The Eerie Mystery of Kenny Veach and M Cave

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Kenny Veach disappeared in 2014 while hiking in the Nevada mountains. He was searching for a cave he has come across sometime before, one he called the M Cave. He said he was scared of that cave, however was resolved to find it again. We'll take a look at his story, his previous footage, and what happened. That Chapter Clothing: Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: Instagram:

Comments from Youtube

Paul Delamarter : I find it strange that someone with that much experience didnt memorize land marks to find it again

Edixa SanchezPacheco : 5:15 it's a cave with a letter "M"

Tony Danis : You think you are alone, but there are LOTS of people out in the desert. They know the environment and are usually well aware of your presence while you aren't even aware of theirs. I've done lots of extreme remote hiking and it amazes me how, bang, suddenly there's someone there or evidence of human presence. I even once waked into a US Army exercise without realizing it! They were astonishingly well-concealed. I had a hundred eyes on me and didn't know it (even though I usually can sense "a presence"). They finally stopped me, were very nice, no interrogation or anything, just sent me on my way. Once I actually looked around in earnest, there were trucks , antennae and military equipment everywhere.! But from twenty yards away it was all invisible.

Mizztress Bella : This is SUCH A SAD CASE. And it's 100% legit folks... A lot of people thought this was a fake story etc. But it IS REAL, I work alongside Fed. law enforcement and this guy REALLY DID GO MISSING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ON YOUTUBE ON HIS CHANNEL AND FROM HIS GIRL FRIEND IS 100% TRUE. So, it's REALLY SAD.

Brian Powers : Incredible content man. Saw your missing germans in death valley video and was blown away. Never even heard of that case. Good shit man. Subbed.

EsotericOccultist : You left out the fact that his girlfriend said he was depressed and facing money troubles. She said he probably killed himself out there where no one would find his body.

JSIN : I am not one to point fingers, but that tortise looks shifty.

That Chapter : Thanks guys, I really appreciate you all! You da best, love ya. Also my voice is a little deeper in this video as I was a little under the weather

jim weiss : At 5:20 the camera is moving to left last cave is shaped like a M there can't be to many that fit the description that has to be it I think he just doesn't recognize it

Jordan Marshall : Do yourself a favour, watch at 1.5x speed.

Master Cylinder : if nearing the area of a cave can make you react with physical repulsion, and you later return to the site (or come close to it) : what darker effects could such an area have & could it work against your vulnerabilities (or deeper mentalities) to possibly set in motion a dreadful mirage..? your own tools and equipment can be turned against you - and if you feel repelled, near/outside, how powerful might those mysterious compulsions increase to, upon entry..?

Joseph Mordy : Maybe I'm just a dumb canadian, but buddy found a tortoise in the desert??

Hoodies&Timbs : You literally described the m shaped cave as you were filming it..get in there

Jericho Thirteen : Fear is there for a reason. He was duly warned but like most people he thought he knew it all. It's a big world and not all of it is open for tourism.

Maria Kelly : This story is haunting. For some reason it reminds me of Timothy Treadwell and John Chau. I just subscribed, I was that impressed by this.

Roxane : There are stories about caves found and lost on Mt. Shasta.

Thisbandsux : I saw that video before he went to looking for it, I remember people saying it might be an exhaust port for misleading testing saying something about vibration and heat or got arrested for going pass thru military zone

Jason Rodkey : You're doing great Mike keep it up! It always brightens my day a little when I see you've posted something new!

Madame Mayhem : If the cave is near Nellis AFB, thereโ€™s absolutely no telling what is in there.

Miss Tia : I think his disappearance might be related to the military base nearby. The M cave might also have been/be military related.

BornA HawkEye : I subscribed bud. I should have a while back tbh. I've been watching tons of your videos past month. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‹ Keep em coming! Glad the algorithm showed you. The don't like to recommend mine ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜

Cactus Jack : at 5:27 that was the M cave, he walked by it, listen to what he says as he passes it by...IMO.

April Lynn : He probably fell down a mine shaft or in a crevis and starved to death. Wow, I sound heartless but there you go. I hope they at least find out what happened and his family gets some peace of mind. Another great one Mike!

Samantha Port : I'm a simple girl. I see a new That Chapter video, I click.

Richard Twomey : I'll do you one better; why is kenny veach

Thisbandsux : Does anyone else see a mis color boulder looks like itโ€™s blocking an entrance around 3:55 if you pass it right above the tree on the right side, just looks off how it fits almost perfectly and just looks like someone move it there like a door

MaxsMovieChannel : I feel like something in the M cave got him, or perhaps MIBโ€™s lol I know it sounds crazy but I think it could have happened

Trucker88 : This dude has found his calling. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Great stories

Komrade Watches : Awesome fresh content! Keep going and your channel will fill with subscribers mate.

Alison Goeller : WE LOVE YOU MIKE!!!!! You tackle serious subjects that really need listening to and at the same time you are so pleasant and very funny.

Jesse F : Someone needs to go out there and blow all of those caves in.

Laurie Ashley : You find the best stories. They are so spooky. The best part is your narration. You have a gift.

matty Taylor : A fourth mile hike I didn't know that it was that far he was really pushing the limits there. Hey like you your cat and your channel .

Square Jack : love your channel, man. I don't know if you read comments this far back but I just ran into your videos a few days ago and it's refreshingly sober take on content that really interests me. I dig all of this stuff but all of the other channels that cover anything like this are too eager to speculate. You have a perfect balance of open-mindedness and healthy skepticism and that's why I like your content. And yes you make me laugh a little here and there; no, not AT you, either. keep it up and I'll keep watching

50PullUps : I'm gonna have a wank.

Tim Browder : He is in another world demension like all the other missing people.

john connors : very good story, all the way from ballykinlar ireland, keep them coming

jim weiss : Total binder on all UR videos damnet I don't need another addiction great job im hooked

Mal4short : Love your work, thank you for all the stories you share.

Gitte Nielsen : Thank you for uploading. If you are under the weather make sure you rest ๐Ÿ›Œ๐Ÿผand be good to yourself. Drink something warm like tea or soup and keep warm โ˜•

Where'sOllie : Hi, just wanted to say your videos are great. Hope to see you as a huge YouTuber soon. I am massively into this sort of thing and your videos are some of the best I've seen.

Praty : I had to speed up the video becz he talks so slow.

DV Outdoors : This is the best channel Iโ€™ve found in a long time! Keep up the great work!

Fishing4Happiness : Hey...I fought a bear naked with a towel and only survived because my normally docile chocolate lab miraculously slipped her collar and intervened(true story) . Could you do a story on me, or do I have to die or disappear? Great content though so I ....subbed and liked!

dahlia noir : Very intriguing. Mmm. Thanks for your true stories. Very enjoyable

acanthosaura : Kenny Veach found GM island and got BANNED!!!

James Morris : I like your channel sir! Subscribed!

Bill Blast : I'm new to your channel & have watched 3 vids so far, but I will watch many more.....just wanted to say I love your vids, there layout & your personality.....keep it up.

Derrick Bentham : I love your show. Thanks for entertaining us... and making us wonder