The Oldest Trick In Sleight Of Hand - Revealed

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Gelato On Console : Can we just talk about the sand!

John Smith : 1:49 is when he drops it, slow down to 0.25x

Bruce Wayne : I don't know about you all but I was more impressed with the sand art at the beginning of the video!

Ravi Patel : RIP to all the tissue that gonna be teared apart to practice this trick by those who watched the video. Moment of silent for all the tissues that gonna lose their life today 🙏🏼

mjthegreat34 : You know what’s a fun alternative? Palm a $100 bill in your hand (or a $20 if you’re a cheapskate). Ask a member of the audience for a $1 bill. Perform the same trick, and transform their $1 into $100.

Ivan Tabusao : 1:29 Mr. Stark i dont feel so good

Omnom Ominous : Okay, sure, I can see how this works with cloth, but being able to do this with a whole goose is impressive.

0 subscribers with 0 videos!!!! ?? : Sorry guys it’s been patched

Tuber Alpha : Im from Egypt 🇪🇬 a Like for egypt?

Mr.Knight The Detective : Literally oldest trick in the book...

Mirage Uchiha : @1:28 - "Upon opening his hand... Half of all life was erased..."

Nelson Strickland : Why do people have to be so negative???...damn...enjoy the trick and move on....i loved it....

Singles with girl only friends too exist : Notification sucks😥😥😥 Didn't able to watch the video till 6 days coz notification didn't come😭😭😭 btw awsm as usual 😘😘😘

Peter Q : The Difference...ShinLim shows his bare HANDS with rolled up sleeves

DocZero : Does this still work

obaidul islam : You are really amazing. But you should upload videos every month.

hatednyc : Are really *REVEALING* it if it’s the oldest trick in sleight of hand? Not only could I see the bulge in the initial performance, I also saw it drop behind the table prior to your turning it around. Were you moving that slow on purpose?

SignalPuke13 : I'm impressed by the sand art!

Yerk 43 : Water from the nile

Darren Bailey : amazing i watched the initial trick with disbelief and then saw how it was done. i then whatched again and could see it, it all became clear. nice one

Be A Magician 99 : So good plz make more tutorials 👍🙏

Richard Dasaro : I'm from Russia. Great video!

a mohanan : Yo u r back

Toxic_ Legend : Can we still do this in the new 5.0.1 update on calculator?

Jews owen : I Indian oscar

Abhi Shek : Why are you uploading videos lately

illusionist tsulav : Before teaching something to someone... Don't you think you should be really good at it??? Let me rectify you... It is believed that the first magic trick is the cups and balls... And I don't know how you got the idea that Dedi was the first magician from Egypt... While upon researching noone knows when, where and how this art form came from... But it can be last tracked down to ROME... So neither your story was true... Nor your performance... That was the worst version I've ever seen... Learn before you teach...

Sydney Alvelo : David Blaine performed a similar stunt w a chickens head. The unique thing about a Chicken and Goose head is that you can... Scratch that - I don't want to spoil the trick

Jason Irelan : I just saw Billy Kidd do a trick like this on Masters of Illusion with some newspaper. First she took a few pieces of ripped up newspapers and turned them into a dollar bill, and she had a boy up on stage from the audience, and she finally took his pieces of newspaper and turned them into a dollar bill and gave it to him. I think Billy Kidd looks like Tickle Girl. That's a girl whose super power is to be ticklish, and she's got this unique ability to get tickled.

Kyle Flores : before i begin my trick let me sitdown so I can drop the torn paper later

Ranger11413 : Lame. Saw how it was done with initial pass. Could tell you had the second paper balled up in your hand. You stink.

Thunderscroo : Awesome new tutorial! You should upload more often!

KTN : Really cool what you did at the start of the video 👌🏼

King Arthur IV : Great video

Torako akimi : that is cool af!!

Kim Henriksen : Great!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Blen Queen : can anyone tell me, what's the theme music name.. ??

Marie : I knew it from the beginning because only the left hand was shown and the right hand kept holding the paper... nice trick for someone who doesn't pay attention.. lots of people are always trying to figure out the trick rather than enjoying it, unfortunately (for me)

Marko Prološčić : If you call something, "the oldest trick" I don't think you get to put "revealed" in your title.

Ruffuss : Nice trick. Great emotional... By the way... what music in background?

Darkfury Gaming : Now why the other illusionist on pen and teller just show there secrets? That would be so much better. I'm not sure about the iPad illusion but I say it was a hacked app and a sticker

Phill Wainewright : With enough practice (in front of a mirror) this trick can fool anyone. Even if you know how it's done, it's still a good trick.

Magic Jones : Very good job of explaining that illusion done it many of times myself it is awesome it never gets old

Just Barber : well for better effect you should mimick your right hand with the left cuz at very beggining my eyes were burning right hand. but that is just my opinion

ItsJcoop : Slight of hand wasn’t good on the first time you showed it. You could see the ripped paper in your right hand. I’m not hating or anything just some constructive criticism :)

Pushing Buttons : So the trick to sleight of hand or any magic trick is controlling the audiences attention span where you want them to pay attention to. Keep them distracted on a point and make sure they stay looking there to perform the trick. It's like taking someones pencil in school. You slowly inch it closer to you everytime they look away until you can take the pencil.

steven mays : thats not how they do it they dont ball it up they leave it if site at all time just because your way wouldnt be hard to figure out SO NOT YOUR WRONG IF ANYONE DONT BELIEVE ME TYPE IN MAGICIAN RIPS UP PAPER AND IT GOES BACK LIKE NEW AND YOU TELL ME

Tidgy : Once you watch it and realise what's going on it really is quite obvious what's happening, 1st view though always amazes people, it goes to show how useful distraction of attention is in magic.

HotDommy : We didn't even need to see the reveal lol we all watched the paper fall on to your lap before the trick was even over lol 😂

rayson young : I just smoked a joint and made a taco disappear.🤘🤙🤙🤘