ORIGINAL: Dashcam Norway - Semi truck narrowly missing kids

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Bouwer2100 : Volvo Trucks YT brought me here

Wonder World : now that was impressive braking & reaction speeds by the truck driver

Joakim H : This should be a commercial for Volvo Trucks

AWE : Vovlo #SwedenSquad

Severo Bastardito : Thanks Volvo.

VictorKane115 : Next time, Darwin. Next time.

Kristijan XD : Stupid kid 😑

memehistoria : *Wow* that truck driver had some balls... Bless him 🙏

zweistift : these Volvo brakes are badass :O

dewdewdewdewdful : bad parenting. That truck driver would've been scarred for life thanks to dumb parents and shit kids. good on that driver i hope he doesnt have to go through that again

momthegreatest : Kid's Mother's Prayers saved him,believe me..

Lasse Rinström : Volvo Trucks. We help your kids skip their slot on the death's list.

Pekka Hietala : Incredible that the car behind the truck did not crash into the back of it.

faceless man : My asshole clenched until that truck was stopped.

Milan Velebit : Parents, send a thank you letter to Volvo.

Elite Gaming : Retarded kid

Aivix777 : Thank you Volvo. For a good brakes :)

Weeaboo Senpai : 50%-That kid is an idiot 30%-Volvo fans 10%-I am Norwegian 10%-That quick reaction tho

Steinbird : Good Volvo commercial!

Th3 Zm0nst3r : those kids are idiots

Huggemeister Meister : Good advertising for Volvo.

Magic : Dude, that fucking driver has higher reflexes than competitive gamers.

Marcos Amparo : My heart came out of my ass watching this video.

Alek Jan : stupidity ain't gonna save him in the future

InCloseFighter : Dude's mom should be on her knees guzzling some sweet nectar from that guy's cock. He literally saved her from burying her kid. I'd request a blowie every goddamned day.


jeenoniin : Thank god it was volvo

Psyrius : Volvo needs to see this. This truck has automated emergency brakes and that invention just saved a life.

SinanCegen : 👏👏👍VOLVO

The Gaming Baby : Good job Sweden produce the best truck in the World whit very good brakes😎😙😄

ripxxc : Two heroes in this video. 1. The guy with the dashcam who reacted super quickly with the horn, alerting the incoming truck. 2. The truckdriver with super quick reflexes and deduction to be able to get from the single 1 second of horn that he needed to do hard break. An award should be given to both of them.

54jb3r7 : This is a classic situation where pedestrians get killed. Teach your kids to ALWAYS be wary of this type of situation, at crossings too.

Demon Bella : Please teach kids to look for traffic before running out on the road 😣 my heart just stopped

A Kid From Battlefield : Seems like parents these days dont teach their children to look left, right, left and right before crossing the road

CF O : wow, very good reflex from truck driver you are a true hero.

Celta Delta : This was a miracle. Great driver. Thanks God kid was saved.

Edde E : Volvo at its finest.

MT09HD : The driver didn't even react... It's automatic brake assistant by Volvo. Kid had luck this time becouse Volvo new truck went on him, with newest technology.

Toxic Turnov3r : Dham. If Volvo didn’t spend time and effort on there brakes for there trucks this would of being nasty

Robin von Trotta-Treyden : Vilka sjuka bromsar

Custom Coin Rings USA : Don't worry. Even with that fluke of pure luck, Darwinism will surely get that kid very soon...

Michael xD : God damn, that brakes saved this kids life

Zhen Wan : Should let natural selection take its course...

Philip Almqvist : Dumma... jävla... unge

Ornix : Props to the truck driver.

MemMite : *Get ur Volvo now :D* This is a great commercial

Edde E : Stupid ass kid. He had the luck that the truck driver was quick to react...

LPS puter fly : omg stupid kids

Mads FUCK TheProGamerJay : The other kids didnt even care

Steve Jones : you know damn well that the bus driver noticed the panic stop and was just thinking "drive the bus, drive the bus."