Weird Al Reveals Artist Who Rejected His Parody Request | TODAY

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Thomas Anderson : Holy crap, he seems like such a nice guy.

TeatherFilmLtd Productions : Do people watch this show?

unnamed715 : I swear to god, those two women are the quintessential embodiment of L.A.

Calooseeus : When he mentioned Prince said no I had to check the date on this video.

Weird Video Games : Those two women grate on me like the entire time.

jedipoodoo : Absolutely love Weird Al, completely loathe those two.

HiveQu33n : 2:49 here's what you came for

DogOfHades : "Anybody we know?" 1:10 She just insulted his friends, what a c....

RayFlyer : Wow, this video was uploaded exactly one year to the day before Prince died. I guess Prince never developed a sense of humor, but the universe did.

Franco Sabatini : The person that rejected it is Prince. There I saved you about 4 minutes of your life.

JuanCena meme lord like me? : maybe prince has changed his mind by now...

RonJohn63 : What's with the idiotic "lets say things in tandem like teenagers" schtick?

M B : Morning talk shows. *Cringe*.

Lead Foot : This video's upload date: April 21, 2015 Prince's Death: April 21, 2016 ILLUMINATI COFNIRMED.

elvancor : It was Prince.

Joshua Larsen-Bradford : im sure Prince would be fine with it now

Al RedAye : All those hens do is cut him down. He's a really well spoken guy.

The Internets : These two are unbearable.

necrosplangy : Weird al was so nice to those two special needs girls.

Sean Davies : Well at least you don't have to ask Prince for permission anymore

Adam Spencer : What is it with music artist born in 1958 and not aging

Baar Bear : The interesting thing is that Wierd Al's outlasted many of the artists he's parodied.;-D

Serjekk : She doesn't know who Patton Oswalt is?

Dean Morrow : Paul McCartney rejected his proposed spoof of "Live And Let Die" called "Chicken Pot Pie" only because it mentions eating meat and McCartney is a vegan, otherwise McCartney doesn't mind being parodied.

djneo92nl : 2:40 For the answer

Aaron B : these are 2 of the most rude disrespectful disgusting women on tv, how do they still have a morning show. the way they routinely treat guest that arn't withing their vapid, ignorant, circle of interest is horrible.

deathstr1ker6666 : Gawd, do people watch this show regularly? I could only stand it because of Mr. Yankovic

DynVec : the fake laughs made this interview not so good.

Timothy Lamb : Getting your song parodied by Weird Al Yankovic is the best form of appreciation

spankymcflych : I think the reason weird al doesn't offend anyone is because he loves the things he's parodying and joking about. He loves his subject matter and it shows in everything he does.

DeathWhitch : THE artist who rejected his request. Singular. The way the title is worded makes it appear as if it's plural. This click bait tactic is a word crime that would make your guest cringe.

Joe Anderson : "Anyone we know?".. Uggh, that bugged me for some reason. I know its a joke, but she just comes off cunty. Go back to getting drunk on your lame morning show

Eddie Browne : jesus they seem like the two most fake women on the planet.

airforcemax : ¡ the title of this video is MisLeaDing !

nick willard : this is the first time i've ever heard him just talk. It's just occurred to me. His talking voice is deeper than I had imagined.

אדיר ברק : the show is really bad and the hosts are pretty bad weird al is amazing as usual..

Ellitopia Gaming : Does anyone else think if Weird Al cut his hair, no one would know who he was?

Clumsy Sandbocks : Weird Al is considerably less weird than the synchronised hosts.

Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz : Ever since I was a kid I had a huge crush on him lol

Funk You : Poor Hoda, she used to try to be a serious journalist. Now she's Kathy Lee's sidekick. How sad.

rockerseven : The only thing bad about this video is the hosts...they just completely ruin the interview with how over the top fake they are.

wutzerface77 : yo they're milfs

BL1400 : I think lengthy prison sentences should be replaced with spending 90 seconds of having to listen to these two

Kat : 2:58 [Talking about Prince] _...maybe he's acquired a sense of humor by now, I don't know..._ [grins] I see what you did there! >;D

sean cole : "I Would Eat Anything For Lunch, (But I Won't Eat That)!" - He should soo do that.

mgproductions2007 : what a garbage interview, they literally did zero research.

Patrick Tuohy : Can people learn to say his name right, it is not Yankovich it is Yankovic

Trey Trey The Baseball Guy : lol prince is dead lol

Michael Steven Martin : Pause at 0:02.

RhythmGrizz : I hate these hosts