Sevendust - Angel's Son (Retrospect)

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Mario Quintero : I always think of my son when I see this video or hear the song on the radio. It's been so long since he's been gone. I miss him and this song helps remind me that he's gonna be waiting for me.

Strider Reborn : System of a Down, Coal Chamber, Sugar Ray, Kittie, Incubus, Korn, Ect. Alot of Heavy-Hitters during the mid-to-late 90's. :)

lee padilla : I find it ironic that the very people that society sees as crazy,and weird have the strongest bond! Love this video and the unity it represents

18wheelsand13gears whereveriroam : James Lynn Strait lead for the band "Snot" died in car accident, dog passed also, sad. Miss you lots bro!!. around that same time my wife and I lost our 1st born. terrible year that year for me. been a while back tho. Rock-n-roll never dies. "gun control-use both hands"

Wes M : It's great to see all of these people here together to celebrate someone's life, but it sucks that it (more often than not) takes a tragedy to make it happen.

jason : Every time sevendust play this song live they dedicate it to different friends n loved ones, they've sent dedications to 9 11 Dime bag Darell, Dave Williams of Drowning Pool,Layne Stately,and the last time I saw them they sent one to Paul Gray of Slipknot,I have the retrospect DVD where the guys said how they couldn't hold their emotions when they were recording and Lajon said he could feel Lynn's presence in the room! I totally understand, my fellow sevendust fans know just how close we bonded to the band through this song by feeling their pain. Very powerful! Thank u to all the genuine people who are commenting, I hope u know that your loved ones u lost are watching u from above! Peace n luv!

Ben Hargest : r.i.p dad who love this song love u loads xxx

Wesley Coldmud : For my grandmother <3

Charlie WhatThe? Paranormal Prepper : It is amazing to see all those other bands come together to show their support.

Walter Stevenson : I've seen some members from Kittie, Coal Chamber, Brandon Boyd, wow. Why can't they do this without somebody having to die?

laurenhooba : my father came to mind listening to this. miss him so much.

Seamus McFlanery : Is this also an alternate take? It sounds a bit different, especially the vocals.

Denisa Leeth : what a cool idea love this song love this video

maledrops : I always want to cry with this ..Rest in peace Lynn

Gabriel Pompeo : i cant stop watching this!

Packersfan 90099 : 1:19 System of a Down bassist and drummer

Air Switch : dedicating this song to our recent loss of a good friend. this song brings tears to my eyes. such a heartfelt original. 7dust for life.

Eyesofwrathvox : This song is just amazing and beautiful. There's just so much emotion involved and it never gets old.

J Wreck : R.I.P Lynn..You will always live on through your music mannn.. Gone but NEVER Forgotten. 

Christian Benett : To my ex that I lost a few years ago, we still love you.

denyfixe1000 : I CRY...

Ryan Gebilaguin : my man Brandon Boyd and MIke Einziger of Incubus was there. Great Video. Great Band! your avid fan from the Philippines

chedar munkey : everytime i hear this song it reminds me of my gramps he was the best guy that ever lived. i'll never forget that at the end he smiled at me and a wave of warmth came over me, like he was saying everything was gonna be okay.

rottie15 : Love this song .. Makes me think of all the people I've lost in my life over the years..

OrochiGeese7 : Every time this song hits, memories of my late grandmother and uncle come flooding back. R.I.P. to them both.

TheCharlestradewind : RIP Snot!

Lucas Silva : Snot Tributo?

Harb Chan : A beautiful tribute to an artist gone all too soon. This video is as moving as when I first saw it years ago - love it.

Tim Bradshaw : beautiful

Wikiroy : I remember this video as the first time I saw Corey Taylor without his mask...  Today may not be a big deal, but back in the day Slipknot was very secretive about their faces... Me and my friends used to watch this video time after time traying to figure out who of them could be the Slipknot singer. BTW He has a song called Requiem in "Strait Up".

Sly Law : not many song make me cry but this really hit me man

Fernando Zamora Cid : <3

jokjok : now that's what you call a real song.....

mr James : R.I.P to my mom and brother miss yall everyday.

Joshua Spivey's literal Youtube Channel : I was listening to some music at work and Absent came up on my playlist. I thus went home and while doing laundry listened to the first Snot album. Loved it from many years ago. Then I wanted to remember Lynn properly. This song, Angel's Son, was something I always thought was heartfelt and powerful. I honestly miss him. Someone I have never met and does not know me nor I him. This is what music is for. To bond you with those you may never see but understand and are thankful for. I have not watched or listened to this song in awhile, but cry everytime.

Timothy Light : For my brother Charles Jason Keeney, you are loved and missed more and more every day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and the things I've accomplished and thought about how you would be so extremely proud, but then I realize that you have always been there because you were on my mind and in my heart when I accomplished them. Love you big brother!

Mara Guise : Oh my god is Brandon Boyd, this song is powerfull. Love it !

SnakeBitez Mcgee : R.I.P Bradley Nowell, your music will live on forever and continue to inspire new coming musicians all over the world. We miss you brother. #sublimesummerjams

redhotchilimarkus : Brandon Boyd at 1:16 and 1:47??

Jayden Castro : I remember this song being my jam at like 7 or 8-years-old. Now I'm 12 and this song is still my jam. I tear up at this song all the time now.

rfhagan : The fire says a lot... The way it was lit and being a source of warmth and light for loved ones

Michael Young : Andrew Michael Young (1988-2008)

isamugiants84 : Beautiful to see friends come together.. Tragic it had to come at the cost of a wonderful artist and by all accounts a hell of a guy. Lynn and snot are missed terribly.

Adrian Labausas : This song is dedicated to my father...Rest in Peace Tay!

frUiTbOOtiE Tonya : It's about Lynn Strait.

Charles Stone : Hell of a video!  Better than the sad one.  We have enough sad scenes in this world.

Philadelphias FavoriteSon : Sad...

DopethronePunkUK : Such a beautiful song and video, the parts showing Lynn and his dog by his side always get me tearful, RIP Lynn and best friend Dobbs, they can play together forever now, makes me have to hug my dog hard man and makes me think of my friend Greg who died last year, RIP mate, never forgotten.

Anti_Aaron26 : Linkin park should make a music video like this for Chester

427airbreeze Pardis : I saw a ocean vision this weekend