Emmylou Harris moved to tears by First Aid Kit at Polar Music Prize

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bloocheez3 : Standing ovation from Paul Simon. Emmylou brought to tears. These girls are a force of nature. I hope they stay with us for a long time.

TheodorEriksson : The weird old man bobbing with the music next to her is the king of Sweden. :P


celt67 : That guy applauding near the end with the green plate didn't eat his carrots.

brettfavreify : That's what talent sounds like American Idol.

Noah McDaniel : Must be incredible to watch young talent say you inspired them to write an absolutely beautiful song, and even threw your name into it!

Liza Peninon : OMG how beautiful and moving ... I'm in tears too ...

andyinoregon : I just lost it watching this. Incredible performance captured so very well by the video crew. Thanks to all involved.

Scott Russell : Their harmonies are amazing.

Barnem13 : God they are good

Cynical welsh bloke : I love death metal, grindcore etc but these guys are special. They sing from the heart like Tori Amos and Beth Gibbons who I also like. In their own way they are as intense as any other band!

Dominic Hand : Just in case the vocal doesn't wreck you, we'll chuck in a pedal steel to make sure

Kerry Evans : Sacred........wow those girls just nailed it to the front door ...... Greetings from IRELAND 😉 salamat for this gem

Tiedyed Owl : At the beginning I thought she didn't like it-then realized she was holding back tears that whole time.

CJ carp : I'm not sure how I got to this site I was watching " The Carter Family " but I'm glad I stumbled upon this. What a great performance and song. I've been a Emmylou and Gram Parsons fan since the 70's . I read a lot of comments where people write about how Gram Died way back in 73' or " Back Then " From someone who was there " Back then " " Back Then " might as well be Last Month because it doesn't feel any diferent and it's just a guess but from this Video I think the Great Emmylou feels the same

jaxblueberry : I need to see them live, ugh. Angels. Absolute angels.

Custer : Rätt i Tårkanalen. helt fantastiskt

aintwurfnufnifitaintfree : What a fantastic and moving performance. It's good to know the spirit of Gram Parsons is still alive and well in the world.

60love45 : 20 people need a little help

Luke Guy Reed : Emmylou , my all time favourite country female

Douglas Dahlström : Not so much into country, but this is obviously amazing. I just wonder if I'm right about the names in the chourus. Emmylou - Emmylou Harris June - June Carter Gram - Gram Parsons Johnny - Johnny Cash Is that right? :)

Kerry Evans : Gram Parsons is smiling down too........after all those years.....just great these kids got it and understood.....incredible .... Greetings from IRELAND 😉 salamat for this gem. ...

david stuart : That's the King of Sweden sitting next to Emmylou.

Arianna Berboral : i cry me too. Wonderful song

TheColdWish : These girls are golden

cornshucker77 : Simply wonderful!

swiftie1 : THIS!! is music!

Dirk Huylebroeck : If angels could sing,it would sound like this.

Mindub : 42 people have no souls...

Ken Scar : Well tonight I learned I love some band called First Aid Kit. Watching this was the loveliest experience I've had online in a long time <3

Thomas Bryne : Simply divine. They stir the soul with grace.

David Guy : So beautiful, moved more than Emmylou to tears let me tell you. Loved Emmylou since forever.

smorgastorta : I think emmylou harris is crying, then klara, then johanna, then i'm crying,

Jon Doe : This song must bring up so many memories for Emmylou, from her incredible life and career. And of all the greats that shaped her life.

Musicrelic : Well you know, Emmylou, many times your quite, wonderful ballads have been strong enough to gush tears from others. I suspect part of the power here was the bluegrass feel, the lyrics, the age of the performers. I keep saying it, music doesn't need to be over the top, electric to just blow through people. REAL, REAL, REAL. It has to be real. These 2 certainly qualify there!

summerinspringville-hill : This is beautiful.

Blaire Ronzel : I really like the old souls of First Aid Kit....but I saw Emmylou in tears and this just floored me. Wise beyond their years.

Αμαλία Γερολυμάτου : I loveeeeee this song!!!!! <3 <3

stuart hinde : patti smith Emmylou,who will they make cry next?

dlc1119 : Emmylou, these are your daughters. And they are awesome.

Magz Sara : Gram is never far from Emmylou, loved hearing them written and sung about together..

Frank Atack : Simply Awesome. These girls really remind me of the Wilson sisters..! does anybody else think so..??

aquablushgirl : so gorgeous. Couldn't help but to cry.

owlmerlyn : o my word... what an experience. I love first aid kit and Emmylou even more now

Ríoch Cogan : ...............................................WOW. What a group. They have a long future ahead. Fantastic

Luma Jochims : I think Emmylou might need a first aid kit.

Omar Khalid : Is Emmylou sitting next to the King of Sweden?

Matt Sinden : Firstly....such a great momment to capture. Second....why arw so many people saying the exact same thing?

denise serafini : So so lovely. I was really blessed to see Emmylou and Gram perform at the Quiet Knight back in the 70's. Wonderful tribute to some of the greats. Miss u Gram, Johnny and June..

Arwiny : Kungen är fan kung