ORIGINAL: Dashcam Norway - Semi truck narrowly missing kids

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Wonder World : now that was impressive braking & reaction speeds by the truck driver

Bouwer2100 : Volvo Trucks YT brought me here

momthegreatest : Oh Parents teach kids how to cross a road before you teach them any thing else...

末房尚樹 : What I thought on this, is the Volvo's unbelievable braking performance.

Marcos Amparo : My heart came out of my ass watching this video.

Joakim H : This should be a commercial for Volvo Trucks

MILK CRIM : *Wow* that truck driver had some balls... Bless him 🙏

Peter Agner Bryndum : Poor truck driver. He has to go to the phsycologist now...

Brage Andersen : Lucky it was a Volvo

Jimmy Pettersson : Volvo/Scania trucks have great brakes!

Ja : the stop distance was really short speed was so fast i think the driver is really strong skill

Rustie l'espoir français : Is really no one noticing that the dashcam driver honking game saved this boy life as well ?

Lasse Rinström : Volvo Trucks. We help your kids skip their slot on the death's list.

metalhood : The other 2 on the right barely even reacted and just walked away, wtf?

Custom Coin Rings USA : Don't worry. Even with that fluke of pure luck, Darwinism will surely get that kid very soon...

Malte landgren : Idioter säger jag bara

Sup3villain : if that was the usual US semi that kid would be apart of the pavement

epSos.de : Every parent and kid need to watch this for road training. The parents teach the kids to run across the road, while crossing. The boy did exactly what the parents did teach him for 4 to 5 years. *Teach your own kids to watch and listen to the traffic, instead of running.* Also, if the small kids cross in front of the bus, then the driver can look after them, or he can also not see them below, and drive over too.

rexi1414 : I actually was positively suprised how that truck managed to break so fast! Thought breaking a truck would take a longer breaking path...

zweistift : these Volvo brakes are badass :O

iBlessTheRains : 1 second later reaction time and this would've been a LiveLeak video.

StoneBrain : VOLVO is the greatest truck there is!

ripxxc : Two heroes in this video. 1. The guy with the dashcam who reacted super quickly with the horn, alerting the incoming truck. 2. The truckdriver with super quick reflexes and deduction to be able to get from the single 1 second of horn that he needed to do hard break. An award should be given to both of them.

Ichangedmyname : Ikke kryss veien før bussen har kjørt. Lærer ikke Kids dette fortsatt?

VictorKane115 : Next time, Darwin. Next time.

Alfred Riboor : Wow Real truckdriver skills

Mohaamd_7 : Free commercial for Volvo.

brucetheviking : Kreiss! that was close!

zanes94 : Someone should have teached their kids the importance of traffic safety! I bet most drivers would have been one or maybe half a second too late these kids would have experienced a traumatic incidence and grown up way to quick. Hats of to the two heroes who saved this kids life. Bet this kid is still shitting his pants after this incident.

antoanoo : This is Volvo after all !!!

jonas wilberg : thank god that was a volvo truck they got the best of all the best breaking distance on trucks

FearlessRebel : Volvo trucks are good for sure, but seems like some people don't read that even Volvo builders 🇸🇪 admited it was truck drivers purefast reaction hitting on brakes. Actually, there goes a legend around that this skillful driver comes from Latvia! 🇱🇻 ...also shoutout to norwegian driver who was alarming the other drivers on the road and tried make this girl or boy stay still, not to run. 🇳🇴

MrFelixify : That little kid should lean not to run across the road like that. good brakes on the truck btw.

crispy fried onions : wow, very good reflex from truck driver you are a true hero.

Sam : Reaction speed and superior brake engineering 👍

Däni : Good brakes

Milan : Parents, send a thank you letter to Volvo.

Hugo Boström : Good advertising for Volvo.

Victor Malmberg : Bad parenting, They should teach the kids to watch BOTH sides before they cross the road.

The Gaming Baby : Good job Sweden produce the best truck in the World whit very good brakes😎😙😄

cream : Brakes are really getting better nowadays. A few months ago on a dark rainy night in Sweden, I was almost hit by a car when I was crossing the road with zebra lines (there were no traffic lights). I looked slightly before I was crossing as well, but the guy was making a swift right turn and when I saw him the car was still going fast. God bless, the car stopped when I made contact with it.

Steinbird : Good Volvo commercial!

Viggo Bauman : I was really regretting my decision to watch this video once I saw the children. Thankfully we had a skillful driver in that truck, not necessarily safe but definitely skilled and aware.

Darth Bacon : this is a common problem in Norway. The population is so stupid that they randomly run into traffic, it's also a contributing factor to the low population in Norway.

Jonas Ü : Sponsored by Volvo

AIVIX : Thank you Volvo. For a good brakes :)

Å : Vovlo #SwedenSquad

Elvis Ljungqvist : Thats a good driver right there!

Anders Mostue : To everyone saying it's totally the children fault, grow up! Chrildren will be children and all that. The fact that it was 60 km/h limit with limited viuew and close towads housing residents. This kind of roads are normal in Norway and you can agrue that the truckdriver that was heading towards the dash camera at high speed. The truck driver did not see the children as well as the children did not see the truck. Just be thankful this incident did not lead to death and will teach everyone about roadsafety Vis mindre

LMS : Lucky it was a volvo with good brakes