Watch Aly Raisman confront Larry Nassar in court

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Sarai M. : Well said. You go girl!

DayTripper : This is basically a roast session

Chloe D : my edges weren’t ready for this one

Amber Marie : Wow!! This was so powerful it brought tears to my eyes!!!

Anthony Alcorn : Bless you ally raisman

Susan A : I've never seen such a classy drag. she dragged him through the dirt & back

Tyler Johnson : "And you are weird"

megan leary : So brave. She is paving roads for all women. All survivors

kopytek36 : Powerful.

N B : Why did they cut out the fact she mentioned MSU? Michigan State University is being investigated for knowing about Nassar and not doing anything. Some of the first allegations were made as far back as 1997. The state of Michigan announced an investigation of MSU today. Heads will hopefully roll and some might be charged and get jail time. Many people complained about the abuses for years.

Mahek 1 : yes.

Niklas Enblom : AWESOME!! God bless her and the rest of the survivors of this monster!! We, good Americans, are all so proud of you!!

Fila Nike : Why are female athletes assigned male doctors knowing such cases might occur? This should change

Cameron Jones : He makes all men look like predators but we all aren’t like this. At a young age my dad told me to always respect and protect women and as I get older I will keep that close to heart❤️ but tbh He should of been put to death but now that I think of it, putting him to death only gets him out of it. Let him rot

Bree Evans : Who ever gave this a thumbs down must be a predator themselves. Seriously how could anyone give this a thumbs down

jd37 : Damn this girl just went around roasting everyone not just that Nassar guy!! The way she talks is so powerful, not even sad just pure anger!

Olivia Halsey : GIRL POWER

Body U : It blanked out @ "MICHIGAN STATE UNIERSITY"

bby girl : Every woman should be more like her.

Jane Rogers : She is so powerful and 💪

philip andrews : She snatched everyone's edges and Larry is bald

Larvitar Dratini : They should offer parole to whoever rapes him in prison

Cetus : I hope she becomes a lawyer or humanitarian. I can see her as the future president or politician.

Joey Kieffer : Mic. Drop..

LiveLikeSims : Seriously, wth is with these men? Can you not find women that want you instead of forcing yourself on people who don't want you?

Gage Maverik : Wow so articulate and so powerful at the same time. She covered every element beautifully.

tomzicare : It's horrible to think he only gets jail time and even though this speech was amazing and what she said, he can think to himself "i still fucked you" and completely nullifies everything she said.

youbrenyou : Why does cnn have ad revenues on videos like these?

K. Myles : Standing ovation to Aly! I have SO much respect for this amazing young lady!

RFN FREITAS : Larry Nassar is innocent !!

Nacho Man Randy Sandwich : love how she uses his name so often, no respect, just talkin to him directly, fearlessly, dude deserves to rot

Aditi Varma : WTF Did the parents think? “Oh, my child learned for years to speak up when being touched inappropriately, and my daughter says that’s happening. Ummm, let me think; oh, she’s lying.” Like, what a horrible parent!

Chris Nenshati : castrate him damn

Anna Mills : Such a strong statement from such a powerful woman! Love you Aly!

Bree Evans : She is such an inspiration. I went through the same thing around the same time last year and I wish I would of had the confidence she has!!

Andrew Velonis : I love how she hands it to the gymnastics organization. Go get 'em!

Daisy G. : proud.

Alejandro fz : Victim would be a better term than survivor

NietzscheanMeatPop : This is why we need transgender women in gymnastics.

XakashinaX : Why does she have to use that fake speech voice? you can still speak in front of people and sound natural

yuli : Wigs flew. Heads rolled. Asses were roasted.

Scott Oiab : Interesting how the tape cuts out when she describes him as the doctor for USA gymnastics and ??? I have seen stories how USA gymnastics and ??? are not legally responsible?

Peter Webb : Woo POWERFUL

Wesley Wolf : So powerful. I loved this speech.

magic8ball331 : The epitome of bravery

Koug Arpaw : All the girls/women that were abused by this sick animal should sue the hell out of the US Olympics.

jq 02 : She’s an amazingly brave woman

L O W bAtTeRy : 99.9% if these comments are praising the well said words buy this brave young women and 0.01% of these Comments are irrelevant trolls

maximillian jens : Who voted this down? Morons

Daniel Steigerwald : Damn Nassar needs to die in a flaming hole