flower red rose blooming

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Myasm jalali : Beautiful 😍

krazykitt : so pretty i cried not even kidding

Flowers&Gardening : love roses

Małgorzata Paszkowska : Przepiękne video dla wszystkich osób,które kochają róże.

Bhawana Agrawal : lovely,beautiful flower

Muriel Gogniat : Je remets la naissance de cette rose..comme aux premiers flocons de neige qui vient de s'étendre sur nos toits...sur nos arbres c'est si joli!...désolée pour ceux qui ne l'apprécient pas...Mais je suis née au mois de décembre et j'aime la neige par dessus de tout!!..c'est Magnifique!!!...et très belle vidéo!! beautiful flower!!! Muriel

Aromatic Lavender : BEAUTIFUL....................

Bea Castel'Branco : Hi, I want to use this amazing time lapse of yours to a video that it’s about a project in social entrepreneurism in improving education in development countries as Brazil. I will be glad to post the final video with your credits and I’ll send the link to you if wanted. Thank you.

marla sweet : love the roses ,,,,,bloom

Loly Popy DUMB : This music make me cry

Purno bd : Subahab Allah....

Furry Cat Lover : Now how can this be explained by evolution? The God of the bible made such a beautiful creation, even when cursed, it still holds beauty. A rainbow along with the rain, joy even when the world has pain.

احسنيه وافتخر : سبحانك ربي ما اعظم خلقك ....

Jappi Thakur : I love Rose

ג'ון דלה קרוז : Its impossible that there is no GOD.

Vannareth Seth : Red Rose Blooming-All my dear friends give you a happy kiss day! 🌹❤️

neeraja kumar : aweeeeeeeeeesooooooooomme

Rosita C González : Nacimiento de la Naturaleza ♥

takkin cheung : beautiful

Rita Saha : Beautyful

Ena Maas : Agenda  overflowing, but I could stay here longer than is good for me !!

Lexie Love : What is name of the song please???

Susan keren : wow

ShaolinXtreme : song ?

eno sadikaj : https://m.youtube.com/

Nydia Hernandez : I really love rose the color red is my favor. 3>

Aman Sachdev : nice

Ramdiya monu Gill : Nice video

PàRvéeZ NiGàŘ KhÀn : really beautiful

علي عبدالحسين : واو روعه

Nelma Mattosinho : Muito lindo

alex law : I love beautiful roses flowers. My Happiness. Gloria Law

Rasjafamily: Friends for The rain Forest : heel mooi

Emilita Ñanculipe : una de las flores más ermosa son las rosas me gustan muchu porque mi nombre es ROSA tengo espina que duelen muchu cuando te clavan no dejó que nadie me haga daño buenas noche ha todos lo que ha hesta hora están leyendo mi comentario

كمال زيتون : ما اجمل هده الورود روعه

XxStephMarler xX : i like it when it first starts to bloom it is just so pretty

Daisy S. : Beautiful! ❤️🌹

Zosia Kąty : amazing 😊😊😊😊😊😚

Horoskopite Official : Wow, amazing :)

Junaid Ahmed : Beautiful 🌹

Sahinur Rahman : Most beautiful flower in common category. I love flowers especially roses.💐💐💐💐

Ringpopgang Lol : Buetiful

shabana khan : Woooo very nys

Quarx : beautiful

Digna Garcia : Hmmmmm so nice, i love so much

hi ari : SONG PLEASE name

Eng Thunthea : dog

حلبي حر : Hg

suman karna : Very nice