How America Blew $7 Trillion On 80 Wars Since 9/11
How America Blew 7 Trillion On 80 Wars Since 911

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The United States has been at war in the Middle East for 18 years. We are fighting a shadow war called Operation Enduring Freedom (Operation Freedom's Sentinel) in 80 different countries. These wars are being fought over oil resources and millions of people have died. The US has impoverished it's citizens by spending $7 trillion dollars on war when that money is desperately needed at home in America. 1 out of 6 Americans lives in poverty and half the country can't afford a $500 emergency. Veterans are committing suicide in record numbers and there are 500,000 homeless Americans living on the streets. These wars have brought nothing but death and destruction to the world, and it's time to end them. They are authorized by a bill called the AUMF (Authorization for the Use of Military Force). End the AUMF, and all of these wars become illegal. Support The Show On Patreon Follow Us On Twitter Check Us Out On Instagram Email Us @ For interview requests, contact us @ #wearethenewleft #antiwar #humanrights #peace #worldpeace #endthewars #nomorewar #tulsi #bernie #aloha Sources: Unfortunately, we are out of room and unable to display all of our sources in this description. To see a full list of all sources and credit for this video, go to:


Fluffy Bunny : Only Bernie and Tulsi are against these damn wars!

Brendan White : wow, he let it all out in this one. Great job guys!

Tim Sina : Texas Veteran for *tulsi2020*

mtopper66 : This clip should be shown in schools. The collection of stats is impressive and I even learned a few new ones. The scope of the issue is mind-boggling when you think about it.

thescopedogable : Operation enduring freedom how Orwellian is that.

Wei : Maintaining petrodollar system is costly. All empires fall because the high cost of "Empire Maintenance" is NOT sustainable.

Dorothy N. : Thanks for that wonderful, illustrative video! Wish this could be blasted all over cable TV, wake a few people up who have no access to internet and no idea what the facts of the matter actually are, in great part, thanks to such as the Clinton media consolidation-enabling and Obama 'legalizing' the US government/complicit media propagandising their own public as well as others...

G L : Just found you! Wow! Give them bad boys a butt-burnin', ya did. Thanks!

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thescopedogable : All empires get stuck in endless war at the end of their lives

Brooks Rogers : Deserves both a Pulitzer award for journalism and a Nobel Peace Prize.

mixingrecords : I clicked on your video quick.

Lucky Larry : Excellent researched and prepared presentation. History will judge us dependent upon whomever presents the information. I especially like your ability to provide well thought out content without amateur personality additions to the dialog.. You also made me feel bad for my limited complicity but I have always sought and acted against such things. For history sake.

Scooter Tramp : I don't think anyone outside the States is surprised by this. The US has been an imperialist state since Vietnam. I have said it before and I will say again, the US is on the verge of being declared the clear and present danger by the rest the countries of the world.


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Zaki Choudhary : Jesus I thought you guys quit lol hope everything good.

Mohamed Barry : Yes war is over period. Politicians treat tax payers like skip coats . after fighting the war. They will put the profit in their pockets while everyday hard working Americans living paycheck to paycheck very sad.

Humorous Boris : One day, Americans are going to understand that its government murdered its own citizens in order to lie them into a war for oil and murder millions of people throughout the world. When they do, I'm sure they still won't care.

Miguel Estrada : Good job young man, your generation is well informed, compassionate, eloquent, and willing to speak truth to power. You make an old man like myself, proud and hopeful for a future free of racial hatred, genocide, torture, corporate greed, perpetual war and lust for oil.

TMC : #Tulsi2020 tell everyone you possibly can about #TulsiGabbard she is the only one who will end these war and stay strong against MIC and all the greedy corporations pushing for these endless oil wars. We need to get off fossil fuels and create a green economy. #NoMoreWars

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Glyne Martin : @The New Left Yo bro! you keep saying "We bombed innocents", "We robbed lots of countries" etc. It is not you or me. It's the criminals in Washington DC called government. Don't ever forget that...

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Mike Burns : Many of those countries are Ebola infected. Blood tests no longer work and infections can stay dormant for, up to, a year. Those troupes from Africa will be coming back state side in less than a year. There are already two navel vessels quarantined, with crew that has been to Africa. One of them has already died. Now we know why the head of the CDC mysteriously committed suicide over a year ago. People who die of Ebola in the US are hushed up. There has been, at least, one confirmed death in Philadelphia, a couple of months ago. We will not be informed if there have been more. This is going to be spread globally, so there will be no where the run. Ebola mimics other diseases, like Dingy, Mumps, Measles, and the Flu. The recent news reports a large Measles outbreak. Friends, it might not be Measles. Once symptoms present, it is too late, and has an 80% fatality rate. This report of death and costly expense may just be the beginning. A global outbreak of death could be 500 X greater. It looks like Ebola is coming home to roost. What are we going to do with all that oil, resources, and land, when everybody is dead?

New Progressive Voice : Excellent job!! More people need to hear this truth.

Jennifer Sherwood : Thanks for speaking truth. It’s insane and depressing what our government is doing to other countries for corporate gains. Tulsi2020🌺

Hatim Thayyil : What's so sad is the 6million people dead because of this US policy. What makes it even more ridiculous is America spent around $1.2 million for each of the 6million people killed. If that money had been spent inside America for humanitarian reasons, US would have no homeless people, could fix the healthcare, take care of tuition fees, support poor people AND we would still have 6 million more souls alive in this world. Utter disgrace and unforgivable.

RetsmijOne : INSTANT SUBSCRIBER. This is the best I have ever seen in all of Youtube about these illegal wars. Thank you so much for making videos like this.

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monkula84 : The USA have been warmongers - always been. The whole world hates the USA. There is no other rational attitude towards the US

George Kraft : Who are we fighting in Costa Rica? I have been all over that country and saw no signs of it.

Free News Page : The United States is a sick corrupt genocidal war loving country and everyone knows it, except most Americans.

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Gordon Warlow : U.S.A. : The great bastion of Democracy (Hippocracy?). I'm referring to its government, not its people.

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