Keanu Reeves is THE COOLEST guy ever

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Sprucy **** : I love Keanu. I think he is the real deal. He's has had a less than wonderful personal life and he still a good human being.

Tiki80 : "Hi my name is Keanu but u can call me Charlie" 😂😂

Time.Arq I Taller RT : Keanu growing a Beard is not aging, you Time Traveler anti-aging mofo

Dutli Anvilhand : In John Wick 4 he seeks revenge on that teddy bear.

Cristina Macsim : How I like seeing him talking!!!!!!!!! He is so natural and so funny,so spontanuous! I laughed a lot! I already knew these interviews , but put them together- the best moments-are more interesting and beutiful . Thanks!

skyballin : The coolest forever !

Feline Therapy : I love him.

Angie White : Keannu 😘😘😘

Layne AIC : Not just Cool but super Cool

Sandra Brody : And the nicest and giving normal guy whos is very good at his job


Lidia : I find him so cute, I'm starting to love him in a weird way XD

Charity Blanton : This is really kool set of video clips of Keanu Reeves...The Man, The Myth, THE LEGEND 😎💜😈!! I have watched the part w/ "Mr. Grey" several times 😹😈 & want to say huge THANKS, as it has put huge smile on my face & made me LOL! Jamie Dornan & Keanu in same clip; rates a 10 & DEFINITELY 😈💜😎!! This is a keeper!!

Aussie Lady : You are my favourite actor thanks keanu. You always make me feel good watching you.I'm not a stalker or nutter BTW

merchant099 : Coolest Canadian ever!!!!!

Tiki80 : Just love him so much! That 16 year old him at a teddy bear convention😅 omg he was such a Ted!! And talking to Jamie abt 50 shades😂😂 omg he's just too good!

Roger Limoseth : I dont think id want to get in a gun fight with him.

Rosanna Lantigua : Cool breeze over the mountains ⛰ 😂

D L : 3:50-3:56 lol wow

Dana B : Still love him to bits

Betty Guest : I Love your name Kianu!😊💖

Brigitte Balice : coolest, realist, hottest

Yulia Shegay : Better Than The Best :)

Jane Linley : What an awesome human being... plus he’s gorgeous

ravenblaylock13 : This is the coolest guy in the planet !!!

Kay Wilson : Just loved all those interviews he’s the best love 💕 ya. ❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺🎋

memadcowchucky : That last video of him on a badass shooting rampage just sealed the deal. Coolest actor

Mirtha Coló : Really really love him

氵每夕卜 : I want to be that teddy bear.

sunnymoon : I want to comb his beard

Misha Dear : This was a great thanks

Talking Thunder : Has never been handed a bad role. 20 20 slaying dungeon dragons.

Alejandro Silva : yes SIR that is my name

Karl Harris : Liked it before I watched it. Love the guy, perfectly imperfect and just tries to be a decent human. How can you not respect the hell out of that.

Munem U Picku : 4:11 song name?

BurningDragon Fly : Enjoy this time but I never happen happy

BurningDragon Fly : I don't like life itself because I lose everything how I can be happy give my hope?