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Matthew Ryan : Drugs are one hell of a drug

Screaming Chicken : *_Thats racist you can't say the N word._*

Extraordinary Hybrid : Me: * open youtube and See The recommended video from youtube * hmmm... thats its i'll be a weird animation video... So, I don't want watch it... 5 days ago... Me: * open youtube again * WHAT! Hello! why you are still here a little weird animation!... Allright... Allright...Youtube... i'll watch it... Even tought i'm so curious at this video... (And sorry for my bad english 😢😭)

The Purple Sword Man 67 : I’m 14 years old and I ‘m scarier about that my friends will going to take drugs , Smoke or drink alcohol... I don’t talk about to drink a little beer or smoke a little cigarette per month...I talk about smoke a lot of cigarette and take a lot of drugs everyday... Not often is ok..but just it doesn’t have to become an addiction. my friends are good and I don’t want to let them ruining their lifes... If one of my friend will start to have a addiction I’ll show him/her this....before the addiction takin over.....

Marti : Lesson one: don't eat MC NUGGETS from the floor

Justin Y. : I googled cute Kiwi videos and I got this. Let's say I felt the exact opposite of what I wanted to feel.

Fall 2nd : The nuggets are the druggets

Normal Viewer : How it feels to chew Five Gums

DON'T WATCH MY VIDEOS : I will never eat Yellow jelly I find on the ground

xXH0wling W0lvesXx / AnkøraTM : At first it's like heaven, but it continues to get less affective, and in the end it doesn't work anymore... Kiwi is addicted to these drugs and can't stop taking them, taking the last and final nugget kills him, because it was too much...

Pinnacle Of Man TM : If they showed me this in school instead of DARE I would have never done drugs til College

Kishi Karasu : Don't do kids , drugs

Never Ender & Weekender Girl : Now kids, Don't eat Mc nuggets

Lemon Life : Moral of the story: Don’t eat McDonalds

globaltrance86 : This is sad. Good message, but can you make another video where he gets better 😭

Nikolor : I will never go to McDonald's ever again

Lucrezia 366 : at first i thought it was a funny animation but at the end i really felt it, it’s so deep. the way drugs alcool and stuff like that turn people in “things” that they’re not. I really want everyone to watch this.

Mr Bubble : Poor birb. :(

I am Acorn : This is totally 100% accurate cuz this is what happens when we eat chimken nuggers

Anna Nya : Before school 0:45 After school 4:21

Maria Perez : we had a presentation on drugs today and the speaker showed us this video. man, did i feel like crying.....

oh hi : kiwi=my social life nugget=kpop goodbye parents

amejolble animation : 2:26 when I try to stand up in the morning... No I do not do drugs.

Jennifer Schmall : Its like Toms Erdbeermarmelade Brot mit Honig

JackGamingYT : The Duck is getting Fatter

Gabriele Genota : ... well I accidentally attended a drug seminar

Hugo Game Play™ : _no use drugs_

ilucybunny 2019 : Canablism! Chicken + eating chicken= death 💀

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : it’s 4:20pm you know what that means everyone

Frost Wing : Ummmmm ummmmm I have sooo many questions

Justin Y. : *Orange Juice. Not even once.*

4итак Rule : Наркоту нехуй есть

VeV GeG : Cadê os br ? 🇧🇷

Mariばか : Digam não aos nuggets crianças

jokedm : Hey, in McDonald's give a nine nuggets, but he eating ten nuggets.

CrunchGirl 97 : It's pretty neat how they portray drugs & becoming addicted. Your first time feels amazing & lasts for a while. The more you have, the less of that same effect you'll have. Which means, they either slowly kill themselves trying to get that high again, or they start on something stronger.

ღყიselin Auroraღ : Lo que te pasa cuando tomas drogas 😒

Ⱥł3x ƻ4 : Why this is in my recommend?

Shakie Bakie : I bet this video is about substance abusers and how it affects your wellbeing


Unyt : i think this kiwi birb is high on golden nuggets

Layla kate : This....... Is why u don't do drugs, kids 😂👌

Energo GHOST : Это тип наркотики?

Lois Sánchez : It was so cute at the beginning... Dont eat drugs, kids And over all, dont snif glue

The Melancholic Musician : This video is about addiction

24frece : This is just... really sad. I don't know what to say anymore. I can't bring myself to watch it again. This animation shows the horrors of addiction, and I now know for sure that I never want to go down that path. EDIT (I changed some of the message above, too): I am getting a few hate replies from this, so let me explain what I meant in this comment. I am not seeking attention. I don't know what is wrong with you if you thought I was looking for sympathy, but I'm NOT. I am just describing the animation, and how sad but very important its message is. One reply was so rude that I had to report it, and it is no longer visible now. As for those who say that I can't feel sad about this because I've never experienced addiction, that is very rude. So, I will explain to you what you do not understand: I felt sorry for the kiwi bird. Yes, I know it' s just an animation, a metaphor, but I felt sorry for it, okay? Call me crazy but I get sad when I watch something that is emotional, even if it's not real. I do not want to make the comment section of this video become a place of argument, so that is why I explained what my comment meant. I hope you understand now.

nameless Manuel : *Kids, don't do drugs always stay at school*

Nicola Owen : I thought it was a walking unicorn avocado with the pip in the wrong place at first...... damn I’m so stupid🤦‍♀️

Ron Nazareth : Withdrawal Symptoms? :-[

Cheese! : Chicken nuggies