ping pong carnival (卓球芸人ぴんぽんまとめ English Ver.)

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Gaara Tohoshinki : Perfect ending

Stephen Chapman : 1:06 Harimoto on his first date, lol.

Daniel Westra : I don’t know what I got recommended this but thank you

Ppatta 곽빠따 : 2:15 sa!! Gya!!! Sa!!!! Wik wiwik wik wiwik wik wiwiwiwik!!

The Rock : This is just the asian version of Dude Perfect

Lota - : alright we can delete youtube now. this is the winner. its over

ArmInYan : 1:09 Show her who is the BOSS 😎

حنا قحطان اسم٥٠٥ : يهب جعل يدك الكسر قولو امين

GottaJDM : Wea buena conchetumarr chinos culiaos chistosos jajaja

Brady Nanooch : S1:26 lmfao

Psychedelic Superbeast : asia is a magnificent country!

Random Person : Wait at 0:01 why does it say “Ping Pong Boring”?

Damiko _mdd : Ahahahaha so funny 😂😂😂👌

山下ロンダート : 2000万再生おめ〜🎉🎉🎉

こうせい&はると実況チャンネル : 日本人いる?👍

It's Thinzy : This is satisfyingly good

Chaga :3 : А русский тут есть?)

ギル ギル : 2:16

Yatoramuドット絵 : 出たな!たまに謎のオススメに出てくる動画!!

TheOneRedlight : He reminds me of Peco from Ping Pong (2002)

Mango Clown : Good ending.

Dave Rucci : Son how many times do I have to tell you, GO EASY ON THE WOMEN! (Let them win you silly goose!)

Bilal Dahia : Que verga acabo de ver

Niels Cremer : Welcome to dude perfect

kyary pamyu pamyu : This end 😂

chloraxbitch : Life of a ping pong player*

Hayden Dizon : i just realized this video is my 5000th likes video on yt

Ye Chen : however,if they meet chinese..........

Juan Luna Lama : This is the guy that checks if you have the Japanese nationality...

Winistan : 0:25 ...... how ?!?!?!?!

alos912 gaming : i did the same with iphone

iSmaasH z : Pastel de Flango

Juan Pelonchas : 2:14

lokixer : Cómo he acabado aquí

Adam gibi İnsan : How to be rich: 1) Buy a ping pong table and ball 2) Be an Asian.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic : RIP ears

Oliver Bruckmaier : eat your hearts out dude perfect

アクセスkey : 2:08

trejomusic : Dude perfect bro


魚です : 2:15

Oscailly : Its like dude perfekt without the over hype

Antto Määttänen : SO FUNNY!😂

missbrg : Ping-pong hitting *correction*

hicham piggy : Crazy funny Japanese 😂

John Ear : There is always an asian better than you 😂

Isaac Elston : So damn good

Ricky T : Dude Perfect!😂

Aero - : it's cause he's Asian

Evil Morty : Bruce Li is alive.