The Eerie Mystery of Kenny Veach and M Cave

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Mizztress BELLA : This is SUCH A SAD CASE. And it's 100% legit folks... A lot of people thought this was a fake story etc. But it IS REAL, I work alongside Fed. law enforcement and this guy REALLY DID GO MISSING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ON YOUTUBE ON HIS CHANNEL AND FROM HIS GIRL FRIEND IS 100% TRUE. So, it's REALLY SAD.

That Chapter : Thanks guys, I really appreciate you all! You da best, love ya. Also my voice is a little deeper in this video as I was a little under the weather

Samantha Port : I'm a simple girl. I see a new That Chapter video, I click.

Monica Wallis : OOOHHH.. Second time TODAY I am the 27th "like"... CREEPY... Perfect for your channel! GREAT VIDEO!! Very interesting story! Thanks for the hard work!!

Jason Rodkey : You're doing great Mike keep it up! It always brightens my day a little when I see you've posted something new!

Samantha Port : I just realized... this is the real life version of Ted the Caver. If he did go out there to commit suicide, maybe he made up this story as a setup so people would think he died under more mysterious/sinister circumstances to protect his loved ones from the stigma of suicide, which is a theory I've posited elsewhere in the comments. But now on top of that, I can't help but wonder if he knew about Ted's Caving Page since it had been around since I think 2001, and maybe he was inspired by it.

King of Being First on That Chapter Videos : That intro theme reminds of deadmeat. P.S I am first

Alison Goeller : WE LOVE YOU MIKE!!!!! You tackle serious subjects that really need listening to and at the same time you are so pleasant and very funny.

ioannisdenton : Why on earth would someone enter an m shaped cave? I am outa here

Black Cat : You're great, Mike! Thank you for the quality content. Looking forward to your next video!

Duck : Love ya Mike. Keep up the good content :)))

Sophie : 100% aliens

sarasmr 42 : Lost in the wilderness stories are my favorite. Missing 411 etc. Maybe do some who were found and how they survived? Keep up the good work :)

Katelin Palmer : Poor dude. :( Great moves, Mike! Keep it up. Proud of you. Videos keep getting better and better!

jef cla : Someone linked your video on godlikeproductions conspiracy forum. Search for "M cave" on there. Also, the mine has been searched and there was nothing down there. Pics in my channel.

Miss Tia : I think his disappearance might be related to the military base nearby. The M cave might also have been/be military related.

EsotericOccultist : You left out the fact that his girlfriend said he was depressed and facing money troubles. She said he probably killed himself out there where no one would find his body.

Deacon Wolfe : I remember when this happened. I hope he is found so his family can find peace.

Get A Life Skinny Jeans : Last time I was this early Kenny wasn't missing.

Whenblindpeopledream : Iv actually seen all his videos before tis strange I think he found a alien base and got zaaaaaaped 😳💡🐢

Lukas / Lylas Bryar : ♡♡♡

William Mays : Damn shame, seems like a really nice cool person. Spooky but probably nothing out of the ordinary, just another hiker lost out and about.

Janka Deák : my main goal in life is to be the 69th like sometime. keep up the great work champ

April Lynn : He probably fell down a mine shaft or in a crevis and starved to death. Wow, I sound heartless but there you go. I hope they at least find out what happened and his family gets some peace of mind. Another great one Mike!

Willow Drown : Went from Pleasantly Freaked Out to SERIOUSLY Freaked Out in 0,0001 seconds. Great content as always 💗

Joker Fish : Great vid, but too bad it had a sad ending with no explanation as to what happened to Kenny or the M Cave. I hope someone finds it again, but goes in with a team this time. Perhaps M cave was vibrating due to instability, which would explain why he went missing and why no one can find the M cave. Then again it could be something else, something paranormal or some kind of scientific oddity. Hard to say. The only thing that makes me think it is something more than a simple cave in is the fact that his cell phone was found at a random location.

Richard Twomey : I'll do you one better; why is kenny veach

MaxsMovieChannel : I feel like something in the M cave got him, or perhaps MIB’s lol I know it sounds crazy but I think it could have happened

lineny man : This stuff so spooky gona watch it before I go to the movies

Lina Tallis : Have you messed with the speed of your audio narration? Iz sounds really messrd up :( Quite distracting from the actual video.

ioannisdenton : Damn another video in a week!? And right in time i got to bed.

Ann Mitchell : Sorry to digress,but where is you're accent from? Sounds mix of Irish/Canadian ?

Sami Dark : You wonder why he went alone, y'know? Especially if he was so scared of it, why would he go out alone on such a long voyage? The whole thing is so bizarre choice-wise, and its no wonder he went missing. A plan like that is just suicidal.

Jason Collins : In his video did Kenny Veach say, that the M cave was in the boundary lines of Area 51?

Asobi : One thing that kinda stands out is that there is like one news article about it saying "Updates about this at a later date" and nothing else. No message about whether or not something else was found. When it was officially canceled, etc... Also they found his phone, you´d think there would be something on there. Also i think anyone that does stuff like that on a daily basis knows that multiple day hikes aren´t done alone. This sounds really sketchy. Good video though :p

misha janette : I can’t help but think of the Junji Ito story, where people are compelled to enter a mysterious cave in the side of a mountain. They climb deeper and deeper until the cave starts to shrink, and with it, morph their bodies. they completely transform into stretched out monsters through torture but can’t stop going deeper. Creepy

David Romero : A very sad story, I grew up in the desert and I can tell you even the most experienced of hikers/outdoorsmen can end up succumbing to the elements or be bittin by a rattlesnake. It sounds like he was doing this in fall or winter though so the elements seems a bit less likely. I hope one day his family and loved ones get some closure!