when lightsaber dueling goes horribly wrong(watch till end)

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Ducking Around : That force push was insane

Don Vito : *You were on Tosh.0. You made it now.*

triple M : T H I C C AF

Boba Fett420 : *Babba D Flat*

JS : 4:05 when I wake up

Whiskii : I have to watch this at least 3 times a day.

Uber Zolt : This is the true peak of humanity

Jib U : 4:06

Liljay : Who saw this video on Instagram

Troy Meile : That’s absolute gold. Thanks for sharing. Had me crying after I watched it 10 times in a row

Blake Anderson : Can we get Darth Tator and Oscar already?

zins : " I to have light saber resistant armor"

270 Weatherby : Don’t you mean WAR OF NUTRITION!!

síввч_ : top 10 brutal anime fights

DevenRocks : I imagine this is what other countries imagine every american neighborhood looks like...

TheOrisya : 2:11 "what if i told you there is a way to gain power...." Dies instantly.. Lmao, comdeic gold

DiTech : He sounds like the voice of dubbed naruto expect it has alot of heavy breathing


Daeshawn White : I love this dude😂

Zach Ascot : Is this canon?

G-Spot Gabe : *Babba D Flat*

Dysbro : 2:10 Best Part !!! :'D

Stride Fame : Jabba the Hut VS The clone who banged his head

Jeovany Rojas : He deserves a academy award 🥇 for best actor

Javen Cloud : That role play is sum serious😭😂

Undead Indigo : “Autistic child vs honey boo boo during the final days of the meme wars” 2017 colorized

crm 1997 : Bruh he lost a flip flop bahahahahahahaaaaaa

neil taylor : “Who said I’m a pandawan” 😂

That guy : Luke's future gone wrong

Nathan VAPE : I watch this video every day, what is wrong with me? LOL

Sparc Mac : LOL

Brady Amy : Those poor sandals...

XxSUPREME SaVaGExX : how old is he?

Z.E.R.T Ranger : 4:15 😂

Nick D : thicc

MagicianSniper : Look at all the milk on the ground after he fell

Glasshead Team fortress : He has a relaxing voice wtf

Tummy : i’d pay to watch this

Marvel Fan : I hope he’s okay

Dylans World : Best video on the internet

Jonathan Garcia : 4:06

unglue : 0:20 this man doesn't have a belly button

Noah Eder : sai niet so sad ok :D we love u

Hofikofi : sad live for trenkwalder Heinrich

KurDt CObain89 : 4:05 anger is not the WAY OF THE JED- *falls*

Ricky Lopez : Funny video I replay it like about six times towards the end lol

Bob Bobington : 4:05 falls harder than the twin towers

Mr. Smiley : Just saw you on Tosh. Why in the hell do you have 70k subs?

Giving L's : Big back

Power Games Studios : I didn't know Jabba the Hut was a Force user!