : "Is it legal to shoot them?" Must be americans if thats their first reaction.

Guy Smiley : How could anyone mistake a white shark for a bull shark?

f50koenigg : Bull Shark doesn' grow that big. Its definitely a great white.

Reprovo a : That was a turtle bro.

James Barrie : your going to need a bigger brain

AnalogAfrica : people going deep see fishing and hardly have any knowledge about marine creatures, strange.

GeneralLegath : For everyone who is whining about how he asked "Is it illegal to shoot it?", just stop. He was asking for assurance just in case it attacked, and I don't blame him seeing as it was circling the boat for the past 10 minutes. Something unexpected *could* have happened, and he wanted to be prepared for the unpredictable. Sharks are predators, and have attempted to or downright devoured humans, or injured them. I can guarantee that you would be considering the option of self defense if an enormous predator attacked, and was notorious for attacking humans occasionally. *(NOT often, very rarely, but the great white is known for its attacks.)* You people have no sense of logic.

ufster81 : The hunting story element of the video is really funny. "is it 12 foot", "no it's more like 15" "it has to be 18" and the video gets titled "20 foot great white shark".

youtubasoarus : Beauty. It was being real chill too. Just checkin' you guys out. Nice.

Stephen Johnson : The only way to be sure as to what type of shark it is, the answer is simple! Just dive in the water for a closer look!

Pants Up Don't Loot : You're going to need a bigger boat.

BurglxryGB : lmfao i lost it when he asked if its illegal to shoot it

Brian G : he's a great white...not a bullshark...0h and when they circle you.,..that's them sizing you  up which is NOT a good sign LOL

SoulBrother : "Yeah, its a bull shark. Its a bull shark dude." What?? So obviously a great white.

Zerone : Why shoot it? Go dive and face it if you killed it by hand you earn it. ;)

Dee Kuz : Lol at all the angry shark experts on here. Get a life.

james lloyd : How can fishermen be so un-knowledgable?

craigdoc29 : Hooper: "That's a 20 footer." Quint: "25. Three tons of him." Lol

Beck Grayson : *swimming a couple feet away* "that actually might be a bullshark" *swims a foot away* "yeah its a bullshark" O.o

Anjel WithaJ : You're gonna need a bigger boat

Law Dawg : it's obviously a great white, what is this guy on?

Paul EJ : "Yeah It's a bull shark"....LMAO For a bull shark it is doing a great impression of a large female great white!

Turner Hoppenstand : I'm no genius on marine wildlife but I feel that anyone should be able to distinguish a Great White from a Bull Shark... C'mon now

chewbactimusprime : That's no bull...pointed nose, white underbelly, the size of's a white, and it's stalking you..

Hurga Gonzales : While watching I always thought....dude get your fingers off the lens.

Lauren D : Bull sharks don't get to that size at all, they also have a rounded snout and you can clearly see the sharks white underbelly and grey top half - obvious great white. Guess some people who go out on the water are none the wiser of what's in the water

ThePizzadude93 : Duuuu-Dum... Duuuu-Dum... Duuuu-Dum.

mr pepe : Why do people get mad because the man said thats a bull shark oh i already know... Humans can't make mistakes And why do you get mad if he says "is it legal to shoot him?" The shark is circling the boat, he can attack any time wtf is wrong with people in the comment section

pit man : that's a great white 100%

Richard DeFren : Only a moron would confuse that for a Bull Shark. Come on!

max Hertford : He was waiting for you guys to hook a tuna or other fish for easy pickings that's why he was circling the boat.

Tum Katowice : "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Bud Mon : That is clearly a Great White... Bull Shark's get nowhere near that size

Chris Ward Music : Legend has it they are still arguing about how big the shark was lol!

Lori Shepherd : SHE. That big, the chances are its a She :)

Nancy Overton : Be respectful of the sea and the animals that call that their home. These people were in the sharks territory.

Robert Mcintyre : i think it look's about 20_21ft it looks like a jumbo jet floating under water what a brill thing to see a great white shark just relaxed swimming so close to ur boat why did'nt they give it one of the fish they had caught i would have loved to see its teeth excellent video guys

DiMeNsIoNs : I think this is why everything quit biting? You Think ??

ashleelmb : It's a great white. Bull sharks have a rounded nose. This thing had a pointed nose.

Rab Aru : Sharks are cowards. In this situation the best thing to do is jump in the water in front of the shark and charge it.

Theo P : thats the worst kinda water to be attacked in. youd see that mthrfkr coming full speed from below you at HD quality lol

Odyssey Spartan : It's a white mate, and It's stalking you guy's. It's pointless fishing there. Amazing shot guys - Thank(s).

capt Bluto : chief brody please we have a neew shark problem lol wait the chief is dead

Going Offgrid : That is the most pointy nose I have ever seen on a bull shark

YUNG DUCK : He waitin for one of ya to fall in with him lmao

realbws94 : this is clearly a great white. it doesn't even look like a bull shark let alone the size.

Zak Pennicuik : There's something fishy about this video.

WreckItRalph : They're curious animals.

WhoCheese : My guess is 16-19 foot great white. its massive! The dorsal fin alone is intimidating!

earthgem : i could only dream to see something so beautiful in my life :[[[[