How 2 Guys Stole $500 Million of Art in 81 Minutes
How 2 Guys Stole 500 Million of Art in 81 Minutes RealLifeLore

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Jetlite : "You are under arrest" "On what charge?" "For preventing us from robbing"

Pablo Escobar : No wonder how many paintings he could fit in his Toyota Corolla🤔

Vauhwi : The real question is why there's only two guards in a millions worth museum, one of which drunk & stoned.. 😂

WyattBlue : *[Hold E to Steal]*

Keeewl : There were no cameras, but there were motion detectors? America wtf?

Justin Y. : Damn Toyota Corollas. They sure are sneaky.

Alfie Edwards : would make a great movie

Van Hendrix : I wonder if they used a Toyota Corolla to get away

Pramithas : I hope they used a Toyota Corolla for this theft!

Furby On Benzodiazepines : They weren't amateurs, they probably knew exactly what they needed to get, as a collector had requested what they wanted beforehand.

HanaTNT : Moral of the story, never trust a guy named Richard..

The Spherical Earth : I wonder how they sold the art for money without being noticed or who the fk would spend millions buy something like that on black market

Sunlight Prince : Those guys are real geniuses

Henry Moore : You didn’t say this but I saw it it a Buzzfeed Unsolved video that the second security guard had a conversation with the thieves that went something like this. Security Guard 2: “Why am I under arrest?” Thief: You’re not under arrest, this is a robbery. Don’t do anything stupid and you won’t get hurt.” Security Guard 2: *”They don’t pay me enough to get hurt.”*

Keep Smiling : It was just one: Mr bean

Guru Amar : 90% of the comments are that they used Toyota Corolla for the heist.

Grifo BR : Isn't this just that payday 2 heist? I do it all the time lol

Blazing Knight : They got into *Toyota* *Corolla* to escape?

Chaos Only : My math teacher in 8th grade told us a story about this once. He was a student at an architectural college right across the street from the Gardner museum. A week before the robbery, one of his assignments was to look around the museum (with museum and school permission) and measure/sketch a loose layout of the building for a project. Basically he had a floor plan of the whole museum. A week later once the museum was robbed, him and his classmates were question by the FBI since they were believed to be part of the crime, even though it was sheer coincidence!

ALN Y : Smh the museum didn't have a pager guy to immediately call the guards upon anything suspicious and calling the US Army after 11 seconds of silence.

Alexander Lehigh : Who knows, those artworks could either be hidden in a concealed wall, or stored in an attic. Heck, they could be hidden in MY attic for all I know, I don't go up there.

DDG : Toyota Corolla too fast

The Puppet Of Everything : I mean what's $500 million worth of art? Like 10 pictures?

DJ Pyro Teknikz : I wonder what was their getaway car. Could it be the Ford Escape?

500 subcribers without any videos : I guess Toyota Corolla is invisible or guys were skilled 😀

Jackson : *Thats a lot of Damage* _Oh..... I mean Art_

Bowstick : They stole a picture of Toyota Corolla.

Random Name : 0:35 I can see the street I live on

Flo the killer of pedobear : "nah, stealing $500 million worth of paintings is impossible" Nicolas Cage -"hold my beer"

Taha : which is it an hour or 81 min goddamit

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : *Sneak 100* *Pickpocketing 100*

Hazaa Alawadhi : 500 million in 1 hour starting Jonah hill and Dwayne Johnson

B. Bayella : And I can't even take my brother's iPad.

Dennis Ara Vonces : art is over-rated and over-priced

TJ McAuley : this might be the first youtube sponsorship that i might get

RealLifeLore : If any of you guys know some juicy tips about where that art is send me an email ;)

MrNoneOfYourBuisness : What is the name of the background music?

Cruz : They must've leveled up 4× because that was at least overkill difficulty

NPC #4782 : But for now, the case remains *unsolved*

Fred Weasley : I wonder if... You'll click read more (the answer is yes)

Roblox Guy : Lol The Robber Can't Even Sell It

Merlijn Verstraete : The easiest way to protect yourself online is to don't use the same password for logins, make sure it is strong and use 2fa where possible

Scary : He just played alot of roblox jailbreak thats all

Victor Baltus : They stole our dutch art 😭😭😭

oShots : *Slaps roof* This bad boy can fit a lot of paintings

BaSsGaZ : So Richard let them in! Doesn't sound that hard

Bangladesh and india : First time i laughed while watching a reallifelore episode lmao

CH0ZEN : Theft drinks potion of invisibility... *Case Solved*

yad usif : they used hax that's why duh....