Lockheed Martin LM-100J Does a Loop in its Flying Display at Farnborough Airshow – AINtv Express

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Lockheed Martin’s C-130J Hercules-derived LM-100J commercial freighter is making its Farnborough debut. Lockheed has previously offered a civil version of the older, shorter-fuselage Hercules called the L-100, but production ended in 1992. Many of those aircraft are still in operation today. The multi-role LM-100J is expected to complete a variety of delivery missions involving bulky and oversize cargo. It can also operate to and from short or unprepared airfields, without ground support equipment. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs-up, share it, and subscribe to our channel. Also, visit https://www.ainonline.com/subscribe-defense-perspective to subscribe to our Defense Perspective e-newsletter for all the latest on the defense industry.

Comments from Youtube

will parker : The pilots have balls of steel

Joseph Warra : Absolutely fantastic! I've flown many times on Hercs in the military and they're as incredible as you see in this vid - a fantastic airplane, and many thanks to the designers, builders and pilots and crews, they always brought us home!

SGT D : I used to jump out of those C-130s, I knew those pilots were holding back. (cue the snicker)

2018paulrobbinx : I had to watch this twice....

AnthonyTRiggio : Paging Mr. Johnson, Mr. "Tex" Johnson, please come to the red courtesy phone. This sold a lot of 707's for Boeing. Hope it does the same for Lockheed. Awesome flying demo.

SD sc0rch : time 1:50

hrljr76 : Awesome. Absolutely amazing aircraft!

Steve Pugh : WOW!! Old "fat Albert" can still dance around in the skies likes he's a teenager #impressive

Dr. Dimples : Guess I’m from a different generation , and have to beg to differ with people’s comments stating the plane didn’t loop. At time frame 2:00 the big gal loops !

Eb theDoc : Landing gear as belly-side airbrakes? Damn! The loop, too!

Liquid Swords : And just think....This is the civilian version

Malamute Aerospace : Its like the guy who did a barrel roll in a 707

Maurice van den Driessche : Remember the barrell roll of the RNLAF F-27 Troopship, during which they even shutdown an engine?

666MikeRochip : Thats amazing!...we still fly C130 and that loop is breath taking!

Melvyn Cox : Brilliant display!Should get a few orders on the strength of this❤❤😎👍.

Controlledburst : LM-100J? Oh, a Herc! Well of course its amazing. Best airframe ever designed.

Bicentennial Nagger : Haters gonna hate. But i'd say this display confirms that an old bird based on the C130 still qualfies as *"nimble!"*

Bounceback Pleasure : Anything that can Takeoff & Landing Shortly is awesome

Sōkrátēs Socrates : I from Brazil, i like video! Great PILOT, PILOT courage and great determination. Stay god!

Tim : Amazing! Now i want to see an A380 do it.

Jason Cavitt : Hard to believe that old thing is still kicking around. It's cheap, practical, and effective, and the military industrial congressional complex just isn't into that.

Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad : Hell Yeah! Proving once again that this is my favorite plane!

Erik Mellander : Holy moley, first time I've seen a Hercules do that. Definitely gets my official stamp of approval.

billyman : That's a great air show! Incredible.

MrAlfaclass1 : Clucking Bell, mighty herkybird.

Lee B : And people say Lockheed have built a dog in the F35. These guys know how to build great planes. The Hurcules the best military transport plane since the Dak bar none.

Eb theDoc : And them balls are 24-carat gold, with heavy-metal cores, darnit!

johnny llooddte : lets see airpus top that

M Ryan : It takes a lot to impress me when I look at flying displays. The flight routine by this Herc driver is very impressive. Nicely done.

Grifo BR : Old Man C-130 is still trying to hit its younger competitor, KC-390

Gordon McCoy : The modern day DC-3....! A fantastic tactical aircraft....!

BaronVonOrvil : Demo aircraft for sale.....Slightly used only flown to Church on Sundays low time...we can make a deal on this one

jsfbr : Awesome! I flew the E-model three decades ago, and it never crossed my mind that a Herk could loop! Simply amazing!

Harold Ellis : Now I know what heads my Power Ball lottery dream buy list.

Marty Schrader : Okay, who were the half dozen loozers paid by Airbus to poo-poo this piece?

Simon Webb : Amazing what an empty Hercules can do!!!

Herman Geysemans : Holy shit! Never tried this with the H-version...

95in3rd : Is there an in-cockpit video? surely.

Don Robinson : The 1st RNZAF C-130H is still flying at the young age of 53.

Animal tvi : Amazing to see the old Hercules still going strong after all these years. It's been landed on an aircraft carrier . Landed and taken off in an American football stadium. ..

James Wangari : It's was never a full loop, the A400 Grizzly has been performing the same manoeuvre at Farnborough since 2008, a high wing fixed wing aircraft of this size cannot do a loop, it's simple physics

Benjamin Davis : This is sure to be the most watched C-130 video on YouTube! Who's with me?

John Osbourn : This is an INCREDIBLE display! I never knew that the "Herky" was that agile, at all!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱

Lets Go Flying : That's one powerful ship.

Kenneth Mixson : Who does he think he is, Bob Hoover? Oh,wait, his engines are running.

echoey : Totally crazy! Would love to see the cockpit view.

Chuck Eberth : Seen the Mighty Herc do a lot of things but this is a first. Most beautiful and versatile plane in the skies.

Marcus Jordan : Man that thing is flying around like it's a miniature remote Remote airplane amazing

Lloyd Prunier : Flew from Ft Lee Virginia to CamRhan Bay, Vietnam in one of these via California, Hawaii, Wake, Guam and Phillipines. Took about 43 hrs. I think. Hard to remember exact numbers from 1966. Glad to see they are still flying and proving their worth!