Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer

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Azerrz : Hearing John Marstons voice was better than any song that dropped this year

James W : Rated M for Masterpiece.

Cube Earth Society : My friend said he bought AC Oddysey over this He later got hit by a train

Chef Vortivask : I feel like calling this game a video game is really dishonest. After playing it for almost 30-40 hours, it’s more of an experience. John Marston will always hold a special place for me, but Arthur Morgan really does give him a run for his money. It’s a must play.

Anghus Mulder : "WiLl ThErE Be A pLaYsTaTiON 3 oR xBoX360 VerSiOn?"

TuYasRecords : "What about loyalty?" What a perfect first line to hear from Rob Wiethoff as John Marston again after all this time. He still sounds amazing.

Ozymandias : "One more big score, we got enough money to leave. What do you think?" - Rockstar Games, present day.

Hooded Dreamer : I just finished chapter 6 (don't worry, no spoilers). Honestly, the hype for this game was the biggest I have ever seen. I did think maybe that all of us might have overhyped it and expected too much but somehow, someway rockstar once again exceeded it for me. I don't understand how we could hype this game up SO much and it is still better than I expected. This game is the definition of a masterpiece and truly shows what gaming can be. I haven't been so emotionally invested in so many characters since like MW2 days or BO1. All these game developers getting rid or single player and EA saying no one wants it anymore, Rockstar has shown that people clearly do.

Mr Nobody : Kinda love how Rockstar shows only late story events in this trailer, ballsy of them.

GTA Workshop : HYPE is REAL!

Alaska : Saying goodbye to my friends and the outside word in preparation for the 26th...

Johnny Sins : This game will be the reason nobody is going out trick or treating this year!!!!!

Hard Blues : I finished the game and now playing it for a second time. Even better the 2nd time around

the Slaiby's : We will all miss you Arthur😔

Ryan Castleberry : But it weren't us who changed

Zanar Aesthetics : Bye bye real life October 26th

benjamiah 777 : Rockstar you truly outdid yourself with this game I think I speak to every rdr2 player when I say thank you.

Sevastak : Wating for PC version coming out.⌚

SmithsRus : Sadie is my favourite character in the game, she ALWAYS has your back throughout

AusRaider : Rockstar, please add rdr2 to PC. I'm your greatest buyer. I bought smugglers run back when the ps2 was out. And until I got a PC every game of yours is on there. Please put rdr2 on PC (steam) Thx

The Top Tens : The only thing I don't like about this trailer... Is that it isn't longer! 😢


Mostafa Shash : What about PC Rockstar :(

The Brothers Housers Entertainment Network : PC Please!!!!!

Joe Edwards : Thank you rockstar for giving us the best character.and the true inspiring story of it all thank you so much for this masterpiece of a game ❤️

RobinGaming : 8 Days have never felt so long away...

Conner Morgan : Now drop the online trailer

thanakorn sinthatheeyakorn : Will it releases on pc

lude ! : Just played the main story it was More than i asked for. Best 70e i've ever spend thanks R*

Ian Entwistle : Rockstar, you guys did good. Every aspect of this game is in perfect harmony; everyday life from a poor to rich outlaw. You did more than good, it's godlike! Better than Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5, and even a good chance better than Fortnite. All I'm trying to say guys and gals is that you deserve the gratitude and congratulations of popular critics like Game Informer. This game is awesome and I'm going to enjoy getting this game and an Xbox one when I save up a lot of money! This game is on my hall of fame

TuYasRecords : One of my friend said he was so hyped for Battlefield V. I told him all I care about is RDR2. He said "never heard of that game" I instantly banned him from PSN.

BlackWing : Just stopped by to say Thank You, Rockstar Games! <3

Mathew Remlin : Rockstar is the only hope of gaming left. Ubisoft and EA have kind of ruined gaming by adding female characters which have tarnished the roles of the characters in the game and ruined the ability to enjoy games. If rockstar does the same thing with the next GTA then we all dead. I’ll give my Xbox to my sister and take her make up kit.

Jimmy cannon : Every time I try to explain this to my friends I have to say its GTA in the west but better

ΔΙΞ X : If I die before getting to play this game I'm finna kill my self.

I am a disappointment to my parents : Those who disliked don’t know about loyalty Edit: it seems everyone thought I was talking about PC players. I wasn’t, I was referring to John Marston’s line in the ad.

CrazyBrothers17 : I cannot express how good this game 11/10 it’s so damn good. Rockstar, you blew my mind once again

มาตบไก่ จุ๊กู๊ : I play rdr2 very very impressed and I am still waiting for the game bully2 love RG.

Almog I22 : After playing this masterpiece....Rockstar you are definitely the undisputed game developer of the decade!!! I just want to thank you for having the honor of playing your game. That's it.

Rozan TheOoz : Come on release on pc rockstar!!!!! Just do it Rockstar please......

Hisham Alharbi : Omg John Marston's voice actor is Rob. 🤤🤤

Harley Dawg TV : LOVE the game thanks for reading my comments I love you Rockstar games Please make Bully 2 as your next game!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


James Wales : I literally just jacked off. Now you want me to do it again

Selim Olmez : LOYALTY.. JUST ONE MORE SCORE.. I love you rockstar It’s best game of the 100 years. With scenerio with amazing graphics. I felt every feeling you wanted to tell. We wants to watch this scenerio in the cinema. R.I.P Dock holliday ;)

Fribbo : Hearing John’s voice has hyped me up 10x more.

ابراهيم السراري : We want it on pc

*KALASHNIKOV KID* : (SPOILERS) Just finished the story...Absolutely amazing! So emotional and action packed. From riding into battle with the Indians to having a bloody fist fight on a amazing..

Legendaryman 1 : I like how rockstar releases a game every couple of years and always makes great games

Ian Custer : Can't play gta5 please get rid of time out locating session sorry pls😔😔😢