1337 freerunning video

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Nico The Rabbit : why aren't amputees dangerous? --------------- Because they're unarmed.

Clint Davis : Here it is, here it is... truck, to refrigerators, to dumpster, 360 onto the pallets, backflip gainer to the trash can.

Sono : I feel like im in 2006 again


Nathan Elliott : This video is the best example of 1337 I've ever seen

Chace Sockey : PARKOUR! PARKOUR!

RanDumSocksGames : Song from BFMV?

John Spivey : Young boys doing what young boys do. Try and break their bodies. =) Nice video guys.

shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle? : HARDCORE PARKOUR

Laserblue : Why so much hate with the dislikes. This video made my day it's hilarious!

Six Addams : gay

ThunderBuddy : Your missing a backpack of spray paint and a security guard chasing after you. Motivation.

SuperBearGryllz : good old rebirth of the temple

Kleasy : lit af

beezymeech : SILENT CIVILIAN!!!

Noel Modesto : Good start. With practice you'll get there. Be safe

lonegamer1717 : Can you make a Linkin park version of this video, with some dragon ball z clips in the background. And those windows movie maker transitions. Please

GroundHog Gooners : INTENSE!!!

chris k : way better than bald guy

Rich Dipre : The world didn't need to see it.

Jayboz6989 : Are you guys accepting applications to join 1337?

shabadoo1 : LIFE IS SHORT. STUNT IT.

Raysha Cordero : LMAO este me gusto mas q el otro jaja

TheVJProduction : when you aint got no athleticism, but you try anyways...

dicaevoli1 : !!!SICK!!!

JohnnyReiTV : Somebody call Matt Hoss.

Konig Von Furz : get your buddy and make another video with the same jumps in 2019

fred rubble : 1337357

AirVengeance318 : Parkour PARKOUR!

Sandeagledhorn : you changed the game forever

J P : absolute MADMAN!!

Dag : OMG! please don't, you will hurt yourself. It's to extreme and the world is not ready.

coolmeta1011 : i imagined michael scoot screaming parkour after every stunt

X. Y. : L33t h4x0r affiliation

Alekas_Attic : Needs more crapy catleep

Luis salas : What the name of this song!?!?!?!?

Skylar W : this is.... so nostalgic....

Funny Guy : Try learning what music is before you place your feet into fake fire. Nerds

Toast Busters : Lame, but the title numbers are nice

internet person : dang brah, hardcore AF

001Frozendude : Reddit brought me here.

sorasorasora0 : This needs Linkin Park - In The End music to be perfect


Garry S : Silent Civilian – Rebirth of the Temple

Fat Sausage : 3 2 1 mute

camden davis : this is my kind of content

Atetsufuji : Hey guys, it's Raul from the video

A Buckley : make more please

Joseph Ahmed : RADICAL DEWD

Sean Oneill : music?