The Eerie Mystery of Kenny Veach and M Cave

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Mizztress Bella : This is SUCH A SAD CASE. And it's 100% legit folks... A lot of people thought this was a fake story etc. But it IS REAL, I work alongside Fed. law enforcement and this guy REALLY DID GO MISSING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ON YOUTUBE ON HIS CHANNEL AND FROM HIS GIRL FRIEND IS 100% TRUE. So, it's REALLY SAD.

That Chapter : Thanks guys, I really appreciate you all! You da best, love ya. Also my voice is a little deeper in this video as I was a little under the weather

EsotericOccultist : You left out the fact that his girlfriend said he was depressed and facing money troubles. She said he probably killed himself out there where no one would find his body.

Samantha Port : I just realized... this is the real life version of Ted the Caver. If he did go out there to commit suicide, maybe he made up this story as a setup so people would think he died under more mysterious/sinister circumstances to protect his loved ones from the stigma of suicide, which is a theory I've posited elsewhere in the comments. But now on top of that, I can't help but wonder if he knew about Ted's Caving Page since it had been around since I think 2001, and maybe he was inspired by it.

Samantha Port : I'm a simple girl. I see a new That Chapter video, I click.

Jason Rodkey : You're doing great Mike keep it up! It always brightens my day a little when I see you've posted something new!

Master Cylinder : if nearing the area of a cave can make you react with physical repulsion, and you later return to the site (or come close to it) : what darker effects could such an area have & could it work against your vulnerabilities (or deeper mentalities) to possibly set in motion a dreadful mirage..? your own tools and equipment can be turned against you - and if you feel repelled, near/outside, how powerful might those mysterious compulsions increase to, upon entry..?

Alison Goeller : WE LOVE YOU MIKE!!!!! You tackle serious subjects that really need listening to and at the same time you are so pleasant and very funny.

Richard Twomey : I'll do you one better; why is kenny veach

ioannisdenton : Why on earth would someone enter an m shaped cave? I am outa here

?explain?a blind mans dream : Iv actually seen all his videos before tis strange I think he found a alien base and got zaaaaaaped 😳💡🐢

jef cla : Someone linked your video on godlikeproductions conspiracy forum. Search for "M cave" on there. Also, the mine has been searched and there was nothing down there. Pics in my channel.

Miss Tia : I think his disappearance might be related to the military base nearby. The M cave might also have been/be military related.

MaxsMovieChannel : I feel like something in the M cave got him, or perhaps MIB’s lol I know it sounds crazy but I think it could have happened

Sophie : 100% aliens

King of Being First on That Chapter Videos : That intro theme reminds of deadmeat. P.S I am first

JoeyG : I remember when this happened. I hope he is found so his family can find peace.

Jt Williams : The floating head! Maybe wear a light colored shirt so your shoulders dont disappear in the absurdly black background. Good video btw.

Black Cat : You're great, Mike! Thank you for the quality content. Looking forward to your next video!

John C : Great vid, but too bad it had a sad ending with no explanation as to what happened to Kenny or the M Cave. I hope someone finds it again, but goes in with a team this time. Perhaps M cave was vibrating due to instability, which would explain why he went missing and why no one can find the M cave. Then again it could be something else, something paranormal or some kind of scientific oddity. Hard to say. The only thing that makes me think it is something more than a simple cave in is the fact that his cell phone was found at a random location.

April Lynn : He probably fell down a mine shaft or in a crevis and starved to death. Wow, I sound heartless but there you go. I hope they at least find out what happened and his family gets some peace of mind. Another great one Mike!

xTriangle : RIP kenny... On a lighter note - every cave that I encounter I try to take a dump in. I'm pretty good at it too

Taylor Colby : Subbed! Poor Kenny!! You remind me of Mike Mizanin!

Willow Drown : Went from Pleasantly Freaked Out to SERIOUSLY Freaked Out in 0,0001 seconds. Great content as always 💗

Shamdy Crook : Hoping we can look into the absolutely bizarre case of Kortne Stouffer who had cops show up twice, and between 3:30am and 6:30am she vanished. POOF. She was a spitfire 21yr old that would’ve never went anywhere quietly. Her parents are shattered. So sad. Great channel! Keep it up!!!

William Mays : Damn shame, seems like a really nice cool person. Spooky but probably nothing out of the ordinary, just another hiker lost out and about.

Frozen Death King : Last time I was this early Kenny wasn't missing.

Shelley DeWitt : Just found your channel now and subscribed. What a sad, haunting story.

sarasmr 42 : Lost in the wilderness stories are my favorite. Missing 411 etc. Maybe do some who were found and how they survived? Keep up the good work :)

Janka Deák : my main goal in life is to be the 69th like sometime. keep up the great work champ

Lukas _ : ♡♡♡

Duck : Love ya Mike. Keep up the good content :)))

Katelin Palmer : Poor dude. :( Great moves, Mike! Keep it up. Proud of you. Videos keep getting better and better!

Monica ky mama : OOOHHH.. Second time TODAY I am the 27th "like"... CREEPY... Perfect for your channel! GREAT VIDEO!! Very interesting story! Thanks for the hard work!!

myparentsare disappointedinme : He died. That's what happened. Saved you 10 minutes.

R T/X : Well Mi Amigo, I'm an Apache in who used to live in Nevada, there are many caves with a large serpent population. Hiking alone is not a wise thing to do especially if you're entering caves, Rattle Snakes like the caves and where I lived a decent number of people mainly teenagers had a habit of being bitten. Fortunately most were with friends who got them to the Hospital but there were some over zealous types that would hike and explore caves on their own and died from falls, snake bite and multiple snake bites most were found but a few were never seen again. Mr. Veach's comment that he made a habit of "Playing" with Rattlers was less that a smart thing to do and could be fatal if he took a bite from a large rattler that injected him with a massive dose of venom. He would've became disorientated and easily fell down one of many holes such cave have to his death or worse fell into a Rattle Snake Den which would've lead to terrible death. We Apaches like all American Indian Tribes have only the Greatest Respect for Mother Earth and All Her Creations and may have been something Ken Veach may have lacked. I can't say for sure I didn't know the man but it's something that may have well lead to his demise. Great Presentation, I enjoyed it very much!

Jayboi Fxd : I think he found something More what he was looking for in the Cave ..... rio Kenny

Christopher Miller : This guy doesn't seem suicidal at all. Many people experience deep depression or even speak of suicide especially when brought to their attention by someone else, but that doesn't necessarily mean someone is suicidal. Not someone who was so passionate, smart, and explorative. An accident is also very unlikely because he is considered a professional hiker and he said himself that he never drank or ate more than he felt he needed and had incredible endurance compared to most people. Which means he would last much longer than most people in the environment. He said himself that it was a good idea. Based off this entire video I personally have to rule out suicide and do believe the possibility of a desert mystery. Either that or whatever but saw in that cave attacked and killed him. The sad part is he asked if anyone was willing to join him and nobody did. I wish I could've been there with Kenny.

Falah Alshaikh : I thing he keept looking till he reach area 51. Shot dead turn to ashis end of story

Terri Dukes : What the heck?? he talks n this video hes only to do one say three???

Kuya Johnny : What’s the first rule of M CAVE? Don’t talk about M CAVE

ReligiousZombie : Why on earth do you need to pull a gun out when entering a cave? Leave the gun at home and take extra flashlights and extra batteries. Maybe the fool found a deep cave--perhaps the "M" cave, perhaps another--and entered it, then his light died and he didn't have any backup. Helplessly lost in the dark, he couldn't find his way out and succumbed to starvation.

Matthew Haggardusmc : This poor guy had enough of life, created a spooky story about a particular cave to create a legend for when he did "go missing". This was a creative suicide and a way to live on forever. His body will likely never be found but if it does come up I'm willing to bet it'll be found with a bullet hole in his skull. Everyone is falling for it and that makes him a legend.

Jose Arreola : Music @0:14 ?

anthony tunstall : Hes in that M cave,read my comment on his video,he evrn hints to the location on there,people are missing it because they cant read body language,the M cave is his 'tomb' Kenny V

wizardofoz : doesn't seem all to suicidal. probably got snatched by reptilian aliens because he was "digging" to much and was probably close to exposing a underground alien weapon experimentation in collusion with the US government.

Jordan Marshall : Do yourself a favour, watch at 1.5x speed.

Mr.Skettles : Well he could of have ya cnow wanted to dissapear it is not 100% acurate but read the long ass girlfriends message he was in a financal problem and quited his yob

Rody Rodriguez : Any one, experienced or not can die in the desert or hiking alone anywhere; it is not the first time it happens; one day maybe someone may find his remains and realize the area was close to areas people were looking for him before. It is almost impossible to cover every square inch of those 40 miles he said he was planning to do. The one think makes me think he may have die out of his own overconfidence is he says in his videos he does not takes much water or food or navigation, trying to push himself out which is the craziest thing I have ever heard from someone who claims to be so experience; the whole deal with Kenny gave me the impression that although he seemed a really cool guy, there was something odd about him as well, like he strolled through the desert without a care in the world and a confidence that is not advised by any hiker anywhere else. Maybe this would be a clue as to why he disappeared? All it takes is to fall and break a leg in a deep canyon? Or he was a victim of someone who killed him, bury him out there and left his cell phone to be found by that mine, throwing out the investigators? all speculations, until found, we will never really know!

Justet Lovell : it is true i had a dream the vibrations and the cave i know are real i had a dream i believe this is true