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Juan Pablo : I just fell into the Rebillet rabbit hole, one video after another

Zach : I'm convinced some of this musical genius/power is derived from that robe

dcuthell1 : Woke up in a bad mood, wasn't sure how the weekend was going to go. Your sweet loops tell me it's gonna be alright. Keep em coming daddy.

ChucknMcNuggets : Somebody is about to get pregnant to this one!

Lasso : I have a challenge for you; try going clockwise with your head

Baraa' Adayleh : Do you still have that iPhone? From 2007

Nathan030601 : Thump my ears, daddy. By the way, I wore my black beard shirt while getting my vasectomy.

Manndarinchik : 2:23 *UUUUAAGHHHHHH*

Strom Boli Boiii : *pauses music* *DEEP GUTTERAL GRUNT* *resumes music*

x23rdsFinestx j : I come here everyday for this song lol

olinred : The one down vote was the sole person who doesn't believe in chance

Christopher Bryant : This dude needs to spend a few bucks on a chiropractor, and then go on tour.


Michael Auderer : This might be one of your best of all time.

Famousxp : Good day Marc. Do you have a Full version of this song "I Need A Chance"? Just when it is getting good the videos fades away and cut off. Please let me know. I know I am not only on this request. Damn I feel that song!

Meg Smith : The robe is back! Marc is going to be HUGE. So much talent. *swoons*

Sean The Baptist : The pregnancy rates in Marc's apartment building have risen 2000% since he moved in.

Andras Joo : this is instantly better then the 90% of the pop songs I hear

Jakeyboy : "IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES" 2:35

Oso legend : Your instrumentation is nice. Ever thought of a collab with a rapper? I could hear some bars on this one.

DarkNemesis25 : This dude dropping solid gold so casually. This is why i subscribe

Jordunn Lankford : This was the hit that turned me to a damn fan right here

Wolfblade1992 : Just went to his show today at the Ottawa Tavern in Toledo, Ohio and he was amazing. Keep up the great work, Marc!!!!!! You Rock!!!!!!!

ThehitmanFour20 : Really enjoy your videos man. The way you make your music is fascinating bro. Good stuff keep it up.

danman1012 : I think I need to find you, so I can collect your toenail clippings. They would be a great addition to my collection. Where do you live?

Jami TaxGuru : I've watched this about 1037 times. Your composition and melody is sick bruh!

nordahl49 : I love your energy 😀

Pedro Pantoja : this needs a chance on spotify asap

Jess T : WHERE ARE THE BULLSHIT VIDEO TITLES , MARC!???! GODDAMMIT! This still a bop though (as always).

Joe Bailey : Bass line is amazing.

77godsson : Low key the beat is fire!!!!

Josian Marsura : Thumbs up if you still listening to this song in 2018 !

sQualo ATK : We need this on SPOTIFY ASAP!!!!!

SuperFly Herb : Converted this to an mp3 file. Its now my alarm tone 🔥🔥🔥

owl walsh : This dude is like a younger, more attractive and talented Anthony Fantano,,, with hair.

thegreatgambeeno : I've been stuck in this rabbit hole for like 2 hours now. I regret none of it.

prttyboyslim80 : You live broski when you coming to Cincinnati


ed lugo : I seriously can't stop watching Rebillet videos. So damn entertaining and refreshing to see content like this. Makes me appreciate YouTube so much more.

Daily the Noob : Heyyyy! That's pretty good!

Jake .B : Put this on your spotty!!!

Marcus Aguilar : I need this on Spotify ASAP pleaseeeee

X3mbo : I'm a BIG SHOT record producer, and I think you got that sound that's gonna take America's youth by storm. Let's say I set you up in my professional studio and get you going Marc. p.s. jk

Corey Verrillo : Bro I absolutely love the beat and the singing. Lol. And the dance moves this guy does kills me 😂😂 keep on wit these beats man 🔥🔥

Justin K : You're legendary in my book. Improvisation is a lost art.

Ebon : Found you from that amazing IPhone video and I'm so happy about it. Stumbled across some serious quality content.

GamblinProductionz : Been going through some of your uploads, it's sort of a revelation seeing someone, who really feels his music, which on top, is smooth af. Earned a sub! Keep doing it and never lose that passion ever!

Random Noise : Marc, you are a real discovery! and a true inspiration. great song and excellent performance. Thank you for showing it to the world.

Esar EL : OhIsh!!!yooo..u probably heard it all before...That is Dope its bananas...chk me out @ N.O.V.A. SUPREME... Most definitely!!!