Weird Al Reveals Artist Who Rejected His Parody Request | TODAY

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Thomas Anderson : Holy crap, he seems like such a nice guy.

unnamed715 : I swear to god, those two women are the quintessential embodiment of L.A.

Clumsy Sandbocks : Weird Al is considerably less weird than the synchronised hosts.

Franco Sabatini : The person that rejected it is Prince. There I saved you about 4 minutes of your life.

Docktor Jim : Update: Prince did not develop a sense of humor.

necrosplangy : Weird al was so nice to those two special needs girls.

Timothy Lamb : Getting your song parodied by Weird Al Yankovic is the best form of appreciation

Eddie Browne : jesus they seem like the two most fake women on the planet.

Joe Smith : There was no obligation for him to ask permission in the first place. So respecting the wishes of others is just being a decent guy.

Weird Video Games : Those two women grate on me like the entire time.

Adam Spencer : What is it with music artist born in 1958 and not aging

Jeffrey Smith : I chopped the carrots... but I did not cut the celery...                         -Bob Marley

Monica's Mouth : Ok is it me? but weird Al is better looking as hes gotten older....

BL1400 : I think lengthy prison sentences should be replaced with spending 90 seconds of having to listen to these two

brunocore2 : I guess Prince can't say no anymore, just sayin' ^_^

sean cole : "I Would Eat Anything For Lunch, (But I Won't Eat That)!" - He should soo do that.

M B : Morning talk shows. *Cringe*.

The Internets : These two are unbearable.

Dean Morrow : Paul McCartney rejected his proposed spoof of "Live And Let Die" called "Chicken Pot Pie" only because it mentions eating meat and McCartney is a vegan, otherwise McCartney doesn't mind being parodied.

Baar Bear : The interesting thing is that Wierd Al's outlasted many of the artists he's parodied.;-D

Joshua Larsen-Bradford : im sure Prince would be fine with it now

Lead Foot : This video's upload date: April 21, 2015 Prince's Death: April 21, 2016 ILLUMINATI COFNIRMED.

Billy Batson : "Anyone we know?" You old, boring jackasses. Maybe if he worked with the Kardashians, huh? These women are horrible.

Chase Kemp : Every "nice" or "cute" little joke out of these women's mouth was just a little knife jab at Al. Thankfully his IQ is way higher then these two put together and he just smiles and works past it.

Al RedAye : All those hens do is cut him down. He's a really well spoken guy.

Aaron B : these are 2 of the most rude disrespectful disgusting women on tv, how do they still have a morning show. the way they routinely treat guest that arn't withing their vapid, ignorant, circle of interest is horrible.

Top Level Jiu-Jitsu : These hosrs are so rude... "anyone we would know?" If you didn't cut him off you would hear him say Seth Green.

nick willard : this is the first time i've ever heard him just talk. It's just occurred to me. His talking voice is deeper than I had imagined.

אדיר ברק : the show is really bad and the hosts are pretty bad weird al is amazing as usual..

elvancor : It was Prince.

iTz Reliccc : Woman that works for Today doesn't know who Patton Oswalt is? You're so fired

Paul Dennett : Oh wow....I thought TV show hosts in the UK could be bad. These two were horrible to listen grating, so obviously fake, so vapid. Weird Al not just beating them unconscious to silence the voices must have taken unbelievable restraint, kudos to him. I had to skip them to get to Al talking, they were unbearable. How do people watch that? You'd need to have a white noise machine where your brain should be.

djneo92nl : 2:40 For the answer

Reptile Nexus : I met him on his tour and thanked him for being him. He just laughed and said "I don't really have a choice in that."

Blackout : Let the man talk. Christ.

jackster1212 : Oh my god why is Kathie Lee still on TV... and who the hell is Hoda?

Brent Eyre : Weird Al,, you need to do the Super Bowl half time show!!

Lyles 🐢 : Who's the man in the orange dress?

deathstr1ker6666 : Gawd, do people watch this show regularly? I could only stand it because of Mr. Yankovic

beverlydingus : 0:07 they couldn't decide on "yankovic" or "yankovich" before starting?

Lee Joel Beasley : the supeme court ruled that an artis do not need premisson to parody another muscian work. Al Yanovic always get permission if they say no he will not do it

Samantha Port : Did they just say "Yankovitch"? How. DARE. *YOU.*

WASD NC : How do they not know patton oswalt or kristen schaal?

I'm unsubscribing. : Host 1: "WEIRD AL YANKOVIK!" Host 2: "WEIRD AL YANKOVITCH!"

Greg McAllister : this is the wrong platform for al. most of this goes over the interviewers head

GuitarMD Pittsburgh : Are you freakin' kiddin' me? Hey, you know you've made it when Weird Al does your parody!

RhythmGrizz : I hate these hosts

blackrooster_ : "Anybody we'd know?" The first name on his list was Patton Oswalt, who was on the Today Show only three months before this segment. Good job staying up with current times. Not important for your jobs at all.

Sundance Spearfish : with that facial hair he looks related to russell brand

RonJohn63 : What's with the idiotic "lets say things in tandem like teenagers" schtick?