Keanu Reeves is THE COOLEST guy ever

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Laugh & Learn : 2:22 I simply love how Keanu just throws Jimmy of his game absolutely! hahahaha Fallon got owned, and The Roots agreed :)

Mitchell Carter : super humble guy, came from humble beginnings, and I've heard he's never flaunted his wealth, his house and car are moderate, and he does a lot of charity work... must be lonely for him in hollywood being not a scumbag and all


Stephen Woolf : Keanu would be great for Dr. Strange... Just a thought

Dutli Anvilhand : In John Wick 4 he seeks revenge on that teddy bear.

Tiki80 : "Hi my name is Keanu but u can call me Charlie" 😂😂

daAmazin FatB0y : Keanu is officially an underrated Legend. Dude jumps in and out of Hollywood like a Ninja. You remember him but also forget about him until he gets in that one movie and Everyone is talkon about him until he chooses to fade away from public eye. Only to return and do it all over again. If you want to be a celebrity and still maintain privacy like Everyone else, then study Keanu Reeves coz he's a master at that shit.

Sprucy **** : I love Keanu. I think he is the real deal. He's has had a less than wonderful personal life and he still a good human being.

Time.Arq I Taller RT : Keanu growing a Beard is not aging, you Time Traveler anti-aging mofo

Roger Limoseth : I dont think id want to get in a gun fight with him.

Benjamin Istvan Cseko : Seeing Keanu in shooting training got me pregnant.

c oaf : He's very attractive physically; his personality is attractive as well :)

Jestin Jose : Was trying to find one bad comment about him. Failed miserably

memadcowchucky : That last video of him on a badass shooting rampage just sealed the deal. Coolest actor

Pablo Mardones Jarpa : if we all were keanu the world would be perfect

Jacoby : We need more people like Keanu. He’s humble. Down to earth. Doesn’t make jokes about Trump and white people to look cool.

Juan Masday : A simple man dont act like a superstar and treats showbiz just a regular job

Jane Linley : What an awesome human being... plus he’s gorgeous

Cristina Macsim : How I like seeing him talking!!!!!!!!! He is so natural and so funny,so spontanuous! I laughed a lot! I already knew these interviews , but put them together- the best moments-are more interesting and beutiful . Thanks!

Vincent Chamberlain : "I'm John Wick." Hell yes you are.

Sandra Brody : And the nicest and giving normal guy whos is very good at his job

Lidia : I find him so cute, I'm starting to love him in a weird way XD

spooks77 : he is REAL and authentic, sees things for what theya re and dont do bullshit. he has integrity and is a great actor, one of the very few of his kind, in an even more fake world day by day, owned and ruled by the hollywood elite

Martin Tan : We need a John Wick - Ethan Hunt crossover. I feel like Cruise is gonna keep pushing for suicidal stunts and Reeves is just gonna go along like it's nothing. XD

Mariyan Maliki : Yes indeed.. He definitely is the ONE ☝🏼

Sad Keanu : The Most Humble, and the Coolest Guy Ever

Symon Sheppard : I'm looking at a guy I have admired for a long time, he has made me laugh, he has made me cry, he has made me want to help him, he never failed in convincing me that he was the person he was portraying, his action moves especially in the matrix were outstanding, he is down to earth and generous, he truly is a unique individual.


me curse you mimikyu : Should have been cast for the punisher his gun skills are on another level...

Zioma : What was he saying about his age? That guy is immortal, he just pretends to age so we don't feel bad

Hyxphixia : Wow they made a movie from s3 John wick battle pass😂😂

who's man? : I think he ripped a page out of Norm Macdonalds talk show skills

Mike M : I usually talk crap on celebrities, but I literally have NOTHING bad to say about Keanu, he's the best.

Nana Griffin : Hes an actions star now but he started out as a really chill dude and will always be one.

EpicMiBz!! : John Wick - Enter Chuck Spadina

Marcus Tulius Cicero : He's had tragedy in his life, and still manages to think of others. Check out a completely anonymous Keanu on the tube giving up his seat for a lady. I think he's legitimately a good person, something very few Hollywood people can say.

No 10 : Yo,it’s that fortnite skin

Ivan Sanchez : You have to be really stupid if you think you can mess with this man.

illuminateMary TRUTHLOVELIGHT : If I ever meet a great man to mary and have a boy his name will be Keanu. Keanu has a beautiful soul and super handsome. I love Keanu.

Boogie Boys : how is he 50?

Layne AIC : Not just Cool but super Cool

casey leedham : despite what people think, keanu reeves is NOT STUPID-he is a very cool guy

Jacob Finney : His shooting skills are Savage af. Mr. Reeves...teach me.

Jonathan Perez : Great actor turned into a killing machine.....for our enjoyment. Thats dedication

Julie Enslow : Oh dear he is HITTING those targets! lol ah well. he IS John Wicks, at least some of the time!

h2Da : No wonder he look soo real when he has a gun in his hand.

P V : I love him! I love his voice,l. His voice is so smooth and easy going. Sexy!

ravenblaylock13 : This is the coolest guy in the planet !!!

Gayle Marie Clanton : Damn....blow some cool breezes on me on a Hawaiian Island mountain tops......Cooooooool

Titedie : Whoopi lookin like a homeless wizard.