Ghostwriter: Ghost Story Episode 1
Ghost writer from my childhood with Samuel L Jackson of course

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eleventhirtytwo : Sam L Jackson? I don't remember him being in Ghostwriter! WOW!

NiCole Sky : PBS was the ish back in the day! Just about every program had kids from different races on one show and it was education overload but in a cool way. Totally miss this show and other PBS shows from the 80's & early 90's like Reading Rainbow and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago! Thank God for Youtube but *I WANT MY FREAKING CHILDHOOD BACK* 😭

Ms Smith : love this show . I'm 33 now and this show never gets old . I can watch this all-day

Dalia Burgoin : I watched every one of these episodes and had no idea samuel l jackson was in it haha

Black Bull : This show came out when I was 6, still remember basically every episode. Ghostwriter, Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Reading Rainbow were all must watches back in the day. Today's kids are suffering big time.

IT'S TROY : The kids need more shows like this nowadays. Black kids hanging out with white kids, Spanish without subtitles, White girl rapping, Ghosts!

Robdeltonie : Call me crazy, but... Am I the only one who wishes that Ghostwriter could start airing again on HBO as a part of their deal with Sesame Workshop? I mean, I know it's not going to be on there now, but if I get enough positive response in favor of this (liking, replying, etc.), I would be open to starting a petition to make this happen!!

SmurfVlogs™ : Watched this in the 4th grade. Man oh man did I love this show.

Buffy8Fan : This and Wishbone were my PBS shows.

T. C. : Yup, it was all about this, and Where in the World is Carmen San diego? .... damn nostalgia is running in overdrive

Ronald Li : we need a then and now of ghost writer cast

Jenn Cavallari : "Try jumpin up and down on that m*thaf*cka!"

Michelle Obie : I use to watch this when I was nine and I am 34 years old. Memory lane right here.

Jimmy Othello : Wow Samuel L. Jackson on a TV show.

Pringlesman : I remember really wanting those cool pens they had in this show.

Kamon Shirow : This was the hour on Sunday evenings when you couldn't pull me away from the tv. Original Gaby will always be my favorite.

Ashley P : I grew up on these shows. Also Zoom, shows on nick- Clarissa explains it all, secret world of Alex Mac, Are you Afraid of the Dark.

Brittney Davis : Memories from my childhood. You have to be an 80s baby to get it. Iconic show. Interracial cast. Spanish family having full Spanish conversations. Fort green Brooklyn BEFORE gentrification. 😍

DukeDarkshadow : "Don't you know what corn flakes are?" Jamal is clearly a master at asking the really important questions.

Fleezy81 : Samuel L Jackson didn't say "motherf*cker"......IM SHOCKED!!

Jeremy Rodgers : Jamal, you can't just go on the internet saying "ready for a dynamite dude" and not expect someone to reply with "where are the children?"

nomibe2911 : Wtf not only is Samuel Jackson in like every movie known to man but he's also in your favorite kid shows lol. This man is a hard worker.

Mark Abrian : holy crap, why did i never think to look for episodes on youtube? I remember having to go to the public libarary and hope they have these on VHS! of course, that was years ago in my early teens

james doodle : I used to have put a pen on an necklace because of this show

SmurfVlogs™ : Also this episode creeped me out a little as a kid lol.

Matt101Vgettio : The hell Samuel L jackson was in Ghost writer ?!!!!

Carlos Paradox : Hey it's Samuel L. Jackson!! In first 2 minutes.

Telly's Muse : Yes this was my show

Jim Smirh : I've looked everywhere for Sheldon Turnipseed on the internet. Nothing! He has no web footprint. Ghostwriter, help!

Emily Clark : This was on PBS right? I remember watching PBS kids all the time.

Steve Bosell : This was my brothers and mines SHIT back in the day. So much nostalgia

Chris James : One of my absolute favorite shows when I was a kid. Last time I saw it was when it was on Noggin when I was like eleven or twelve. Can't wait to watch it all the way through! :D

sweetlipss84 : we need the whole ghostwriter episode back on OPB were more educated and eager to listen.. our world today is rachetness and evil shows

martin staton : inspired me to always read and be active...god bless this show.....truly a fan....still till this day......thank you guys for a beautiful childhood

Heida Feiler : Can anyone write an essay for me?

Lucky Pierce : Lenny's Dad's special sauce had weed in it.

vegitausa : Shows like this are the closest thing to a time machine because i instantly got taken back. I was so ready for this show when Sunday came.

Natalie F. : Didn't relaize that Samuel L. Jackson plays Jamaal's Dad... too funny.

Mike The : i like to think ghost writer is actually navi from ocarina of time before she became annoying af

King Adams : WOW The Man Samuel L.Jackson

Colquitt Brett : The masks on those dudes used to freak me out! Having serious flashbacks to childhood trauma right now, y'all.

Gudda Riley : Seeing Sam Jackson in this is crazy after all these yrs

legail1 : I hated when Lenni was Rapping ...I just hated.  It made me crazy!!! Funny at the same time... I like her really but the rapping the could have kept.

Katie Bossio : I've been trying to find this show my whole life finally!!!

Inf Know : Loved this show growing up. But thinking about it now, those little dorks cosplaying as video game characters in a New York park after dark would've been mugged.

TheSpecialTimes : At the time, growing up in NYC, my friends and I would make fun of this so often. Because it was, of course, lighthearted and hopeful, This was not the case in the early 90's NYC public school system. It was much darker and much more dangerous. But that didn't stop me from going home pretty much everyday and watching the show until the last season back then. No amount of jokes could change that this show was how I wanted my city to be. <3 "It's time for a change"

Dane Youssef : I have to admit... I did love that creepy tone that plays throughout the pilot...  Maybe Ghostwriter... is Jamal's great-Grandfather?

Brian Baer : Best Black kid name. Sheldon Turnipseed lol

Baz828 : OMG remember watching this in school