Mari - Matter (Official Music Video)

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Daniel Schwartz : 2:02 when you're sauced at the function and all the seats are taken

Will Edmond : Visuals on point and track is dope bro! Keep going. You got it.

ballastreet13 : This some of that real shit. Drake aint got nothing on this, Chance would dap this, Biggie would love to see this

Randall Otis : This is slick as hell

Heat Check with Chelsi and Manny : This is so dope

Andrew Walker : Mari, i wish you were on spotify :(

CELOSIA : kill it Mari!!!

1MysticStar : Yes cousin!! LOVE IT!!! Your creativity and visuals are unmatched!! Definitely doing your thing, so proud of you!!! Far from the poot butt you were as a kid😜😜 Love you!!

Mark Holtze : Mari! Nice work dude this is fantastic. It's not easy to do, tedious and time consuming. You guys did a great job with this, dope song as well mate. Some talent here, subbed.

Silent Filmzz00 : very creative and patience within those skills

High Cliff Records : Dude, thought you were famous, keep at it man, love the vibe

Adriana Amelia Gaughan : So many vibes! Totally diggin this.

Citizen Mike : damn this is really amazing, the combination.... Perfect

Justin Harmond : lovin the animation!

Mitzi : This is really cool

StopBeingRacist : Dope, love this!

Sim Lew : Nice. Looks like there was a lot of annoying rotoscoping...

Maxwell Huey : Mari world 🌍 #HueMediaCrew

HolyCheezeNipz : Found him because he liked my scrub photos on IG. Lol I'm surprised, this is great.

Morgan Zealear : Two years been following Don’t sleep in intellectuals.

Sunni Monei : Ok brother I see I think it's amazing keep it up love ya.....♥♥♥

Dwai : dwai guy approves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Morgan Zealear : #LitnessTest

Ahmad Mesto Films : sick

ƧÜ : türk mü lan