hier nen euro

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Intergalactic Human Empire : 0:01 His coin didn't even fall. It leaped out of his hand.

Girlwholovesherelves : My gosh, I would love to see the full commercial XD

mitsuki : pyrocynical, anyone?

Hetalyanna : is that Ed Sheeran?

* PapaJoobi : That coin was gonna be used to buy a Pyrocynical body pillow

Ramon Pardo : his eyes depict agony that reaches my soul

Whirligig : Greek Economy

Katie Luo : this video fills me with a deep sadness for this poor boy

Foxxo The Fox : europes reaction to brexit

PaperNapalm : Just used code : NFKRZ

Payton Tate : He kinda looks like Pokey Minch

Princess Azula : the one i saw did a zoom on his face after dropping the coin and this loud ass scream was going off omg

Anton Here : Probably the best 5 seconds on Youtube.

Shadow Realm Priest : Meanwhile in Greece...

poopleman krumpet : I thought it was HEE! Dinero! Which means money in spanish.

Patrick Bateman : This is my favourite video of all time it's perfect in every way.

Unlucky 345 : anybody else thought he said money in Spanish and not euro

Xyaxen : I have spent more time on a six second video, than I have on a thirty minute video.

Fried : An economic commentary about foreign exchange, yes?

La Maestro : What's the song called

tigerkidtre : i will never get tired of this. never.

Baker Doze : Another day, another personal nightmare.

Sebby : Literally me now during the Steam Summer Sale xD

Justin Akhavan : I originally thought this was from some old foreign kid's show.

heal : Someone retrieve his euro.

Anything2bCool : Settle down, Beavis.

Rs Jade / keiv : I searched up "pupet boy drops coin" I didn't even spell puppet right IS ANYONE HERE FROM ADIKTHEONE TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE? 😂

John Lemon : Who is here because of if Ifunny

kongehund : Taxation in a nutshell.

Harry Jones : Can't. Stop. Watching.

Asriel Dreemurr : Muffet in a nutshell

CRUBS : I love the back song

Alejandro Gámez : me

Shev : best meme

Quitedhd : "Hier nen euro remix" Dat zou pas leuk zijn!

lilpennywisexo : Pyro's Twitter anyone??

Alex Kolb : When you're favorite character gets killed off

βαδ ωοιf : I swore to God since the first time I saw this meme that he says "Ah, dinero!" which is Spanish for "Oh, money!"

JOxH : When Summer is over...

Pavel : Gratis herhaal knop: -----------> 0:00

MikeBatman : I have watched this way too much!

NeO_mx : Before the mass migration in Europe

The Gaming Fruit : I feel bad for him no joke

Roxy Aiyana : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's me, every day.

GiuliTehCatYEY : Oml

Kenzie N : I want him to scream longer bhahahahah

R.J.J. O : I'm from Finland, and I have suffered the same fate.

Tihs Knad : heech ninatto

Thomas Chambers : I always thought he said " mi dinero "