The Oldest Trick In Sleight Of Hand - Revealed
The worlds first ever magic trick shown and revealed

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Instagram - @theoscarowen Hi everyone. This is a video about the first known magic trick ever created - 'torn and restored'. It was performed in Ancient Egypt around 2500BC. It is worth noting that Dedi performed this trick with a Goose - he tore off the Gooses head and then restored it. Obviously, I wouldn't ever do this so I've performed the same effect here but with a piece of paper. This is a really incredible magic trick that you can perform wherever you go. Its worth practicing it in front of a mirror so you don't flash the extra bit of paper. These videos take me hours and hours to research, film and edit so thank you for the continued support you all show my channel. More videos coming soon, Oscar Credit: Whitesand - Beautiful Cinematic Music - Beyond Song link -


Bruce Wayne : I don't know about you all but I was more impressed with the sand art at the beginning of the video!

Ravi Patel : RIP to all the tissue that gonna be teared apart to practice this trick by those who watched the video. Moment of silent for all the tissues that gonna lose their life today 🙏🏼

Ivan Tabusao : 1:29 Mr. Stark i dont feel so good

Omnom Ominous : Okay, sure, I can see how this works with cloth, but being able to do this with a whole goose is impressive.

Father Mike : You know what’s a fun alternative? Palm a $100 bill in your hand (or a $20 if you’re a cheapskate). Ask a member of the audience for a $1 bill. Perform the same trick, and transform their $1 into $100.

John Smith : 1:49 is when he drops it, slow down to 0.25x

ROCKY'S ANIMATIONS : Im from Slovenia. Like if you now where Slovenia is?

Manuel Lopez : Sorry guys it’s been patched

Mr.Knight The Detective : Literally oldest trick in the book...

Mirage Uchiha : @1:28 - "Upon opening his hand... Half of all life was erased..."

Nelson Strickland : Why do people have to be so negative???...damn...enjoy the trick and move on....i loved it....

DocZero : Does this still work

alex thompson : Super Neat. ALWAYS Fulfilling, like Oxygen to a drowning Man.😀

No Mercy : Your intros a AMAZING😍😍😍😍

Darren Bailey : amazing i watched the initial trick with disbelief and then saw how it was done. i then whatched again and could see it, it all became clear. nice one

SignalPuke13 : I'm impressed by the sand art!

obaidul islam : You are really amazing. But you should upload videos every month.

Lo Daughtry : abra kadabra The first Government🤣🤣🤣

Sabah Zarid : But I witnessed one magician do the exact same thing with a FULL newspaper..... How did he do that??

Arcterion : 1:28 - "He placed the ball into his open hand." >shows a clenched fist

Barry Stephenson : Brilliant production values. Well done.

Ruffuss : Nice trick. Great emotional... By the way... what music in background?

Sangam Gts : please upload videos regularly. you teach the best.

Ross Bucklar : Into was sick! Slight of hand needs a little work.

FIDIRONU : Thank you very much for sharing this with me. But now my world is a little darker, a little more dreary and quite a bit less magical. 😔

Hugo Lindum : "Pharaoh" is not pronounced "farrow."

CP Yuen : Everyone talking bout the same and magic, but.. damn his voice

Phill Wainewright : With enough practice (in front of a mirror) this trick can fool anyone. Even if you know how it's done, it's still a good trick.

☯ mazewaxie ☯ : Amazing trick! What's the name of the music?

Waldi Febrianda : @Oscar Owen : what is the background music title ??

HotDommy : We didn't even need to see the reveal lol we all watched the paper fall on to your lap before the trick was even over lol 😂

Mitch Morris : You need more practice. Good try though.

Ravaging : Watch out Houdini Even tho ur dead

rayson young : I just smoked a joint and made a taco disappear.🤘🤙🤙🤘

Light Creeper : This channel reminds me of Xavier Perret

EddieGtv : Checkin for jump scares 😂

Hayden Kremer : Very well made video, can tell a lot of work went into it. Nice job

Mainak Deb : The intro was great

HatefulNugg3t : Wasn't it meant to be "an open hand"

Genroy Noisis : Easy, that's the oldest trick in the book!

Magic Jones : Very good job of explaining that illusion done it many of times myself it is awesome it never gets old

HatFlap : Such a great video wow

Not Bumdisik ;oo : the only magic trick i know is seperating the two layers of a tissue paper to make it look like it doubled lol

Celebrity facts : I hardly give likes but seeing your video.

Stu b : 82 wizards thumbs down.

Gaffed Academy : nice one buddy would love a comment on my latest crazy card trick cheers buddy

John Hernandez : Lol! May fool the kids but you should really practice more.

Yerk 43 : Water from the nile

Selvin's Student 101 : I've seen your tricks in real life and damn they are amazing. Keep up the good work man.