Business Transaction The Departed

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MikeTCS : One of my favorite films

Stephen Rhoden : No Tikki - NO LAUNDRY!

Tim Viper : No ticky, no laundry, Jericho!

Mike K. : Mark Wahlberg greatest role. I can't get enough of him in this movie hahah

Simba Mangwende : You get a life sentence for that!!!!

lintels123 : "tell bruce lee & the karate kids...". great scene. those chinamen look hardcore too.

chronicgeebs : i'm the guy who does his job. you must be the other guy

Tankerrob : @xool121 No...ticky does not mean money. It's what the asian dry cleaners TICKY = TICKET no Laundry. I.E you need to give me what I need so you can have what you need.,

jbbroman : @rexi93 It means "Ticket" No ticket, no Laundry. (You get a ticket when you turn in your laundry to a dry cleaner, without it, you do not get your stuff back)

Samantha - : Jack Nicholson is so fabulous !

Olive Tree : I am not racist. This is just a great business model to follow.

Beantown : best seen in movie

Abraham Sandoval : Nice