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PipTehPip [GD] : Do nugs not drugs

Jimin Park : It's pretty neat how they portray drugs & becoming addicted. Your first time feels amazing & lasts for a while. The more you have, the less of that same effect you'll have. Which means, they either slowly kill themselves trying to get that high again, or they start on something stronger.

TobiASS : Drugs are bad, m'kay

Sapphira Saurus : IM A KIWI

Random Person : I don't know why, but this scared the shit out of me

Justin Y. : I googled cute Kiwi videos and I got this. Let's say I felt the exact opposite of what I wanted to feel.

Venkatesh Venkatesh : Excellent team work with good creativity....!

Ice Allison : Everytime he eats a golden nugget The light goes away

movie_wolf 123 : we watched this at our school and the teacher said it could be interpreted as drugs or alcohol witch makes you high and you feel good but the feeling doesnt last that long soon you will want more and more but with every bite you take it breaks down your body until you die

Soo-Jin Johns : I thought it was happy but it's really sad

tamara : WHY? POOR KIWI

Krzesisław Korycki : I am the galobalogab

Meraik.i Arts : Don't do drugs kiddos

Josefina Cruz : Do nugs not drugs

Ava Langlois : My favorite part was the beginning 😅

ItzJackFrost14 : ONE WORD: -DARK.- NUGGETS!!

Hamilton.Is.Life : Drugs. Or any addictive thing. Fantastic at first and you only need a little to get a high. But soon it just isn’t enough

upsidedown_loser 999 : My mind:Huh let me watch Me now:*HELP IM ON THE WEIRD SIDE OF YOUTUBE*!!!!

bunny bottoms 123 : Whats the app

*SilverD* : Best video of 2018

Justin Y. : *Orange Juice. Not even once.*

April draws : I-Is nuggets his drug ?

Irena : This is a pretty smart example of the effects of drugs. It's pretty depressing and scary, but has truth to it, nonetheless.

Cool Avakin Life : Si se me aparece esto por la noche te juro que me clavo un cuchillo en el ano :'v

Jessica Fasick : 2:12, me

Unyt : i think this kiwi birb is high on golden nuggets


Karen Uhlmeyer : Is this film with a moral to me it sounds like the moral is that with greed at in will end in guilt and sorrow

jamie park : The poor bird

Amrit Kumar : Good theam

Warrior Cats Fan Cake : Alcohol

Jacksen wolf : OOOOOO NO WHY😭

FredTGF : Cannibalism

Jojobubbanono : Is this like birb drugs

Maria Perez : we had a presentation on drugs today and the speaker showed us this video. man, did i feel like crying.....

Osceleste Alvarez : Ouch

bob cats : I hate how the Baird gets weak #sad 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

Creaky C. : :(

Kudretli Sincap : Fazlası zarar amk kuşu

Euphoriart : Is this supposed to be about drugs or alcohol? Like it makes you high (in this case, literally), but the more you take it, the more your resistance increases? If so, neat way to represent that~

NyanBudder : this video was used by my school lmao

xXLaurenHuttonXx : is this supposed to be drugs

bob cats : #auto correct

Alisha Eadle : My class watched this LMAO

Gabriele Genota : ... well I accidentally attended a drug seminar

Alisha Eadle : *Nom Nom*

CuteAnimeKitty12 : its soo sad tho :(

Eva Tait2 : Oh is it about drugs

ScAredY cat : Sexy

Coc Gamer Girl : Those are drugs