SO STUPID! Quantic Dream Controversy Sparks Outrage, Horrible Police Video Exposed, and More...

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Philip DeFranco : STAY SAFE OUT THERE, EVERYONE! Seriously though, maybe see you tomorrow. I'll keep you updated. ❤️

Bound4Earth : How can so many groups be so ignorant. This is no different then a movie depicting rape. People need to stop claiming that games cannot be art just because they are so small minded. The game will obviously be rated appropriately and just as with movies, it should be up to parents to decide what their children play. Edit: Bad parents support regulation against movies, music and games as a whole because they are too lazy to get involved.

Louie Vanderhyde : I think if that game were a movie or a book it would be treated differently.

Layan Bubbly : I'm Palestinian, born in Jerusalem, and, have lived there from 1993-2001. I had to leave because of the occupation. As a Palestinian, my life was in danger numerous times. In 2013, my family and I were kicked out of our country and put in exile by the Israeli government. That act broke international laws and we tried to fight it in court but it got too expensive and difficult since the US is affiliated with Israel. I hate to say it but Israel has a racist and fascist government. As a Palestinian however, I don't think it's healthy to respond with violence. I know Palestinians are hopeless and simply helpless at this point. This speech breaks the heart of the world, in my opinion. Very arrogant move from Trump. However, I see why the world might be coming to a very extreme-based saturated profiling war on media very soon. I love how every time they show Arabs in TV, they always have beards and look nothing like the people of my country. We have a respected and educated Palestinian community that needs a fair media representation.

Jimmy Lynch : Detroit: Become Human will be an amazing game, and this trailer is the one that truly made me realize this. Games definitely can talk about and portray serious topics if the game is trying to be a serious and mature game, which Detroit: Become Human is

MsLovelifetothefulle : Ahahaha I thought they meant you wont feel like your in China because our buses won't be super over crowded. In my mind I thought everyone was just overreacting, as it turns out they were being racists.

ObviouslyNotBen : The game is clearly showing that child abuse is bad

Anaphriel : I grew up through about 12 years of abuse as a child, my best friend commit suicide due to the abuse he suffered. And, throughout that time, those closest to me either had no clue, or were willfully blind. To this day, child abuse depictions make my blood boil...BUT, as a mentally adjusted individual, I know that stepping in and shooting someone who raises their hands to a kid isn't the way to deal with it. No matter how many movies or video games may show such. And no matter how many people get offended, most individuals know this. Child abuse depictions overall are one of the universal subjects that we *know* are wrong. One of the ultimate objectives in various games, shows, movies, etc is seeing the "bad guy" get their comeuppance. Hell, even John Wick murdered 45 people over his puppy. When we're presented with a known wrong, we have the innate desire to punish it. Scenes like those in Detroit, show us that inaction can be consequential. But overreaction also provides its own consequences. We know this. We also know we're not WWII soldiers, that stealing cars and killing cops is wrong, that we can't run 100 mph and steal gold rings magically hovering in the air. The thought that a projected scenario influences our overall behavior to the point of rewriting our understanding of societal norms...come from those who think people are too stupid to think for themselves. As a father now to a 7 year old, I stay involved in what he's doing. I monitor his TV/Video game input. If it says 18+, then he doesn't get to put his hands on it while I'm around. I play GTA V, yet my son has never seen it. This idea that parents can't get involved, and so they need to fear this thing that's out there is just stupid, and lazy. Stop pointing fingers at everything you don't like, and start being involved with your damn kids.

FireyCurls22 : Take me to jail, i aint cutting my dogs head off.

Alexis Ford : How dare people say Taylor Swift didn't belong on the cover? This way of thinking is what makes women stay silent. "I was assaulted, but some people have it worse. So, I'm lucky and should shut up." Any level of sexual harassment or assault assault is BAD!

timeSlidr : I was abused growing up and it seems like a fun game to play. One thing I regret not knowing is what I could have done to stop the abuse I received a child. Games like this can make children think of ways to escape their own abuse. People who want to censor this is the people who should be ashamed.

Sophie Pownall : It’s truly disgusting that they made someone do that to their pet. It’s utterly horrifying. I feel for the owners, I couldn’t imagine the pain that they have now been left with. R.I.P Bigboy

TnTCinematics2012 : Why did no one ever talk about Binding of Isaac if this is such a big issue?

Jemaul Gooden : The people bitching about the game are so damn sensitive. The scene adds to the plot and does in fact support that actions have consequences. Get a set of balls and deal with what isn't virtual.

Meghan H. : As an Illinois native who had to move out of state and pay out the ass for out of state tuition as there is basically no in state tuition offered by the state's largest university, I understand and agree with the sentiments given in Suburban Express's initial statement, but their anger is completely misdirected at innocent students. Our state's mismanagement is not the fault of any foreign student. Their ad was racist and ignorant and invalidates their legitimate point.

me free : wtf.... this is the WEIRDEST thing. k obviously NO ONE should ever be asked to do something like that to THEIR OWN PET and ofc I haaaate having to hear all these stories about cops murdering peoples pets and it's so blatantly obvious that literally everyone involved in this is in the wrong(the "professionals", i mean) BUT .... some I do not see commented on is this: even for a rabies exam, assuming any of this were even legal, yes the brain is needed, the test cannot be done otherwise, BUT the brainstem MUST BE completely INTACT, otherwise it is literally useless. pointless, they cannot perform the test properly. this is not something just anyone can do, it MUST be done by the hands of a a professional. beyond the actual mechanics of all this, there's is also a "chain of custody" which *must* be observed.... is their not?! no idea how it works in georgia but literally in every other fucking place on this planet that is how it works. what in the everloving fuck are you all doing down there, murica(im canadian lol)?! ya'll are seriously so fucked and it seems you get more fucked by the day. on another note ... i can honestly say that my pets are literally like my children and at multiple different points in my life have literally been the one and only reason I am still here, sounds dramatic but it's 1000000% truth. if anything like this ever happened I would probably be going to prison for a very, very long time.... all i can think when i hear stories like this is that one day one of these animal murdering cops is going to do this to the wrong persons' pet and it's not going to be a good situation for them, for real.

Dierskie * : All the chinese people should ride suburban express so they have no marketing angle

Unlikely Salmon : Remember when the Daily Mail featured a trailer on CoD Infinite Warfare? And then made an article yelling about the violence of videogames? You can always rely on the mainstream media to give an unbiased an accurate story on current "issues". Seriously though, they're trying to silence the message of a game about a horrible crime that revolves around secrecy and silence...

Grey Goose : I hope that investigator gets fired and sued. Screw him

Drake Medinger : In regard to the game, and as someone who has experienced abuse, you have taken the right interpretation of this game. I personally say screw the a**hole bandwagon game haters because so many of those shown felt like they just got on the subject because it would boost themselves in their eyes, or the eyes of their supporters. Screw those backwards politicians.

Sam Lee : "He pulled his gun and told the dog to stop" What? Did he say sit? Did he really expect the dog to be like "whoops sorry officer, big misunderstanding!"

Lance Konderla : I love how people always tend to make this complaint that "children are made violent due to video games" and feature games with a mature rating. Maybe if people would stop buying their children games outside of their age range, we wouldn't have this issue. Much like how you won't have to worry about kids getting lung cancer as long as people don't buy their 14 year old a pack of New Ports.

Justinoid : I stand with Sony, and the bus company ahha

Alexis Ford : Congratulations on your appearance, but it's too bad you weren't in a better one. This year had better content and trends than last year, especially since they featured the animators. However, I felt like this rewind video went very fast. It was hard to see what was going on at some points, so I didn't even recognize that you were burying dead memes until you pointed it out in a slowed down version.

IVLGG3R : That is an actual problem at a lot of our universities, for instance my school took a lot of students from the gulf states in the Middle East to bring in extra higher priced tuition fees. The schools in the Persian gulf states are a joke compared to the rest of the world so they have a hard time in our school understanding professors and adjusting to the US so they resort to cheating. This ends up harming the individual departments because if they cheat through school and get hired then fired cause they don’t actually know the material the school looks bad for allowing them to graduate. It got bad enough that my school implemented automatic suspensions for people caught cheating and it ended up suspending only students from Saudi Arabia and Qatar which causes the school as a whole to lose their international tuition payments.

Kevin : Regardless of political views. How is trump being elected a setback for women?

ADN : Nono, you don't understand it DeFranco. If movies or other mediums depict things, its cool and artistic. If videogames do it its terrible and stupid. Nothing to do with these people complaining, and probably their whole social and work circles, being completely disconnected from this "new" medium of entertainment and storytelling, by the way. Nothing at all.

Ash Came : I'd like Phil to respond to this and prove kavos wrong 😂

Stephen Albright : So how did the vid get so long? Unexpected flood?

Solomon Laing : I feel like the prince of saudi arabia is far more important in a global sense than the #meto movement. As important as that movement is, the prince of saudi arabia is by far more important.

Dootiefinger : Should talk about the pornstar who died after being bullies over social media for not shooting a scene with a gay male actor for risk of stds

Jason Dale : just makes me wonder what would happen to the call of duty franchise if MW2's airport sequence was released in a game today...

Sarah Findlay : I've never commented on your videos before. I understand and agree with your point about Taylor Swift. Her assault is valid and important. It was wrong and shouldn't have happened. However, her being on the front page seems like it's more about her fame. I might be wrong. Happy to be. That's just the feeling I get. I didn't comment on your video the other day but I hoped #metoo was Time's choice although there were some strong candidates. A lot of people are standing against injustice and crime. It's an important time.

thesaintsofgames : Video games are a form of storytelling. Sometimes stories are offensive, hurtful, outrageous, graphic or violent. We shouldn't restrict the medium just because someone finds a particular story offensive. If you don't like the game then don't buy it and don't play it. Arguing that this will encourage more abuse is the same backwards logic that says violent video games will encourage people to be violent. Violence is everywhere in movies, music, media, and video games and yet the overall global crime rate is lower today than before video games existed. I'm sick of people trying to censor what they find offensive.

Rtot1738 : I like you phil, and ive watched you for a while but you should either come clean about your news network, or show us that you are actually using that money.

Rob Vespa : I call b******t on the reactions from these organizations...

Macyyy : This video game trailer caused so much shock is because it's really not that often that children die in entertainment. It's considered taboo to kill a child in a movie and its a line that even the best screen writers don't cross. The examples Phil gave us were huge exceptions-we don't see kids dying (let alone murdered by their dad) even in your average horror movie. Yes that trailer was disturbing, but it also seemed like killing the girl was the cheap easy way to do it. If I look at this trailer art, it was very poorly done. Obviously there isn't enough to dive into a story, character motives, etc. during a trailer and the girl dying was just for shock value. On top of that, I do agree that putting this in the game and the trailer trivializes abuse. You play a game for entertainment, not to deeply ponder the effects of child abuse on our society. A fictional story of a dad beating his kid to death is a unhealthy form of entertainment.

Geoff Reekie : Hope you stay safe from the fires that be. Appreciate you, your team, and all they do. Have followed for years and liked most videos; today I am putting forth my first dislike. Have seen, and appreciated, your commitment against child abuse, your strong stand and its reasons. Understand, but don't agree, with your assessment that this video game promotes choice by allowing people to choose to end it. Unfortunately, I agree with the general reaction that it is gratuitous violence against children, child perv porn and should not be distributed. I hope that you have no stake in promoting or being paid by this company, its distributors or anyone associated with it. If you do, please disclose. I think you made a mistake in this on.... but also respect your right to say what you do. Just my opinion ... and you asked for it. Stay out of the fires.

Ranton : Yes, we should remove all murder and cursing from all movies, books, games and music no matter the context. Because that has just NOTHING to do with entertainment. God... can this culture of outrage pls stay away from my beloved video games?

Picket Pants : Actually I can see what Suburban Express is saying. If a university is pushing the admission of foreign students vs US students and is a US university, I think there is a problem. Now I am not saying they shouldn't be allowed but if they are choosing those students over students here simply because they can charge more, that is a problem. Now, I don't know if that is what they are doing, but if they are, and Suburban Express is saying that, I think they are right. I could be totally off base and misunderstanding what they were trying to say, but that is how I understood it anyway.

Allekatrase : There are Mature games and R rated movies. I don't understand the disconnect in peoples mind between different types of media. There have been portrayals of domestic abuse and violence in every form of media but the only one they make a fuss about. I think part of it comes from the notion that games are for kids, but this is not true now and in fact never has been. Sure, there are games for kids, but there are as many or more that are for adults and there always have been. If you want to make the argument that media has an impact on people and children then fine, that's a good argument to make, I won't disagree with you, but you have to apply it to all media not just target one type. Children are probably less likely to read controversial books these days, but with netflix and youtube and a variety of other streaming media I'm pretty sure their access to adult themed entertainment is only video games.

Cringey WhiteBoy : Kavos is trying his hardest to become big by hating on Philip DeFranco and starting drama. Its sad

Rob Vespa : That Time magazine considered Trump for person of the year (their second option?) sickens me. Regarding the "people of the year" - I can't express how important this is... AND it feels like a zeitgeist grab. It isn't person of the year. Why not dedicate an issue to this topic (perhaps, if it won't detract from the content, incorporate both genders)... and then there's the dog incident - Our justice department continually disappoints and instills fear in me.

Zoeannaart -Zilahtov : Congratulations on making it onto YouTube Rewind Phil!

Madison Mosley : not enough information, the investigator could have really been ripped into by the owner, but bottom line: investigators do not order citizens to risk exposure to pathogens, and investigators do not order citizens to behead a lifeform they had a personal relationship with. or actually, authority does not order citizens to behead any living (or formerly living) being.

Gimli : in universe sandbox you can completely destroy our solar system. you dont hear the SJW's saying "you just killed literally every person and child on this earth" why is it so hard for most media to understand things that happen in videogames dont reflect most everything that happens in real life.

Ella D : I have to disagree that this video game is all of a sudden going to help people become more attuned to abuse, but that still doesn't mean it should be censored. We don't censor it everywhere else, why now?

Elana Utrera : I wish that guy with the dog knew what the officers said werent right. It isn't the owners job to cut the head off. Why didn't the officer know anything? I guess they just let anyone in the job...

UzeHerName : WTH since when has ANY owner been ordered to remove their pets head to check for rabies? That's usually taken care of by the County NOT the owner! Honestly I think he should sue them for mental anguish, because I cannot see how ANY pet owner would not be mentally and emotionally messed up after having to do this to their own four legged family member! Sadistic and sick! ALSO if this dog truly did have rabies they just guaranteed he would get it if he did not already have it! Getting that blood and body fluid on your skin is a guarantee for rabies exposure!

Winterseyes : What don't I understand is why is Trump even considered a runner-up? Why is he even gracing the same space?