Watch Aly Raisman confront Larry Nassar in court

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Gage Maverik : Wow so articulate and so powerful at the same time. She covered every element beautifully.

Nina Gomez : “It’s your turn to listen to me” I had chills on arms when she said that. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

D S : She's a better public speaker than the president.

Stella Joy : "we are a force, and you are nothing." I freaking love her.

Fila Nike : Why are female athletes assigned male doctors knowing such cases might occur? This should change

philip andrews : She snatched everyone's edges and Larry is bald

Jeff Bates : i would vote for her if she ran for any elected seat....any.

Brodie ZG : Who got fooled at 1:24 and thought their phone was tweaking?

Mr. Rotundus : Larry Nassar, the Physical Therapist Physical Therapist Therapist The Rapist Hmmm....

erzan : Us Men really need to stop saying we're a one of the good guy's. Not sexually abusing another person is a very low bar to declare yourself a 'good' person. We need to raise our children better, especially little boy's.

Susan A : I've never seen such a classy drag. she dragged him through the dirt & back

Sugakookie with a cup of tae V : Castrate him.

Leemireon Grace : She showed no remorse i like her

Bree Evans : Who ever gave this a thumbs down must be a predator themselves. Seriously how could anyone give this a thumbs down

Lars Ulrik : She very articulate and concise, she should be a prosecutor. Very cool woman and gorgeous.

chris luder : 1400 thumbs down? That's how many child molesters are just on THIS video.

Michaella K : Aly is a badass

K. Myles : Standing ovation to Aly! I have SO much respect for this amazing young lady!

The Prettiest Soul H : I really liked the parts where you could see and hear in her voice how hurt and angry she was.

Rafa Medina : I actually cried a lot watching this video. These girls are so brave! I just wonder who the hell would dislike this video with this so powerful and crucial message

Daniel Gomez : RELEASE the young girl doing life for killing her pimp

The Wraith : These gymnasts used to openly refer to Larry Nassar as the "crotch doc." It's incredible that no adult found that to be odd or suspicious. :(

Star : *She is a Strong, independent, and beautiful woman*

Anna Mills : Such a strong statement from such a powerful woman! Love you Aly!

Mahek 1 : yes.

Jamie Smithlington : His fingers should be chopped off

Bree Evans : She is such an inspiration. I went through the same thing around the same time last year and I wish I would of had the confidence she has!!

K G : This guy ruined so many lives.

Colt T : From a survivor to another you are a strong woman. Healing is slow and takes years but being able to confront your abuser is a good first step.

Nacho Man Randy Sandwich : love how she uses his name so often, no respect, just talkin to him directly, fearlessly, dude deserves to rot

Americus Patrioticus : Aly Raisman and her team mates had tremendous courage to come forward and confront this doctor for his criminal human rights abuses against them. It is tragic that this abuse was allowed to occur for so long. One would hope that trained scientific and technological personnel would be capable of controlling their base animal instincts. An adult who lusts after immature children is sick and twisted. This doctor should have recognized his illness and sought help or at least found another specialty or profession rather than commit criminal human rights abuses against his patients, especially children. We must learn to listen to our children and observe their behavioral signs and symptoms. We must learn to tell the difference between a child who is falsely accusing and a child who is telling the truth. One accuser, perhaps we demand a high standard of proof. A whole Olympic gymnastics team telling the same horrible stories should be a dead giveaway that something is terribly wrong. Not only is the doctor guilty as charged, but the entire management of the US Olympic gymnastics team have guilt as well for tolerating this doctor's criminal human rights violations.

Rebecca Hopkins : Powerful statement from one of our greatest Olympians. So much respect for her and love that she called out USA Gymnastics and the USOC, and the adults that turned a blind eye to this horrible abuse and kept Nassar in business. She is so brave, strong and amazing. A true survivor. Love you Aly!!That friggin monster, abusing her and all those young girls. He’s absolutely a worthless, horrendous human being, along with all those adults that protected him and enabled him to keep sexually assaulting these girls. Glad he will spend the rest of his life behind bars, where he can never again hurt and abuse another child.

Aaron Ross : Show Larry’s face

Alex T. : The judge had to step down for 12:45 because Ally became the boss in that courtroom. I wish nothing but the best for this Brave and beautiful young woman.

Brian Jerry : Those inmates are gonna make him a very flexible gymnast.

Mahika Bibiyan : "Girls like you" keep us strong ♥

Henni Sherin : wow, i have no words... she is incredible. this speech was incredible! im so proud

ghettoslider : Good!!! Your hate has made you powerful. Use your aggressive feelings. Let the hate flow through you.  Strike me down with all your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete..

1Lotusflower : Fantastic speaker. I sincerely hope both she and the other girls go on to excellent things and lead great lives.

Sarai M. : Well said. You go girl!

Julia Aleksandra : Aly is such a brave woman and a great role model !

There are many usernames but this one is mine. : So sad for those that did not survive

Jon Melendez : Theses are the type of females, I’m scared of texting.

Gabe Nicotera : In the least offensive way possible to say, is using the term "survivors" appropriate? Wouldn't "victims" be a more justified term?

jd37 : Damn this girl just went around roasting everyone not just that Nassar guy!! The way she talks is so powerful, not even sad just pure anger!

Steffani : If there were any Justice for this man, they would make a special exception to the law and execute him due to the heinousness and impact of his crimes.

dUdE wItH nO lIfE : Respect women

Gianna Cohen : simply just disgusting.🎗💙

Alaina McKinney : whoever disliked this video can go rot in hell

Cody Flowers : What’s really sad and kinda alarming is all the dislikes on the video... why?