Bandersnatch except Stefan is happy, healthy and successful

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It's what he deserves

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Josh Pink : About 48 seconds of happiness out of over 3 hours of content

Demi Krueger : My stupid ass really thought black mirror would give Stefan a happy ending among the bad ones and I was wrong so thank you for this

kerri : does this make up for the 58 times i chopped his dad into defrosted mince

NotASkinnyLegend : When your dad goes on the train instead of your mom

juliana freire : i needed this. i killed his dad too many times

kittysrock16 : This is so cute I love my boy Stefan so god damn much:’)))) GET THAT 5 STARS SWEETIE!!!

Siray : This is great but I'd need at least one shot of Stefan's dad in the end to feel complete, I can't help but think that he chopped him off-screen lol

0 : Bless this little cinammon roll. Our boy is happy for once. So good to see him smile.

Naytron 9000 : hell = 5 hours heaven = less than a minute *ITS A METAPHOR FOR LIFE*

Ali Klym : its what he deserves:')

stephanie : ive never wanted to give a fictional character a hug more in my life


newgamingspies : If they won't give us the perfect ending, then we will CREATE our OWN perfect ending!

Vivian Allyse : it says something that this is only 49 seconds...

Coach McGuirk : We already had a good ending. In the timeline where you accept the studio job and make a 1/5 star game... that ending IS the perfect ending. Having your first commercial game be a flop is normal. Its no big deal. Getting an in to work for a major games studio? Thats a way bigger deal anyway. Not to mention his dad never dies in that ending, and the other dev never jumps off the roof, so his daughter never ends up making the game either... the ending where bandersnatch is a shitty rushed game IS the perfect ending we were looking for. He goes on to make successful non bandersnatch games later, I assume, as it was only his first and he now works at a 3A studio.

Karen Li : if the game gave me an option to chop the game reviewer into defrosted mince i'd take it please let stefan get his 5/5 rating without going sweeney todd it's what he deserves

mansi xavier : *Bandersnatch* : Free Will is an Illusion *Us* : You think? *Points at our happy ending*

Trailer Mashup Production : Should of had the scene of Colin and Stefan smiling at each other

Turkeyrolls : Stefan is a genuinely good character who deserves this kind of ending. All of the killing his dad endings stem from him going crazy and becoming paranoid due to not taking his meds combined with childhood trauma and his acid trip possibly damaging his psyche. The pacs ending wasnt real, that's why he always wakes up from it because it was a dream. Every time he kills his dad it's either in the pacs dream or because he has a mental breakdown. One of the themes of this film is about artistic creativity, and it makes a statement about how doing boring things with your life and choosing the most obvious paths result in weak creativity. This is why when stefan chooses to chop up his father and does the least normal ending the game is the best.

Bizarre Trash : the ending we all wanted

MrKajithecat : Honestly though there should of been a genuinely "good" ending. Just make it super hard to get to honestly. He wasnt a bad person, just a creative guy with a terrible mental illness. You have to give some hope to those in the same scenario.

Cassandra Anne : He's only happy, healthy and successful for less than a minute? Wow this show's dark

Hana Utomo : Where's the dad though?🤔 I can't rest well without knowing he's alive

chololoe : Bless you for making this, I needed it badly.

Bettina : The only thing this is missing is Stefan taking the pills!!

iona : what a cute baby boy

Tuft : It sucks that this video is proof there is not a single happy scene with Stefan and his dad in the episode

Hannah Jane Veliz : 0:16 is so cute to me when he's just smiling and says "yes!" He looks so happy! And then you find out later that was the "wrong path" because Colin knows everything.

P_E1994 : Never knew how much I needed this. Hated torturing poor Fionn.

lara a : The ending stefan and all of us deserved

Michala Tyner : I really needed to see this. Man, that poor kid deserved so much better! Maybe if I keep trying, ill actually get him an ending that isn't horrible :p

MrGolferRyan : Remember to choose the sugar puffs to get this ending

LadyofaLake : Thank you so much. This lil dude needed a win, and this healed my soul

Mystery M : What if... this really happened after he woke up and realized everything was a dream? 🤔

hellofangirl : look at my boy !! look at his smile !! he deserves the world !!

Akenal Archives : How do you unlock this secret ending

Graham Grecian : I like that out of a 5-hour movie the amount of time Stefan is happy is 50 seconds.

Integral : If you think about it... this ep was about making our own paths and choices and this video coimcides with that message. This storyline is just as much cannon as any of the paths we took in the ep!

Scrub : the dad's head is off screen ...

Emily Das : this really is what he deserves

Maria T. : I'm just gonna watch this on repeat.

bye : Im guessing there was never gonna be a satisfying ending besides the one where he dies on the train...

Gareth Wing : Just needs a snippet of his dad saying "pub?" so I know he's not dead and he is enjoying a pint with his son!

Mystery M : Sorry for chopping up your dad Stefan, but ya know, atleast here you have the ending you deserved

Aslı G : Knowing that there is a chopped out head next to him at the end makes the video even better

BeatsHasRhythm : this is actually therapeutic after seeing so much tragic shit happen. thank you

newgamingspies : The ending we all wanted.

lina : I tried to make my boy Stefan happy but always had to kill his dad, and he always ended up in prison or just plain sad, which makes me sad

Z M : I kinda do feel bad for his dad regardless of what happened. That's because he never meant to get his wife killed and because of that Stefan hated him his entire life. Nobody thinks of this situation from the perspective of the dad :(