when lightsaber dueling goes horribly wrong(watch till end)

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Ducking Around : That force push was insane


KTZ THOMAS : what type of anime is this.

Annie Pearce : Obese won kenobi

KTnarnia : "I'll even use my weak hand!" *Switches back to strong hand*

Blake Anderson : Can we get Darth Tator and Oscar already?

TerKis : 4:08 *gta 5 death sound effect*

Uyumlu Patates : God damn jedi

Mystical : Since when could Jabba the Hutt wield a lightsaber?

Somregularguy : How’d you get return of the Jedi deleted scenes

TheOrisya : 2:11 "what if i told you there is a way to gain power...." Dies instantly.. Lmao, comdeic gold

Nostophod : *W a r s o f a t t r i t i o n*

maximum velocity tips and accuracy : Lol he lost his shoe when he fell. 😆 So hilarious I’ve never laughed at any video so hard in my life when he fell. That shit was so funny. His content is so bad but oddly entertaining. Long live the legend in the making.

Samurai967先生 : *We as you can see is peter griffin fighting basically human Brian*

Cheese Face : Darth Fatious

Whiskii : I have to watch this at least 3 times a day.

srpskirodeo : wars of NUTRITION

Strayble : ohhh this duel is getting *INTERESTING*

TSM Killer : I love eric cartman

Arthur Garcia : 4:16 the face when you nut and she keeps..........

Sparc Mac : LOL

Katie Cavezza : The 40 year old virgin’s.

whenpiratesattack : Honestly, better than the Last Jedi. Hire this director instead of Rian or Kathleen.

Pr0Bl0x : OMG you said ,,OOOOHHH MY ASSS '' :D:D

Oshun : *A Star Wars Story*

JS : 4:05 when I wake up

just jake : 4:07

Metao241 : GET IN MY BELLY!

Chrismcool : Do you surrender siff

viz supreme : bruh this dude look like larry the lobster

G-Spot Gabe : *Babba D Flat*

AidanFTW195 : Fell so hard Jersey City became Tubby Town

Shrub God : Why so much breathing

XenoSpartanV : 4:20 The force ain't gonna help him with that one.

Wild Wino : Jabba had legs?

sithjohn80 : *panting intensifies*

Sleepy ReaperUwU : can i join you two in saber fights xd

Joseph B : awesome video man keep it up :)

l. Rud : please bind thy ears and eyes lordrt

Javier Rodriguez : 4:07 payback speed 0.25x

Undead Indigo : “Autistic child vs honey boo boo during the final days of the meme wars” 2017 colorized

danny92 ross : He looks like a burst bouncy castle on the floor


Turtl3PlayZ : Omg this was so intense I was like oh shizz the hutts joined the dark side and must’ve been gifted bionic legs by the emperor the raw .. power of the Sith Lords attacks were so staggering even he was staggering each swing ! Just as I thought the Jedi was doomed and the hutts bionic legs failed It was so damn intense as he collapsed to the floor returning to his natural state and I realised that it was no mere sith this was Jubba the hutt himself there is no denying it But everything costume design acting choreography the stuntman and the writing was amazing that surprise twist at the end tho ! Best star wars film I’ve seen in a long time

Daniel Louis : And thus a meme was born

MarMax Gaming : At least they’re outside!

WikiWikapedia Gg : Oh how I wish this video had captions

Stitches. : He has no neck 😂 does his mom wake him up for breakfast with a fresh gallon of grease & box of donuts 🤔 dudes heart probably pumps deepfried fat gravy 🍔🍟🍕🍗💯 jedi jabba use the force for cheeseburgers pizza & sodas

Sax Is My Superpower : This is just sad

AestheticsisLife : I would duel him just to help him stay active