Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer

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Red Dead Redemption 2, an epic tale of life in America at the dawn of the modern age, arrives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26th. Pre-order now to get the War Horse and Outlaw Survival Kit, or select the Special Edition or Ultimate Edition to receive additional bonuses and exclusive content. And starting at midnight on October 18, pre-loading for digital pre-orders on both the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store will be unlocked worldwide for all available territories. All digital pre-orders also receive bonus GTA$ for GTA Online.


White Shark : Rated M for Masterpiece.

JD Perez : All the dislikes are from Pinkertons

Kruut Von Trendkilla : Rockstar makes grown men cry.

Ryan Castleberry : But it weren't us who changed

Hooded Dreamer : I just finished chapter 6 (don't worry, no spoilers). Honestly, the hype for this game was the biggest I have ever seen. I did think maybe that all of us might have overhyped it and expected too much but somehow, someway rockstar once again exceeded it for me. I don't understand how we could hype this game up SO much and it is still better than I expected. This game is the definition of a masterpiece and truly shows what gaming can be. I haven't been so emotionally invested in so many characters since like MW2 days or BO1. All these game developers getting rid or single player and EA saying no one wants it anymore, Rockstar has shown that people clearly do.

SmithsRus : Sadie is my favourite character in the game, she ALWAYS has your back throughout

LibertyOverTyranny76 : Best game I ever played 👊👍

TuYasRekords : "What about loyalty?" What a perfect first line to hear from Rob Wiethoff as John Marston again after all this time. He still sounds amazing.

Robert Duncombe : Arthur Morgan: Nothing means more to me than this gang. Me: Nothing means more to me than this game.

RPAYNE1990 : Thank you for creating an absolute masterpiece. Gripping, emotional story. Stunning visuals and amazing gameplay. The best game ever created.

Undefeated : Hideo kojima wanted to make cinematic games like ROCKSTAR but couldnt achieve that dream. Rockstar games really lives up to the name. Rockstar is QUALITY and breath of fresh air in this time of saturated and reguritated games. who needs hollywood when you have rockstar games.

Mateusz M : Thank You Rockstar. RdR2 is best game I ever played. It's something more than game. Respect

Azerrz : Hearing John Marstons voice was better than any song that dropped this year

BhusanTube : Who is still waiting for PC released? 👍😂

Sir Galahad : We got a great Wild West game, I just want a good Non-Fantasy Medievel Game. Please Rockstar

Titus C. : *L U M B A G O I N T E N S I F I E S*

Ghast2810 : The best game i've played 10/10.

Fribbo : Hearing John’s voice has hyped me up 10x more.

Anonymous 0 : Omg I just want multiplayer trailer to come out omg

Amon961 : Rockstar Please give us John Marston OG Hairstyle and his outfits

MEME RANGE : Wow I just finished the game....twice now I'm waiting for RDR3 best story ever in RDR2 can't wait

Extaasi : Cant wait for PC... 60+ fps, Oh my...

TuYasRekords : One of my friend said he was so hyped for Battlefield V. I told him all I care about is RDR2. He said "never heard of that game" I instantly banned him from PSN.

αвυ ѕαlєн /‎ ابہو صہآلہح : Online Tuesday 🖖🏿👽

Bear : Shut up and take my money, THIS GAME IS INSANELY CHEAP

RhyseV : I still get hyped watching this and I've completed the game twice

Young Gangster : Need to erase my memory and play this game again MASTERPIECE

JC Vingno : All you have to do was follow the damn train Arthur.

Shaaz Bhimani : 0:41 I GOT "THATS LONG BEEN BROKEN" ;(

LittleJack : Dutch: I Have Plan. Arthur: What is it Dutch. Dutch: I Just Need Some MONEY!!!

Faizan Babar : it would be awesome to see this game coming to pc

\xXTobeyNeonxX / : “But it wasn’t us who changed”

Ken Neeckx : Possibly the longest 7 days and 8 hours I will ever encounter in my life

Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar lá : Rockstar Games queremos um bully 2 imediatamente !!!!! sksksksksksk

GamingSpin : "I wish things were different, but it weren't us that changed" Truly representative of the gaming industry either everyone trying to shift towards what is Trending but rockstar is instead staying the same

100 subs with no video no video : God when john says "well what about loyalty" i cri everytim

bork nork : Now drop the online trailer

cat barsik : i GoT a pLaN

Jack Marston : They need to make a option in storymode where you can hang out with jack, uncle and abigail to go fishing or shows

Мансур Ильясов : This is the best thing I played, deep gameplay, a wonderful open world, real immersion in the game, colorful characters, powerful story, great masterpiece! Thanks Rokstar, with respect from Chechnya!

JUSHY SLUSHY : I gotta hand it to you rockstar games after 2 years of delays this has to be the most hardest work yall had since all the Grand Theft Autos


Pugin Francois : PC ????¿?????¿!??¿?????????

Gaming Channel / قناة الجيمرز : Kill Your HYPE *After seeing this Trailer* THE HYPE IS BACK Moth...

Sheril Cary : Dear rockstar games thank you for giving us rdr2 but I can give you a few ideas for rdr3 rdr3 should be jack Marston as protagonist in 1923 as he killed Edgar Ross the whole BOI look for him and he has to escape all the BOI agents and he trys to save his family by finding them.

The Boss : One of the only games to look better than the trailer

Justin Why? : “Nothing means more to me than this -gang- game”

Panther02 : Dutch Plan Der Linde Dutch: I have a plan we need more money. Then we can go to Tahiti. But first we have a train to rob what do you think ? Arthur: That’s kinda brilliant AH for you, that’s a real idea that might be the first time you ever had one of them.

hideNxd : That cinematic camera reminiscence scene before the encounter at the end of Chapter 6 was beautiful.