Can A Human Drink A 6 Pack of Beer Using A Leaf Blower In 40 Seconds Or Less? | L.A. BEAST

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XUgandanxKnucklesX : Im from NASA, your hired

Sentanyl3 : The dubbed over "FORTY" gets me every time lmao

SuperKailey90 : Smash the like button if I should make a petition to remonitize his videos

Crazy Candy Crush : L.A Beast: please marry a Chinese wife!

aaronpiper92 : college kids everywhere would be all over that leaf blower contraption

MrEpicDB : This was Epic! It saddens me that your videos are getting demonetized

Spider Man : *SUBSCRIBED.*


Grudgingly Walawigi : He needs to get a patent and sell that make it massively world wide

drgibs347 : Dubbing in "40 seconds" more than once.... That's all I'll say.

Sam Dilworth : Pause it at 2:42 and take a good look at it, then after this video watch a video on youtube about how NASA Astronauts piss in space, his Drinking Apparatus is quite similar. Either thats one hell of a coincidence or he is a good Dam Rocket Scientist As the LA BEAST says "Have a Nice Day"

JAYDEE BRICKS : “State of the art”😂😂

• Neptune • : Guy: So why should we hire you? *Shows him this* Your hired.

Josh cramer : 1:10 " I have created a state of the art device" then proceeds to show duct tape and plastic. Murican ingenuity.

Experimental beast : Next up on the la beast channel. Hello everybody and today I am going to use a pressure washer to drink 10 beers.

• Neptune • : *Guy* : "Hold my beer"

Rylan Cory : When you arrive at the pre-drink party 40 seconds before everyone leaves for the bar.

kancerous keemstar : IN 40 SECONDS OR LESS

Zylan : you are like a insane engineer who build insane things to do insane things...

skippy62able : man, youtube has me blacklisted in regards to monetizing my videos....this is a sad sad day.....

Cassidy Judah : A bong for alcoholics

Steve Harvey : Why are you yellingggggggg

Jay C : If the tube goes all the way down the bottle what was the point of the leaf blower.

tydumeproductions : NASA IM CRYING

Carmen Calvanese : 4 0 S E C O N D S

Quina : Bet, but you can’t kill a joint in seconds

Sjengske Rebel : Who knows what hè will invent next!LA Beast aka the Nutty Professor

Gingold Animations : L.A. Beast vs Andre the giant, drinking contest.

Experimental beast : Legend has it that the Soviets and Americans went against each other in the cold war because over a dispute on who gets to have the La beast on their space program.

Just Somebody : So many dubbed parts lol

MrSkylaat : We do that for fun every week in Belgium

Joshua White : The voice edits are hilarious.

Theophany CG : Has science gone too far?

TacSav253 : lol glorious

Karl Wright II : Yea I would love to see you do that with some IPA I brewed o yea!!! But you are a beast wow!!!!!

FartFaceSniffer : That audio edit is pure gold😂

andywagoner : LIKE

MarcsLab : Looks like a Saw trap.

Ana Nimus : Ipecac car wash is still my favorite

Kendall Phillips : oh my God. Hands down an absolute boss, you just earned a sub. Have a good day

Dean Samchester : Redo the Banana Sprite Challenge. 7 bananas and a 2 liter hehe

Ivan Rueda : You can use an air compressor, will be faster

Mcmilleee : I never clicked on a video so fast... again but like I said I can't stress it enough how much I appreciate you tellin me to have a good day.

mason mellington : LA beast you should do a lot of popcorn seasoning challenge that would be really funny.

Themanwithaplan : Leave a like for the beer burp

TheLactatingAnus : Wait wait, 2 liter bottles only hold 64oz a regular beer is about 12oz. What happened to the other 8oz if that bottle only held 64?...

scotty x : LA BEAST telling me to becarful whilst drinking is like when my mom said to clean my room. I didnt listen. CHEERS!

Grudgingly Walawigi : Also why did he get demonetized for this he said in the video to if of legal age, drink responsibly

Loki88ful : You're a beast. Thumbs up for that performance.

Steak : A true mans beer bong.