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Marc Rebillet : This idea came from something I improvised at a performance a while back - I just couldn't get the melody out of my head! Nothing groundbreaking or particularly great, but I hope you like it anyway.

Juan Pablo : I just fell into the Rebillet rabbit hole, one video after another

Zach : I'm convinced some of this musical genius/power is derived from that robe

dcuthell1 : Woke up in a bad mood, wasn't sure how the weekend was going to go. Your sweet loops tell me it's gonna be alright. Keep em coming daddy.

Lasso : I have a challenge for you; try going clockwise with your head

ChucknMcNuggets : Somebody is about to get pregnant to this one!

Baraa' Adayleh : Do you still have that iPhone? From 2007

Sean Rojas : You’re clearly a musician first and foremost.. entertainer second.. and last but certainly not least a funny as fuck legend.. don’t be afraid to just make music you wanna make without having to add the piss funny stuff along with it..although with everyone expecting it you may need an alter ego lol.. keep killing it man 👍

Nathan030601 : Thump my ears, daddy. By the way, I wore my black beard shirt while getting my vasectomy.

Christopher Bryant : This dude needs to spend a few bucks on a chiropractor, and then go on tour.

Sean The Baptist : The pregnancy rates in Marc's apartment building have risen 2000% since he moved in.

x23rdsFinestx j : I come here everyday for this song lol

Oso legend : Your instrumentation is nice. Ever thought of a collab with a rapper? I could hear some bars on this one.

olinred : The one down vote was the sole person who doesn't believe in chance

Josian Marsura : Thumbs up if you still listening to this song in 2018 !

Andras Joo : this is instantly better then the 90% of the pop songs I hear

Jami TaxGuru : I've watched this about 1037 times. Your composition and melody is sick bruh!

Manndarinchik : 2:23 *UUUUAAGHHHHHH*

danman1012 : I think I need to find you, so I can collect your toenail clippings. They would be a great addition to my collection. Where do you live?

Michael Auderer : This might be one of your best of all time.

Wolfblade1992 : Just went to his show today at the Ottawa Tavern in Toledo, Ohio and he was amazing. Keep up the great work, Marc!!!!!! You Rock!!!!!!!

Jakeyboy : "IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES" 2:35

Jess T : WHERE ARE THE BULLSHIT VIDEO TITLES , MARC!???! GODDAMMIT! This still a bop though (as always).

Strom Boli Boiii : *pauses music* *DEEP GUTTERAL GRUNT* *resumes music*

Meg Smith : The robe is back! Marc is going to be HUGE. So much talent. *swoons*

Jordunn Lankford : This was the hit that turned me to a damn fan right here

AdventureVanMan : This was a stinky one!!

nordahl49 : I love your energy 😀

owl walsh : This dude is like a younger, more attractive and talented Anthony Fantano,,, with hair.

77godsson : Low key the beat is fire!!!!

Don Coleman : I miss the wacky video titles that had nothing to do with the song, made the songs even better

Joe Bailey : Bass line is amazing.

Famousxp : Good day Marc. Do you have a Full version of this song "I Need A Chance"? Just when it is getting good the videos fades away and cut off. Please let me know. I know I am not only on this request. Damn I feel that song!


thegreatgambeeno : I've been stuck in this rabbit hole for like 2 hours now. I regret none of it.

BaconCat42 : Some early morning poops. Thanks i hate it.

Cmon Now : This groove is so groovy marc! My girlfriend bought tickets to ur Chicago show 14 min after they went on sale. WE ARE SO PUMPED! I've shown almost all my friends "pissing into the wind" from ur stream the other day and everyone just goes ".......wow!"

DarkNemesis25 : This dude dropping solid gold so casually. This is why i subscribe

ed lugo : I seriously can't stop watching Rebillet videos. So damn entertaining and refreshing to see content like this. Makes me appreciate YouTube so much more.

Jake .B : Put this on your spotty!!!

Kevin Smith : All jokes aside, you are dope.

Mike Angelo : I like the fade to black while the music plays out nice touch

Randomness Productions : Does he remind anyone else of the show Big Mouth??

Elephant Kid : Masterpiece

Daily the Noob : Heyyyy! That's pretty good!

John Payne : It takes a special type of swagg to make a dope track in a house coat..lol.👍

DINOSAURS TWICE : What about my uncle? Did you give him a chance?

alejandro espino : I didnt know Kip got the melody. Much love from fort worth tx

dante`afk : love me some jazz in the morning

miv miv : Omg i love your music....have a great idea a remix for the track i know you are but what am i...the sound of the butt hole...i have a fart machine nosie maker thought about this song and it be a great remix