What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler

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Ginanjar Putu Wijaya : The true hero is the animator.

the stardust bunny : I dont want to be a hero! A hero is someone who shares meat with other people! But I want all the meat! -Monkey D. Luffy

Awsamazing Eden : A hero does the right things for the right reasons. A hero helps the most people and hurts the least.

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : Muscles and a cool cape. Roll credits.

Thekker3b : I conquered my fear of the dark before. Just to have milk. Srsly, just milk

Tristan Saul : "What do you have in common with Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen and Frodo? You're human, just like them!" Frodo was a poor example if you're going to be talking about human heroes, lol

Mr. Staff : You forget... The most important thing of a Hero, is their will to continue. Trials build the Hero's will, having them face tragedy over and over again. It tests them every time, having them go further and make the more dangerous decisions. Why? Because of how much they've already been through, they make the choice which saves the majority than the minority.

Brenton Manuel : Through action, a man becomes a hero Through death, a hero becomes a legend Through time, a legend becomes a myth And by learning from the myth, a man takes action I do not own this quote and don't know the person who made it but i find this quote inspirational

Ark : "Or even possibly dies" *G.R.R Martin smiles*

Obito Uchiha : Now what about , "What makes a villain ?" ?

anime fanboy : “Meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of being a hero” -Izuku Midoriya

Joshua Barrientos : My Hero Academia...

Monocat : Aint 6am all of humanity’s darkest hour? Waking up feels like death

King Quality : Nobody going to point out that some dude just spotted a weird growing root out of nowhere, then meets an old guy that gives him a sword, then jumps to a cliff, does some sick parkour, kills some small Alaskan bullworms, then dies, then comes back to life, then kills a really big Alaskan bullworm, then runs from the *_b i g_* Bullworm, then runs through a door, then does more random things, all in just over a minute?

Lapát Jani : BEAUTIFUL animation!

Joshua Barrientos : A hero is someone who opens the door to a better future.

Damian Winchester : A hero is the one who steps up to the plate without being asked. A hero is the one who does their best to make the right decision. A hero is the one who learns to live with the wrong ones and moves on. A hero is not always the strongest, the smartest, or the bravest. But a hero is the one that will stand by your side. Through thick and thin. A hero will bring you food when you are hungry or drink when you are thirsty. When you are sick a hero will tell you you will be better soon. And when you are about to take your last breath. A hero will hold your hand and say goodbye.

GallantKnight02 : 100 push ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats and 10km run a day!

Nikko K. : Did anybody else's ELA teacher show them this video?

Filip Kisilewicz : Frodo wasn t a human he was a hobbit

Adam Perkins, II : "When there's nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times... is surely the mark... of a true hero!!" ~All Might

satnamo : The cave i fear to enter holds the treasure i seek. I know that cave that i must enter.

Da Fuj : My Adventure Today Status Quo: Laying on couch Call to adventure: Hungry Assistance: Ask help from older brother Departure: Go into kitchen Trials: Find food Approach: Found pantry Crisis: Food behind cans Treasure: Found chips beside cans Result: Got chips Return: Exit kitchen, Go back to couch New life: At couch, opening chips Resolution: Eating chips Status Quo: Full

Christian Beltran : This reminds me of Jesus Christ The Son Of God

Guiding Angel : where not in kansas anymore.....

INoN : Вангую тут скоро будет много Русских)

Chandravijay Agrawal : who likes his own comment

John Ny : George Lucas was heavily inspired by Joseph Campbell when he wrote Star Wars.

Alex G : Who’s here for homework

Zackrius : What makes a hero? according to some bald guy, the secret formula is 100 push-ups, 100 curl-ups and 10km run every single day

A Name : I once didn’t get much respect because I started puberty later than everybody else, so at the time I was still moderately short and non-muscular. But, one day, a big dude was bullying my friend and treating him like dirt. So I decided to stand up to this arrogant dude and it went well. I outsmarted him with simple logic, and everybody say me stand up to this guy who they were all afraid of standing up to, and people have never tried to bully me since. I suddenly got a lot more respect from everyone, and now finally I’ve started growing into a big, strong dude getting respect is no longer a problem for me 😄

Raging_Bolt_HP 420360 : Be A Warrior Not A Worrior

Laura Lorca : -What do you have in common with them? That you are human. Well... Frodo is a hobbit...

Aephesilon : What makes a hero, you ask? Well, if I do say so myself: -Lettuce -Tomato -Cheese -Ham -Turkey -Mayonnaise Let's see here.... What do you mean that's not what he's talking about?

WeTube : One Love

CJgamer 86 : We watched this in class and the ad that came before it made everyone laugh their face off

Manya Goyal : The most important quality in a hero is not his power or his knowledge, it his belief in himself. Remember Neville Longbottom, he wasn't the smartest or the strongest but he gradually started to believe himself. If you know you have done your best, don't beat yourself up or doubt yourself if you do not succeed.

Animefan HD : Boy u don't know one piece then

EvPlsk : Оксимирон победил

CJgamer 86 : "He faces death and possibly even dies" Didn't you just say he faces death??????????????

Alde Ambara Sakti : I took Ezio as an example Status Quo: Ezio's early life Call to Adventure: His dad and brothers died falsely accused and seeks revenge Assistance: Mario's guidance Departure: Ezio's first assassination Trials: (I can't think of one) Ordeal: (Can't think of one either) Crisis: Monteriggioni siege Reward : Acquisition of the Apple Result: Becomes the Mentor Return: Ezio's retirement New Life: Got married and becomes a farmer Resolution: (somehow this is not relevant because his "Resolution" came after new life) Status quo: He had a family and dies this "hero journey" did not fit Ezio's life. it got chronologically tangled up.

Departed Reflections : Inspiring, but not everyone survives their "hero's journey"

_theofficialeshin _ : "A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down."

Maga Atrachev : Вы тоже тут благодаря оксимирону?

Abu Zahid : I will say u what makes a hero . A hero is someone who does not do his job because of fame or money. He does for the good of the people and never takes credits for what he does. That s what makes a hero.

Fawn Zhao : I think they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and heroic potential lays in all of us. It's a complicated as f%$@ idea, this is what I have from the top of my head. Maybe somebody who steps up to the plate without being asked, not the least bit perfect but goes great lengths to make world better place and maybe still have something to become of themselves. Not just somebody who protects but also somebody who inspires others to follow in their wake Personnally, just being honest I want to make the world a better place and at the same time have something to become of myself To follow my <3's destiny

BootsWithThe Furr : The animator of this video is the real hero

David Poa : can I just say the animation is beautiful! keep this up I love you Animator!

James Morrow : 3:15 did they just call Frodo a human

twerk_it_like_nae_nae : "i'm just a hero for fun" - saitama