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Maria Perez : we had a presentation on drugs today and the speaker showed us this video. man, did i feel like crying.....

Matthew Ryan : Drugs are one hell of a drug

Micahjg : Came in expecting a laugh... Now I need therapy.

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Kids don't do nuggets.

Priyanshu Jigar : A true use of animation skill♥️

Gabriele Genota : ... well I accidentally attended a drug seminar

The imaginary Pug : FATALITY 2:14

XD FAKE NINJA : Sad ending 😢

Azariachan : This was great, why so many dislikes? At first it wasn't obvious what was going on, but then it becomes clear it's about getting high. Well done.

Historia Reiss : And that kids.. Is why you dont do drugs😇

ItzJackFrost14 : ONE WORD: -DARK.- NUGGETS!!

Marianna Zanforlin : *This is so sad i can't go to Mc Donalds anymore, Alexa play Despacito.*

alyssa icha : Moral: Don’t eat fast food too much!

TSM_ YaYa : I came for a funny animation but this... this is not it.

Alaa Obaidat : I feel bad for him 😖😭😭😭😭😢

石松遼子 : nuggetsって鶏肉、だよね。つまり主人公の鳥(に見えた)がそれ食べてるから、ドラッグは自分で自分自身を蝕むこと、て意味なのかな、、、深い、、、

cazzo mene : He looks like a drug effect to me

BliTz YTz : Tendi foi porra nenhuma

ぐりむき : こわ

Unyt : i think this kiwi birb is high on golden nuggets

Franciny Thalia : Br?

이효정 : 마약인가?

보라굼벵이 : 마약같다 이영상주제는 처음에는 넘어가지만 다음부턴계속해서 흡입하는게

shook eth : aww poor bird thing

Euphoriart : Is this supposed to be about drugs or alcohol? Like it makes you high (in this case, literally), but the more you take it, the more your resistance increases? If so, neat way to represent that~

takara kawabata : 違法薬物か… 最初の1回目で空を飛ぶような気持ちになって、2回目は迷わず吸い込み、3回目は駆け寄ってまでそれを求め始める。 回数を重ねる毎に空を飛ぶ時間が短くなるのに反して、体はボロボロになっていき着地も下手になる。 怖いなぁ……

Genderfluid Pansexual : YouTube is trying to tell me I have a drug problem... 🙈 this was in my recommendations

Rick C-137 : Kids, just say no to dem sweet, sweet nugs.

SquawkImABird : Addiction/ obesity

tamara : WHY? POOR KIWI

Jesus Cabrera : Estoy del lado raro de youtube

Tom Araya : Why didn't he eat the last one?

igor gallo : Eu intendi

Michael : its funny when you fast forward it in the beginning when the little birdie tries to run faster to get the drug lol

Justin Y. : *Orange Juice. Not even once.*

Royce Bathory : Cigarettes.

Brony Club : 1:00 What is the name of this music?

Madison Brunec : Well... That's McDonalds done for me... Don't do nuggets guys!

Luisa Gamer : Algum br???¿¿¿

CrunchGirl 97 : It's pretty neat how they portray drugs & becoming addicted. Your first time feels amazing & lasts for a while. The more you have, the less of that same effect you'll have. Which means, they either slowly kill themselves trying to get that high again, or they start on something stronger.

Анна Шапошникова : Nuggets is evil

JVoan : É isso que acontece quando um kiwi usa drogas.

Matthew John : I think it’s supposed to be symbolic of addiction.

Lars H : Moral of the cartoon, don’t do drugs...mmmkay?

Megan Carley : Well, that's not what I expected...

Дмитрий Кот : Эт шо типа птица алкаш чi наркоман

Priyanshu Jigar : Best

Sheri : Addiction makes you feel like you're on top of the clouds The landing is always painful and deadly. Whether it's a drug or a poisonous person Seek help before it's too late.

Gideon Bugna : This reminds me of drugs

ωσlғιε : Those are drugs