Stratolaunch first flight!!!

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We had the peivelage of watching history happen in front of our eyes!!! It was incredible...please forgive my excited coments lol


MrShadowKitty : A flying Catamaran. Cool!

Sharity Gaming : Thx for sharing this moment. Greetz from Germany

inExtra : It must be said .. it is very impressive! thanks for sharing with us. 👌

Calum Milligan : That kid has an awesome memory for the rest of his life haha! Great footage.

Merlesson : Historic flight! Excellent shooting!

Fermain Jackson : Congratulations dude! You were located just in the right place to spot.... 👍😎👆🇺🇸✈

Sirios Star : Rumor has it that the pilots are identical twins.

PizzaChet : With the wing as the only connection point, I'm wary of stresses put on that center wing spar. Turbulence must be scary in that thing!

Billy Yank : I envy you man. Your placement on the approach was spot on. I love that we could see the hardpoints as it passed over you.

Noaf D'Cap : Wow, now that was worth the price of admission! Zooooom!!!!!!

bingo_fuel : beautiful shots, i’m sure it was 100x more impressive in person

Frankie Ford : Awsome Video...👍.you were in the right spot....that monster is not easy to land....thats for Sure....

Burpethead : Amazing how does it not break in the middle

Mark Maugle : The CRAP under you must have been knee deep by the end of the video.

Daniel Morin : Congrats on the launch , but that plane looks like an easy target for enemy’s 🤷🏼‍♂️

Joachim Hellmold : Stratosaurus Erectus - wish you always a light breeze under the wing ... thank you for the nice video

John Blizzard Jr : Awesome! Wish I could have been there! Thanks for shooting the vid.

James Butler : That had to be an awesome experience.Thanks for sharing.

MonsterSound : If they don't get both fuselages down at close to the same time that bird will spin. L👀ks difficult and possibly dangerous.

chibikong : Legend says it's piloted like jaegers from Pacific Rim...

RC DemonDriver : It looks like a football stadium taking off! AMAZING!

Marek Sýkora : And imagine to see it starting with a rocket in the middle. It is a flying launch pad to allow launching rockets from stratosphere to space. Much fuel saving.

Monk Petite : Change the crab thing dude..

Amit Mehra : Oou Oou Oou...eezee fella its not usual Antonov it's a Godzilla

longshot7601 : I guess we now have the Composite Overcast. Good to see that it made it into the air. I was afraid after the passing of Paul Allen.

Tkey Aviation : Awesome footage. Thanks for sharing

matse wunderlich : BBBBIIIIIIIGGGG - Wow! Thanks for this awesome video!

Michael Jude : Nice video man. Glad you renamed the flight "Holy Crap" :)

Filming life to Remember it. : USA! Now has the BIGGEST aircraft, in the freak'n world!!

Wisdom Charles : Well positioned camera man, good job and thanks to U.S Engineers .

Dalle Smalhals : ..didn't know "they" could fly so close ;-D Great video!

Justin S. : That thing is a monster! Thanks for sharing a piece of aviation history!

ibles bosuok : Wow! Stunning design. How high altitude that plane can reach? Cheers from Indonesia

Dieselboy420 : Amazing video brother and congratulations on being able to watch this beauty

flip66five : Blows my mind how that thing just doesnt break in half...

Junior JR : o cara fica falando "roulicrep" o tempo todo. ah! vai dar meia hora de bunda gourmet!

Frank Poulsen : Fantastic vocabulary the man has


JJ Skippy : Holy cow! That is amazing! Another great video with sound! New subscriber here!

Angelo baraldi : Congratulations - NEW Lançador de SATELITES !

jorge garcia : Just INCREDIBLE....Thanks for sharing it...!

Dirt Rusty : We're gonna need a bigger airport.

lesley robinson : what an amazing plane !, lots of good luck from England !!

Christian Scott : Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! HOLY CRAP! Quite.

Ibby Lancaster : Excellent video man. Glad you got to be there for it. Thanks for the great shots on landing as well. Excellent position.

rgerber : It's a fly, it's a plane. I think it's moving. A gargantual skyscraper emerges from nowhere

leftymadrid : Pilot a, Jim turn left, pilot b, no, no Steven, turn right!!!! On a more serious note, yeah that thing looks pretty big actually...

James Armstrong : The FAA will not let this plane fly over Washington DC since it could take out both sides of Congress

FortyFourFitness : The comparison to the jets off the right really puts it into perspective. Awesome video!