when lightsaber dueling goes horribly wrong(watch till end)

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G-Spot Gabe : *Babba D Flat*

Andres T : God imagine taking out your trash and seeing this😂

A G : Darth Diabetes vs Obi ‘One’ Chromosome 😂😂

Michael Amend : If was this dudes neighbor I'd be outside drinking beer and watching this....better the TV

AestheticsisLife : I would duel him just to help him stay active

Whiskii : I have to watch this at least 3 times a day.

Aidan Buttrum : The only one who can defeat Thanos

The Autumn Wind : @3:23 "I have been in many light saber duels, never have I lost one!" @4:07 * small bear statue defeats him with a leg sweep *

TWDxKILL3R : God those neighbors don’t know how good they have it..... I’m super jealous.

Chubbslsls : Better than the new Star Wars movies

Ducking Around : That force push was insane

A dying bottle of juice : When you accidently walk into the special kids classroom.

TerKis : 4:08 *gta 5 death sound effect*


Leonard Michel : He is a good voice actor.

Undead Indigo : “Autistic child vs honey boo boo during the final days of the meme wars” 2017 colorized

Adriaan Buys : I'm here for the dialog.

whenpiratesattack : Honestly, better than the Last Jedi. Hire this director instead of Rian or Kathleen.

rn mbt : Did anyone feel that 16.4 earthquake

Pawel M. : wars of nutrition

TheOrisya : 2:11 "what if i told you there is a way to gain power...." Dies instantly.. Lmao, comdeic gold

Jax : *ANGER IS NOT THE WAY OF THE JEDI!* -slips and falls-

bcxtcreeper : *I didn't know Jabba The Hutt can duel with a lightsaber.*

fukqyou asszhole : At 1:58.... did he say as a matter of fat? Hahaha

Myname Jeff : Absolute unit.

————_—— : Imagine being his neighbour and seeing this historical event unfold outside your window

SN PROXY : Did his spine break during the fight?

The Jewbaca : His star wars name would be obese one conoly

XenoSpartanV : The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural

dc_Beaker : Anyone else hear that fart right when he fell this guy's a fkn legend 😂

MarMax Gaming : At least they’re outside!

Justin Tyme : Look it’s Obese Wonton Kenobi And Luke Theighwalker Fighting.

Sean Ahern : where's my mans belly button??

MemeLord Jeff : 1 year later and i'm still cringing

XenoSpartanV : 4:20 The force ain't gonna help him with that one.


xans daednu : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

RipleyLok 14 : I dint know jabba was a jedi

timpit25 : Revenge of the shit You can actually hear iT

HopelessEmotion : This reminds me of YouTube in 2007.

Extreamkilz : I'm going to hell for laughing

Waltz Official : Me: (Takes out trash) Me: (looks over at neighbours) Me: THE HECK.

Jonathan Arevalo : 2 times speed at 4:06 I’m dead

Einstein Sorta : Top 10 anime battles

zip : i want a conclusion to the plot

Master Gamer : It gets funnier every time you watch it

Marc C. : Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm able to eat chips while watching dis shit without throwing up XD

Furious Ghost : How did Jabba the Hut become a Sidi Lord!

-{c y b e r - c r u s a d e r}- : this is better than the force awakens

Streety : 4:08 Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild