Humans Dressed As Sheep IRL Is So Weird

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This took place in Montreal (Canada). The group is called Les Moutons. They were some part of the Corpus Dance Project. Strange very strange, Indeed, Intriguing, Nonetheless.


WhoIamIsNotImportant : How's that arts degree going

ahills : pretty sure these are real sheep

Member_TaunTauns? : liberal arts degree... proof of there being work

Loma : I've been ugly cry laughing at this for fifteen minutes, every time I get control of myself I hear one of them baa again

Jaime F : Are they waiting for the new iphone?

BlockChainDP : La gente tiene demasiado tiempo libre, al menos estos no hacen daño xD

amazingman63 : Guess drama class just didnt cut it

Brian Williams : yall are weird up north. Weather getting to you?

Rosalba Goez : Un poco de todo

Simon TV : makes me anxious and uncomfortable.

Люблю Россию : В любом случае, это лучше, чем любая постановка в Современнике или театре на Таганке.

SpinxTheLynx : *Wot in Tarnation!* (Also, 1:10 Sh00k)

mynameisray : Well.. I am no longer proud to be Canadian.. I'm moving to the North Pole...

oldfrend : i got to 12 seconds before it was too weird. how'd you do?

Toobula : And the AWARD for the WORST, MOST INAPPROPRATE TIME to use vertical video goes to...

No Pe : We living in the end of times. Theyve been telling us for years. And i finally believe them. Holy shit

doomoncharlie : I find myself slightly aroused after watching this. lol

TheGalaxyPotato - Gaming : OOF 1:00

Kevin F : Okay.

Snegyrys : So... Is this furry?

Константин А : Ржал как обкуренный


Cevanth : baaaaaaaaa! oh man i can't stop laughing hahahaha is just... god dang it. it's weird but at the same time funny, at least for me. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

S V : Waited for the pellets. Was disappointed.

Cal Cal : Liberal get together

T01LB0T : Waiting for the new iPhone

Katie Rose : Is this performance art?

ASHAP CHIGGA : the zooms get me every time

Alpenshtok Drossel : Свалкер с темной стороны, ты здесь?

this_ guy : hmm yes I see, the aura of the figurative-narrative line-space matrix seems very disturbing in light of the distinctive formal juxtapositions. That said, I disagree with some of the things that have just been said, but the iconicity of the purity of line spatially undermines the larger carcass. However it should be noted that the disjunctive perturbation of the sexual signifier makes resonant the inherent overspecificity.

Frids Shneider : оны там вкрай пизданулись. лойс каменту чтыб пиндосы нисмагли пиривисти в автопириводчике

TheGalaxyPotato - Gaming : Seizure?? 1:11 😂😂

Pretty cool : no, I won't have this

SoluciónFinalXXI : Fuched dollys i see them every day

Raumance : That is great. Hilarious.

James Pelletier : Wtf why does this have to be 2 hours from my house lol

Elvis Tek : humans, the most inteligente being in thee universe

Littlemissvocal : i have SO many questions

Andrey Kyznecov : Почему их не закидали тухлыми яйцами за такой перформанс.

53af00d : Please send in a cattle dog

Dr Dildo : i'm afraid they're gonna have to be put down.

Alexey Bityukov : This is awesome!

Plz don't enjoy game : dude I went to an modern art museum in Washington and I was expecting some fine drawings or others forms of art but instead I enter a completely white and big room with a bunch of people naked and blindfolded and reminded me of this

Anarcraft : Welcome to Earth!

Michael Deane : be one with the sheep

Farfar Away : 🤣🤣🤣

Kamila Mikulska : Sick.

Nintendo : I was there lmao

KatzSandra : This totally killed me in stitches