Emmylou Harris moved to tears by First Aid Kit at Polar Music Prize

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bloocheez3 : Standing ovation from Paul Simon. Emmylou brought to tears. These girls are a force of nature. I hope they stay with us for a long time.

TheodorEriksson : The weird old man bobbing with the music next to her is the king of Sweden. :P


celt67 : That guy applauding near the end with the green plate didn't eat his carrots.

Scott Russell : Their harmonies are amazing.

andyinoregon : I just lost it watching this. Incredible performance captured so very well by the video crew. Thanks to all involved.

Noah McDaniel : Must be incredible to watch young talent say you inspired them to write an absolutely beautiful song, and even threw your name into it!

brettfavreify : That's what talent sounds like American Idol.

Old Welsh Bloke : I love death metal, grindcore etc but these guys are special. They sing from the heart like Tori Amos and Beth Gibbons who I also like. In their own way they are as intense as any other band!

Liza Peninon : OMG how beautiful and moving ... I'm in tears too ...

Barnem13 : God they are good

Dominic Hand : Just in case the vocal doesn't wreck you, we'll chuck in a pedal steel to make sure

Ken Scar : Well tonight I learned I love some band called First Aid Kit. Watching this was the loveliest experience I've had online in a long time <3

Kerry Evans : Gram Parsons is smiling down too........after all those years.....just great these kids got it and understood.....incredible .... Greetings from IRELAND 😉 salamat for this gem. ...

Tiedyed Owl : At the beginning I thought she didn't like it-then realized she was holding back tears that whole time.

CJ carp : I'm not sure how I got to this site I was watching " The Carter Family " but I'm glad I stumbled upon this. What a great performance and song. I've been a Emmylou and Gram Parsons fan since the 70's . I read a lot of comments where people write about how Gram Died way back in 73' or " Back Then " From someone who was there " Back then " " Back Then " might as well be Last Month because it doesn't feel any diferent and it's just a guess but from this Video I think the Great Emmylou feels the same

Luke Guy Reed : Emmylou , my all time favourite country female

jaxblueberry : I need to see them live, ugh. Angels. Absolute angels.

60love45 : 20 people need a little help

aintwurfnufnifitaintfree : What a fantastic and moving performance. It's good to know the spirit of Gram Parsons is still alive and well in the world.

TheColdWish : These girls are golden

Dirk Huylebroeck : If angels could sing,it would sound like this.

Musicrelic : Well you know, Emmylou, many times your quite, wonderful ballads have been strong enough to gush tears from others. I suspect part of the power here was the bluegrass feel, the lyrics, the age of the performers. I keep saying it, music doesn't need to be over the top, electric to just blow through people. REAL, REAL, REAL. It has to be real. These 2 certainly qualify there!

Dennis Gilligan : A Class Act!

Gary The Gray : Totally not my genre of music...and yet, I love it.

Douglas Dahlström : Not so much into country, but this is obviously amazing. I just wonder if I'm right about the names in the chourus. Emmylou - Emmylou Harris June - June Carter Gram - Gram Parsons Johnny - Johnny Cash Is that right? :)

david stuart : That's the King of Sweden sitting next to Emmylou.

Mindub : 42 people have no souls...

Arianna Berboral : i cry me too. Wonderful song

David Guy : So beautiful, moved more than Emmylou to tears let me tell you. Loved Emmylou since forever.

swiftie1 : THIS!! is music!

Bonnie Lehr : Loved it..I am a fan now.. I was in tears too... XX

Jon Doe : This song must bring up so many memories for Emmylou, from her incredible life and career. And of all the greats that shaped her life.

cornshucker77 : Simply wonderful!

Luma Jochims : I think Emmylou might need a first aid kit.

Scott Murphy : Seeing Emmylou in tears just brought me to tears. I have been in love with her and her music since  the very early 1970's, something my wife has just had to learn to live with. Emmylou was and is at the very top of her craft and her voice, like a fine wine has only gotten better with time. She is CLASSIC country, not that pop with a country twang that passes for country today. She is and always will be a country music icon. These two young women here do her proud, they both have a terrific musical career ahead of them. And all of this comes from someone who has played classic rock (what people of my age just call "rock") for the last 45 years

dlc1119 : Emmylou, these are your daughters. And they are awesome.

Magz Sara : Gram is never far from Emmylou, loved hearing them written and sung about together..

rodsreel : My God - there is hope for music and you can see it in the eyes of the legends sitting in the audience. Well done girls.

Thomas Bryne : Simply divine. They stir the soul with grace.

Patrick McKeegan : Sibling harmony is so special, can't beat genetics...Great song.

denise serafini : So so lovely. I was really blessed to see Emmylou and Gram perform at the Quiet Knight back in the 70's. Wonderful tribute to some of the greats. Miss u Gram, Johnny and June..

smorgastorta : I think emmylou harris is crying, then klara, then johanna, then i'm crying,

stuart hinde : patti smith Emmylou,who will they make cry next?

aquablushgirl : so gorgeous. Couldn't help but to cry.

RetroRich : While this is very emotional, and I absolutely love First Aid Kit; I got to say with all respect, that Emmylou Harris is still strikingly beautiful.

summerinspringville-hill : This is beautiful.

Shannon Miller : Deliciously beautiful. WOW. This whole thing took my breath away and touched a special place in my heart.

paul elliott : This is the best song on their 3rd album (Lions Roar) And it's chock full of quality Great indeed

folkmusicgirl : Immensely talented young women!  Beautiful harmonies!