Johnny Dangerously - It's an 88 Magnum - HD

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It shoots through schools.

Comments from Youtube

The Demon's Reflection : Someone disliked this video once. Once!

Brodo Fraggins : I always thought it was funny that it "shoots through schools" but got stopped by a cigarette case later in the movie lol

Tina : Has his finger inside the trigger guard. Doink.

Craig_M : I am handicapped....I'm psychotic

YellowoboeThe : School Shooter: "I'll take your entire stock"

John Ayers : I love this line and how at the end a cigarette case blocks the bullet, lmao. Such a great movie. FARGING ICEHOLES!!!

Johnnywhamo : Greatest GD movie in the history of cinema I tell you what!

sama flame : 😂😂😂😂 that last line is soooo good.

Rev Wolf : 88 Magnum 😂😂😂😂

bearmassaro : I'll bet they cut this part out of the film when they show it on TV nowadays...

Iggy Pimental : Can't use that line anymore doh!!

Da Royal General : *two 44...👍😁👍.*

neutrocity : I want to make an .88 magnum now

DJ BassMic : What's the scene were his hand moves after he's shot?

Richard Wainwright : MEG

Andrew Leverkuhn : I don't get the 'shoots through schools' joke...

Alex Breedlove : bet those kids at columbine wish they had that thing

R V : What libtards think gun owners are like.

Fa Kenews : Its awfully small for an .88 magnum The bore should be wider than a 12 gauge, and the frame would be thicker to withstand the pressure