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Kiwi tastes a golden nugget. It's delicious. Script, direction, animation: Andreas Hykade Animation, artwork: Angela Steffen Music, sound design: Heiko Maile Postproduction: Ralf Bohde Production management: Bianca Just Funding: FFA Berlin Production:Thomas Meyer-Hermann Studio FILM BILDER 2014

Comments from Youtube

John R : *And this is why kiwis are endangered*

R&M XP : He forgot to put Barbecue sauce on Nuggets

Egg : So THAT'S what happened to my dad!

FLS96 : I like how the video ends on the kiwi looking at the nugget. It's like a message to addicts: "Take the last one or not? Your choice"

Pig King : Moral: Don't do nuggets, kids.

Angelo Pacia : Now this is what I call YouTube

Justnoah 2004 : if i'd found a golden nugget, i would sell it at the pokémarkt

JannQwertz : The more you consume, the weaker it gets, the weaker you get and ultimately you meet your demise. Great Job, Bucko!

Emo Hipster Aesthetic : My mom wanted me to comment that she really liked this, it was done really well, and this is a good representation of addiction

Ariana Boadi : I came here because the thumbnail looked cute and adorable and ended up learning a lesson about drugs😐

This Yellow Face : sadly, animations shorter than this won't get much notice from the algorithm. the reason this animation got notice is because its half way to 10 minute and has a lot of comments (comments from users thinking they're the only one who is smart enough to associate this with drugs)

Gosha N : GOLDEN nugget? so, this is new moral: don't do gold kids!

GermanGamer7 : Thanks, I'm going to go cry my eyes out now.

Kid Arachnid : *How it feels being addicted to a video game...* The first time playing is amazing, fun, and enjoyable all the way till you start hating it yet can't leave because you're addicted to the feeling you had when you first played it so you continue to play searching for that satisfaction you once got from playing it, only to be left disappointed in yourself and the game you once fell in love with.

Teluthagon : so many depressing viral videos about kiwis on youtube.

infinite lilly flower : Damn. That um...that was hella heavy and sad

T Series : Pewdiepie and T-Series sub gap in a nutshell: Edit: im on pewds side don't kill me

Icey Manalane : my teacher showed us this in class once and everyone was shouting "NO! Dont do it little kiwi bird! No not another! No! Kiwi stop! STOPPPPPP!!!

Aspen Abadilla : I remember this when i watch this last summer 2018.I though you made on flipa clip.the time was really fast

Miayy.s : *well this got depressing*

Mc X : Just one word *DRUGS!*

・パピオカパン : 麻薬の中毒、危険性を表した動画?快感を得る度に体の代償が重くなり現実が見えなくなってゆく。

Trilobight : *Chicken chicken nuggets yeah* *Chicken chicken nuggets yeah* *Chicken chicken nuggets yeah yeah yeah yeah*

たまお : これって薬物依存者の末路を表しとるんやんな?

Matthew Ryan : Drugs are one hell of a drug

nub game : crianças não usem drogas kids not use drugs

Ros : Is that the kiwi logo but before he became a ninja?

Naomi Domínguez : No lo entendi :v ☹

flashback mary : The way the bird is walking lmao

Fuego Araneae : Eat nuggets Fly Eat nuggets Die

day dreamer : Birdy see nugget Birdy eat snack Birdy see new nugget Birdy attack 😂💞

Szybki Zenek : This is good anty drag video well done❤

Musically Free : "Kids drugs are bad... Mmmkay"

Hopanchik : Тут некоторым станет трудно понять какой смысл в этом мультике сейчас я поясню вам всё: Сначала он видит 1 яйцо(я назову это так) однако не обращает на него внимания, потом он замечает второе, осматривает его, и все же решается попробовать, мир становится радужным, а ему очень весело и приятно, однако он увеличивается в размерах(первый вред этого наркотика) но не предает внимания, ему хочется ещё чтобы стать радостным и чтобы все стало хорошо, и так он делает много раз и набирает массу, все становится серым без яиц(кто забыл я называю этот наркотик яйцами) и он чтобы уйти от этих проблем ест больше, больше, он уже не может летать(то есть жить жизнью нормального человека) все становится мрачным и серым, и когда он увидел ещё одно он задумался "а стоит ли оно этого?.."

James Smith : I think It's about addiction in general. Not just drugs. Great little film.

Ted Kim : This video is the answer of *"How drugs make a person being."*

Titan Bull 05 : That was awesome tune

silver slavy 890 : Dats why you shouldn't do drugs

mochi_ 4 : Uhm this is not exactly what I expected this video to be but ok 😐

Never Ender & Weekender Girl : Now kids, Don't eat Mc nuggets

kiwi boyd : I feel kinda attacked

metal terror64 : Dammit, hate it when I accidentally stumble upon a emotional video, it had alot of meaning though...

Jordan Harper : I have watched this countless times since it was published on here and the ONLY gripe I have is that I wish the bird figure would’ve walked over the last nugget slowly; pointing towards abstinence and rehab. Other than that, bravo!

Tony Nameless : Yep ! Drugs do that !

Wholesome Lad : This is depressing.

Rojor Rohan : And I wonder why this came to my recommendations ✌🏼🤪

SushiiShark : this might have involved LSD

Eric Cricket : I initially posted this as a reply to a popular comment below but felt like it should be seen by more people. Yeah i feel what Spectrum is saying here. It sometimes makes me sad how people who (more or less) aren't addicted think that it's a simple choice, it makes it way too easy to dismiss what could be called a sickness as a poor decision or lack of willpower. There's very little conscious thought or consideration taking place when you're taking that hit as the kiwi shows, that's what the nuggets do and us people, and we are not that different from that kiwi. That message is very loud and clear in the drugged out population, it's all they hear from everybody. The message should, in my humble opinion, ring louder in the non-drugged out population, as the kiwi couldn't help himself. "Help the dying kiwi or not? Your choice."

edyH llykeJ : We all understand don’t feed kiwis mc Donald’s