God of War – Midgard Mishaps | PS4

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What happens in Midgard, stays in Midgard. Making a video game is difficult. Making a stable game that both pushes the capabilities of the hardware and creates a super immersive, no-camera-cut, epically-sized AAA gaming experience like the one seen in the new God of War, is vastly more difficult. This massive task, involving hundreds of people developing and implementing content simultaneously, which can often have a tendency to break things, definitely added to the challenge. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/god-of-war-ps4/ http://www.godofwar.com/ Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language ©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. God of War is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.


The Shiny Dragonite : 0:04 *TOP TEN ANIME ENTRANCES*

GrumpyUncleNick 20 : When a game company can accept the imperfections of their own masterpiece that’s something to be praised

Daniel N : 1:33 When you go to bed after a night of hard drinking

Meena Oej : 2:25 thor is looking for thanos

Bam5000000 : I'm sorry but all this music makes me think is kratos and Atreus as a family in the Sims.

dave quinn : 3:00 Kratos doing his impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger

クライオCryocynical : 2:10 BOI OF WAR IS CANON!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

Matt D : 1:25 kratos just went wwe there

LaMorte : Bethesda would have looked at these mishaps and thought "hmm, finished game!"

Killer05Condom : I wish kratos had that dropkick in the actual game.... So out of character, but I'd use it in every fight

김동완 : 2:40 Kratos: What is this? What are you doing, Atreus? Atreus: Succeeding you, Father.

Bedass Shempai : 0:49 "IM RUNNIN CIRLCES AROUND YA!"

DangerIncFilms : Sony roasting their own game? I like it.

Kiwimasterpiece : 1:36 *Dance Off* Kratos Vs Baldur

AVeryNormalGamer : 1:33 *how it feels to chew 5 gum*

Brayden k. Dragon : 0:08 I am kratos and I am here for you tree

angry teapod : To infinity and beyond 2:25

ZA WARUDO : You know a game is doing something right when they make fun of their own mistakes ^^

oWayWard - : Fighting in your dreams be like.. 1:00 - 1:06

Adv. Rani Sonawane : 2:41 best scene ever

Sigma Z Blade : 1:05 that looks weirdly sexual...

Itachi Silver : That ending just should've been a cutscene from the game.

Dark Hole : 2:55 NeW lEaKeD pLaYaBlE aTrEuS fOoTaGe

Twenty One Chemicals Panic! : Kratos doesn’t even have to hit you right to kill instantly.😂

Icarus 7 : 1:34 when you are drunk and tryna sleep

FreelanceXD : Can we make memes out of Kratos hilariously pawing at Baldur?

StormRider42 : 3:05 Kratos: "Atreus! Atreus to me! Atreus, now! Atreus! Atreus now! Atreus!... Boi: "I'm not listening until he calls me by my real name."

Melted Cheese : Kratos: Boy! It is time to continue your training. Atreus: What am I going to learn today? Kratos: you will learn... to dance...

Dan Eyal : 0:50- "My name is Atreus Kratoson, and I'm the fastest glitch alive!"😂😂😂😂😂😂

BreXiaN 1331 : 1:27 why was shirtless kratos and dropkick removed ?

Gruby Olsen : 1:04 Kratos is a Stand user!!!

Alexander George-Kakie : Kratos: *bugging out in the air and generally making a fool of himself* "Atreus! Atreus to me!" Atreus: *sigh* "......I wish mom was here"

RichHomie Kel : Is it just me or does the background music belong to the Sims? lol

Gabriele Conoscenti : Still the best game ever

Peter Griffin : Still apparently the best game ever only cause it was made by sony

terry sajere : I can't believe my eyes, Atreus actually legit died here... 😅😅😅

Boomstick Gaming : One of the more creative ways to promote a game. I like it!

Dylan Mangezvo : Bethesda: I love it. Release it now. EA: have some dignity Bethesda. This is way too much content for a game. Cut out some of it for DLCs.

Nahuel Soria:3 : Para ubisoft esto seria el juego normal y no bloopers xF

Della Apw : 1:32 *You spin me round round baby Round round~*

James Sardina : They've been releasing a lot of this bonus stuff recently, me think mayhaps they getting ready for some DLC??

jmkratos300 : Santa Monica: lol look at these funny bugs Ubisoft: interesting...

Titanium 12MC : Bethesda be saying “it just works” and release this game like this. Ubisoft be saying “we will do better” and actually delivers a masterpiece. EA be saying “ extra DLC cost for Atreus then another cost for his bow”

Jiwi Kiwi : m o r e d r a u g r?

HANTA NITSHTAKA : Can one really be so dramatic to *descend from the heavens with an axe that can rival Thor’s mjolnir* just chop down a game tree

Ridho Ardyan : 2:26 Thor: " finee~ i'll seal this serpent again "

Eric Schuster : I had to double check that this is the official Playstation channel...

Diogenes : “Oh I see you’ve finished the game” - EA

Yeetus McDab : The Sims music makes it so much better