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Justin Y. : I googled cute Kiwi videos and I got this. Let's say I felt the exact opposite of what I wanted to feel.

Pinnacle Of Man TM : If they showed me this in school instead of DARE I would have never done drugs til College

TSM_ YaYa : I came for a funny animation but this... this is not it.

An Average Pizza : After one nugget: wow that was really good After 2 nuggets: I need more! After 3: I will go out of my way to get some more After 4: *doesn’t understand when his body is hurting but he doesn’t listen* After 5: I’m not so sure about this anymore After 6: I should really stop... After 7: *slows down* After 8: He dies. Don’t try drugs kids.

24frece : This is just... really sad. I don't know what to say anymore. I can't bring myself to watch it again. This animation shows the horrors of addiction, and I now know for sure that I never want to go down that path. EDIT: I am getting a few hate replies from this, so let me explain what I meant in this comment. I am not seeking attention. I don't know what is wrong with you if you thought I was looking for sympathy, but I'm NOT. I am just describing the animation, and how sad but very important its message is. As for those who say that I can't feel sad about this because I've never experienced addiction, that is very rude. So, I will explain to you what you do not understand: I felt sorry for the kiwi bird. Yes, I know it' s just an animation, a metaphor, but I felt sorry for it, okay? Call me crazy but I get sad when I watch something that is emotional, even if it's not real. I do not want to make the comment section of this video become a place of argument, so that is why I explained what my comment meant. I hope you understand now.

*I see you there* : I didn't know that we can *drink* nuggets...

Sheri : Addiction makes you feel like you're on top of the clouds The landing is always painful and deadly. Whether it's a drug or a poisonous person Seek help before it's too late.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Remember kids, don’t eat chicken nuggets

Nay The Spud : First nugget: *I smile* Second nugget: *I smile more* Third nugget: *Uh wait what* Fourth nugget: *Oh no...*

Unyt : i think this kiwi birb is high on golden nuggets

LazyNoodle : Go to drugs Don't do school

DanTDM ُـ : 3:53 reminds me of limbo now

Tanmay Jha : 3:58 looks like gru from minions

Kayden Yerington : Don't do it. That's already been in your mouth once don't you do it **sllllllllurp**

Maria Perez : we had a presentation on drugs today and the speaker showed us this video. man, did i feel like crying.....

SquawkImABird : Addiction/ obesity

Grei_The_Nørsk : Don't Do Drugs Kids Unless They Make You Fly

Rachel Tate-Rucker : Its telling a story of addiction

Daan Aerts : Nuggets are a hell of a drug

Gabriele Genota : ... well I accidentally attended a drug seminar

KidzLuvCats xD : Story of cocaine

Sassysquishy INC. : This is soooooo depressing..

Adolf Hitler : nuggets are bad but drugs are fine

pro 100maksim : You'd better call this video * Drug*

CrunchGirl 97 : It's pretty neat how they portray drugs & becoming addicted. Your first time feels amazing & lasts for a while. The more you have, the less of that same effect you'll have. Which means, they either slowly kill themselves trying to get that high again, or they start on something stronger.

Charlie Doggo : *DRUGS*

Darius Juodeikis : This is sad 😢

Oliver Kirkland : *slurp*

Moukou Best : Как я понял nuggets это по русски наркотик?)

Matthew Ryan : Drugs are one hell of a drug

얼음들의 이야기ICES : It was justa curiosity. and, more and more, weaker and weaker, and..

世界優しい : 俺もマックに行くの控えようかな

elyvelton RodriguesFalsi : This is not nuggets, this video was taken from another video, which represented the way a person traces (in the case with the kiwi animal) and enters the world of drugs drugs!

Henry von Ballinger : (S)he did keep going no matter what so kudos for that

Dyches Fam : Where's the sequel? The kiwi deciding not to taste that last golden nugget and moving on and gradually getting better as it continues to pass golden nuggets and not eat them.

Sarah Bingham : Wait this is an anti-drug video?

Mahesh Panda : Don't go for money it gives temporary happiness

RAZ0229 : It Came Out No Ethics!!!

Nick Theo : this video was very clever for teaching the affection and addiction on drugs

Justin Y. : *Orange Juice. Not even once.*

Steven universo : Esse vídeo representa as pessoas que usam drogas 😑

D J : Poor Kiwi :(

Rachel Tate-Rucker : This made me think of the game ducklife

Alecs Moscatelli : This has such a poweeful meaning

Micahjg : Came in expecting a laugh... Now I need therapy.

Konadan Jacob : A perfect portrail of drugs and alcohol adiction

Gapa : So take ecstasy, not heroine

Neko Chan : Los nuggets son la DROGA >:D

Mohammad Ahmad : so disturbing video' I got a headache literally.

ItzJackFrost14 : ONE WORD: -DARK.- NUGGETS!!