Mike Tyson exposes the Prison Industrial Complex
Mike Tyson exposes the Prison Industrial Complex

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Mike Tyson interviewed in prison in May of 1994 and exposes the Prison Industrial Complex. "In America big business is prison.... It's a revolving door situation".


ਉਂਕਾਰ ਸਿੰਘ : Tyson is WOKE


yourtypicaltroll ! : Mike made larry look like the uneducated one in this convo. Mike was woke.

J F : Prisons, hospitals, universities, AMA, ADA, banks, etc., etc., All owned, and all big business. We live in a huge factory!!

Luke Casey Walsh : He's very intelligent

Chris N. : i like this guy, everybody can make mistakes, but he's so polite and smart.

John_ Carter : IRON MIKE!

heat cliff : crime pays in USA. Crime pays judges, cops, lawyer, corrections and related family. Criminals lives in the USA. crime pays support welfare and warfare.

DIRTYBOB59 : I love it when Mike Tyson shows what a miserable, phony, DOUCHE BAG tool of the system that hook-nosed, Christ-killing King is - RIGHT ON, brother Mike!... (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!...)

Adrian H. Dragan : Got Love for TYSON ! Can anybody find an interview where he explains why he tattoed Mao and Che Guevara, both marxist communists and theorists ??? Thanks in advance

IAMWEIRD : Whole on a moment since when was Tyson this smart and articulate???

drei9 : So its true what i hear that this guy IRON Mike is Smart!

Conscius Energeia : Don't believe Tyson was ever even in prison. It was all a contrived media soap opera.

Brian Joseph : Only the goyim like your video. IM not asleep and see through you.

Andy P. Hoffman : And he supports Trump, someone who will do nothing about these issues.

a believer : Smart

Joe Nuxhall : Most convicts are black...violent people with little self control

markas cinta sejati : Why did he talk like 10 years old boy? Where is the black beast? Where is the deadly fist? Booooo.....!!!! Boring!

english nights : Who said he was stupid

Joe Nuxhall : No...Most prisons are public entities in the U.S.