salad days
Still one of my favorite Monty Python skits Salad Days

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Mistertbones : Pretty strong meat there from *sniff* Sam Peckinpah! *Sniff*

Bryan Lagos : I had to look for this clip as it was referred to very briefly on the Talking Dead last night. The last time I saw this was in the mid 1980's when Graham Chapman (RIP) was giving a presentation at my engineering college (RPI). He played this clip and it brought the house down. Afterwards I met him and got his autograph. He signed it, "To Bryan from Brian and Graham Chapman." Still funny after all these years!

paulb1988 : I loved how, in the later series, the Pythons always had some sort of external entity, in this case, the subtitles, that aggravated whatever situation they came up with.  Absolutely brilliant.

ReyaitheShadowWolf : I love John's reaction to getting his hands torn off. He's not scared or frightened, he just looks pissed. XD

twistedbiscuit69 : Tarantino in a nutshell

Ian Christopher : This sketch should've been named "THERE WILL BE BLOOD".

jkoff76 : Will You Stop Sniffing..... ROFL

Glenn Marshall : just completely warped 

LordZontar : Best image is Cleese just sitting on the piano bench looking bewildered at his stumps, with the blood flowing out like water from a faucet.

Orlor : Trump, is that you?

patrick hurley : Brilliant

LordZontar : Leave it to the Pythons to turn an innocent Edwardian garden party into a spectacle of bloody carnage and make it hilarious.

SpoopySquid : thank you cinema snob for suggesting this

hambone31000 : Poked fun of The Wild Bunch and violent Sam Peckingpaw movies. Violent blood splat was hated by critics when first introduced in the 60s with Bonnie and Clyde. Salad Days shows the violence as excessive and unnecessay for shock only.

Ron Kolinie : I get it...I love this skit...I am a dude by the way

Mistertbones : Also, stop sniffing!

BoogherJ : rocks

Matt Davis : What does that mean?

Todd Victorson : the cheese who shot liberty valance- pure genius- I don't know how these guys consistenly maintained the level of brilliance over a prolonged period like they did

LMarikov : No, not in Texas, sorry. I'm in Michigan. I feel your pain, though. I hate trying to pretend that certain crap is funny. Especially since I'm not good at it. lol I try, but no.

LMarikov : I'm a chick who gets it. In fact, I have the entire series on DVD as well as the movies, their personal best (I still have to get John Cleese's and Terry Jones'), Live At the Hollywood Bowl and a few documentaries. I also like the Three Stooges, Simpsons, Family Guy, Mr. Bean, Fawlty Towers, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and more. Actually, every female I know loves Monty Python. I feel sorry for the chicks who don't get it. They're missing out.

Dogmayor : When Eric Idle gets killed it's a dead on imitation of Pekinpah, so funny.

Vigo 894 : Too bad you didn't include the disclaimer that comes after the host is shot. That part is really funny.

Antifoul Awl : One person couldn't catch.

Михаил Кизимов : Catch!-)))

Alan Palgut : He should have mentioned The Good, the Bad and the Limburger among the Cheese Westerns.

pansatyrson : I first saw this sketch when I was 9. Fucked me up for life.

mowriter : The BBC would like to apologize for that last apology...

mrpink188 : Why did they skip the best part! "I say what a simply super day!"

Vigo 894 : @TheBiomorph493= You're not the only one who thinks that. They should put what followed this sketch up. They put up a disclaimer which is supposed to be an apology from the BBC. It mentions that the Pythons all come from broken homes, and have unhappy personal lives, especially Eric. That completes Salad Days. Too bad I don't have it. I would put it up myself.

Andrew Kieswetter : Yet another classic Python sketch!!!!!

TheBiomorph493 : For a Monty python sketch this is just f**k up.

Paul Bauman : 1:30 Ah, ya big baby! All you had to do was THINK FAST!

Tennisers : happy tree friends much?

DennisGW10 : My all time favorite Python sketch...

xwexarexbulletsx : What will Tarantino do without geniuses like these?? Ahhh Pythons...

MissKattyWren : Did anyone notice John Cleese's wrists before his hands came off?

quad1000 : WAY ahead of its time.

SuzQ2 : i love how john cleese just looks so perplexed at his wrists gushing blood.

cl0vvntiem : "The Cheese Who Shot Liberty Valance". Ahh, Python.

Alan Page : Yes, it's the "French Subtitled Film Sketch".

pradtheprophet : the shooting in the end was the best... "Pretty strong meat there from (sniff) sam peckinpaahh!" .... gets shot!! ...hahahha

Adam Schwartz : He could have stopped sniffing but NO no one ever listens to subtitles!!!!!!

ealaspada : Ooops. I stand corrected.

Alex Boyd : different sketch

ealaspada : Absolutely one of my favorite Monty Python skits ever! Thanks for posting! It's edited a bit isn't it? Doesn't he talk about "John Wayne's newest movie "Buckets of Blood Coming Out of People's Heads" at some point?

GrahamChapman : No prob, I can give you a thumbs up to make up for it, old horse. ^_^

jkoff76 : I wonder if Sam Peckinpagh, if he did, he probably just laughed his but up, and then went back to drinking!! LOL

Stephie2007 : someone shot eric! that's funny!