Can A Human Drink A 6 Pack of Beer Using A Leaf Blower In 40 Seconds Or Less? | L.A. BEAST

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XUgandanxKnucklesX : Im from NASA, your hired

SuperKailey90 : Smash the like button if I should make a petition to remonitize his videos

aaronpiper92 : college kids everywhere would be all over that leaf blower contraption

Crazy Candy Crush : L.A Beast: please marry a Chinese wife!

Spider Man : *SUBSCRIBED.*


Grudgingly Walawigi : He needs to get a patent and sell that make it massively world wide

drgibs347 : Dubbing in "40 seconds" more than once.... That's all I'll say.

JAYDEE BRICKS : “State of the art”😂😂

• Neptune • : Guy: So why should we hire you? *Shows him this* Your hired.

Experimental beast : Next up on the la beast channel. Hello everybody and today I am going to use a pressure washer to drink 10 beers.

Josh cramer : 1:10 " I have created a state of the art device" then proceeds to show duct tape and plastic. Murican ingenuity.

• Neptune • : *Guy* : "Hold my beer"

Mcmilleee : I never clicked on a video so fast... again but like I said I can't stress it enough how much I appreciate you tellin me to have a good day.

Rylan Dettling : When you arrive at the pre-drink party 40 seconds before everyone leaves for the bar.

Pump ernickle : IN 40 SECONDS OR LESS

Zylan : you are like a insane engineer who build insane things to do insane things...

Steve Harvey : Why are you yellingggggggg

Dave Pennsylvania : The Beast in the East !!!!!

tydumeproductions : NASA IM CRYING

Jay C : If the tube goes all the way down the bottle what was the point of the leaf blower.

Carmen Calvanese : 4 0 S E C O N D S

Gingold Animations : L.A. Beast vs Andre the giant, drinking contest.

Grudgingly Walawigi : Also why did he get demonetized for this he said in the video to if of legal age, drink responsibly

Just Somebody : So many dubbed parts lol

Sjengske Rebel : Who knows what hè will invent next!LA Beast aka the Nutty Professor

MrSkylaat : We do that for fun every week in Belgium

TacSav253 : lol glorious

FreezingInfernos : Good job on drinking those beers in twe[FORTY SECONDS]

Karl Wright II : Yea I would love to see you do that with some IPA I brewed o yea!!! But you are a beast wow!!!!!

andywagoner : LIKE

Ana Nimus : Ipecac car wash is still my favorite

Kendall Phillips : oh my God. Hands down an absolute boss, you just earned a sub. Have a good day

Kash Money : Taken down?

TheSkioski : Redo the Banana Sprite Challenge. 7 bananas and a 2 liter hehe

Ivan Rueda : You can use an air compressor, will be faster

mason mellington : LA beast you should do a lot of popcorn seasoning challenge that would be really funny.

Themanwithaplan : Leave a like for the beer burp

TheLactatingAnus : Wait wait, 2 liter bottles only hold 64oz a regular beer is about 12oz. What happened to the other 8oz if that bottle only held 64?...

scotty x : LA BEAST telling me to becarful whilst drinking is like when my mom said to clean my room. I didnt listen. CHEERS!

Loki88ful : You're a beast. Thumbs up for that performance.

Steak : A true mans beer bong.

ron s : Epic voiceover editing! Hitchcock would be proud. 🐔

Jayden Hatcher : The ultimate bong

Osmany BMX : lol

Cristopher Ayala : I feel like the LA Beast has already done everything amazing that he can So he's just moving on to other impossible things looking for new challenges to conquer What a legend

Devin Heggins : *Have a good day!*

Joshua White : The voice edits are hilarious.

Mattteus : that's insane dude! bravo!

Kurt macdaddy : Attention to all beast fans since youtube is doing the beast wrong, we all have to watch his videos that are advertised approved over,and,over and,over,and,over so we can get the beast revenue up,we all owe it to him,he would do it for us!