ping pong carnival (卓球芸人ぴんぽんまとめ English Ver.)

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Gaara Tohoshinki : Perfect ending


It's Thinzy : This is satisfyingly good

動画無しで登録者10万人チャレンジ : めっちゃ海外で伸びてて草

t helex : 2:55 neymar

Lota - : alright we can delete youtube now. this is the winner. its over

Ppatta Launchpad : 2:15 sa!! Gya!!! Sa!!!! Wik wiwik wik wiwik wik wiwiwiwik!!

LitChu : 2:47 he gratuated

ॐ G.T.P.A - Goa Trance Preservation Association ॐ : asia is a magnificent country!

Frame Flash : 1:00 ist that ping pong hentai?

Mango Clown : Good ending.

Afam Efuna : I gotta stop .. this procrastination shit is going to far

Jp Reyes : This video feels like it's 20 minutes long

amoto ghy : 3:12 works everytime

Chaga :3 : А русский тут есть?)

Adam gibi İnsan : How to be rich: 1) Buy a ping pong table and ball 2) Be an Asian.

MADOYA : Its so funny. Arigatou 😂

PUBG DE : Enough porn for today

TyphoonZebra : Oh, the Japanese

Gonzo : Dude Perfect without screeching dads.

Evil Morty : Bruce Li is alive.

Chanty 'LLi : 2:00 XD

RayUnknown : Why those he look like a anime character?

Krabs The Derpy Pirate : 0:59 someone edit that and make im say pingas instead

Justice Warrior : FUCKING ASIANS

Kung Fury : Ох уж эти азиаты

Энимо : Ухты как они это делают 😂😂 Профи

Dave Rucci : Son how many times do I have to tell you, GO EASY ON THE WOMEN! (Let them win you silly goose!)

AsddarAYP :

family Z : there is easy ping pong, hard ping pong, pro ping pong then there is Asian.... moreover, there are Chinese

TheOneRedlight : He reminds me of Peco from Ping Pong (2002)

Plus ultra!!隣町の山下くん : 2000万再生おめ〜🎉🎉🎉

missbrg : Ping-pong hitting *correction*

lokixer : Cómo he acabado aquí

Liquoricilicious : This is a good video because the video is cut frequently without unnecessary pauses ... also, fine ping pong skilzz

Stargazer74 : すごいい

Max Tel : 2:07 this is me

Hayden Dizon : i just realized this video is my 5000th likes video on yt

Iura Nicu : Who need i weapon when you have a ping pong raket

hicham piggy : Crazy funny Japanese 😂

Tell Me More About it : Great video. Nicely ended as well.

Murayama yoshiki : 3:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Niels Cremer : Welcome to dude perfect

DAVI O GRANDE : cade os br

d tczyk : Awe at that last one. That was fucking adorable

Gravypot Media : Ha ha funny but awesome

alego Stormy : Cmon trick shooters

Invocator : Smooth ending.

Juan Pelonchas : 2:14