Lockheed Martin LM-100J Does a Loop in its Flying Display at Farnborough Airshow – AINtv Express

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Rich F : Saw this 19th July. The test pilot flew it on his LAST EVER flight & retired after completing the display! Incredible seeing a HERC perform a loop!

will parker : The pilots have balls of steel

Joseph Warra : Absolutely fantastic! I've flown many times on Hercs in the military and they're as incredible as you see in this vid - a fantastic airplane, and many thanks to the designers, builders and pilots and crews, they always brought us home!

Steve Pugh : WOW!! Old "fat Albert" can still dance around in the skies likes he's a teenager #impressive

Marty Schrader : Okay, who were the half dozen loozers paid by Airbus to poo-poo this piece?

AnthonyTRiggio : Paging Mr. Johnson, Mr. "Tex" Johnson, please come to the red courtesy phone. This sold a lot of 707's for Boeing. Hope it does the same for Lockheed. Awesome flying demo.

LiquidSwords : And just think....This is the civilian version

Dave Brown : Not a true loop...but an impressive flight display nonetheless!

Putera Usman : Don't be surprise next air show, russia will try to do the same...and don't be surprise if they fail..

2018paulrobbinx : I had to watch this twice....

hrljr76 : Awesome. Absolutely amazing aircraft!

Maurice van den Driessche : Remember the barrell roll of the RNLAF F-27 Troopship, during which they even shutdown an engine?

SD sc0rch : time 1:50

Malamute Aerospace : Its like the guy who did a barrel roll in a 707

Ed : Do a barrel roll.

Wade Higgins : Impressive!

Eb theDoc : Landing gear as belly-side airbrakes? Damn! The loop, too!

SGT D : I used to jump out of those C-130s, I knew those pilots were holding back. (cue the snicker)

johnny llooddte : lets see airpus top that

echoey : Totally crazy! Would love to see the cockpit view.

BALAJI GANESAN : Amazing loop

Mike Cerkez : Fat Albert knows how to dance!!!!

Captndarty : Doesn’t really look like a flat real loop but more so a wingover directly above the camera changing the angle and perception.

Tim : Amazing! Now i want to see an A380 do it.

armynorb : I love the Herc, flew on many over the years, in the army...

Sōkrátēs Socrates : I from Brazil, i like video! Great PILOT, PILOT courage and great determination. Stay god!

Just Leave The Nuts Hangin Out : It wasn’t a loop. I work at Marietta and have the air show profile. If I remember tomorrow I’ll scan it at put it on my Facebook.

Melvyn Cox : Brilliant display!Should get a few orders on the strength of this❤❤😎👍.

Dr. Dimples : Guess I’m from a different generation , and have to beg to differ with people’s comments stating the plane didn’t loop. At time frame 2:00 the big gal loops !

youreale : A bold move to show that the old hercules is not dead... with some high tech "hercules killers" flying around at Farnborough, it's a busy time for the Lockheed marketing team.

666MikeRochip : Thats amazing!...we still fly C130 and that loop is breath taking!

Tim E. : Quite the aerial display, though, almost necessary to pull off an impressive performance now given the competition from Airbus, which it has had only in recent years.

rangga fahmi : Just a renamed c130?

Jeffrey J : Impressive!

LiquidSwords : 0:30 lucky bird

Alan Passat : Is this the dog fight variant?

Amer Ashraf : Deadly Super Impressive Loop -------> No Doubt Technologies Are Leading Towards Zero Errors. ♥♥♥

Jorge Garau : Incrível !

OldSlowGamer : The loop is really not a big deal. Maintain 1 positive airframe G at all times during the inverted half of the loop, don't over-G it during the bottom half. Really any aircraft that's certified to fly can be safely looped. Including ALL airliners.

mohammed jaffer : Empty..yes...full load..noway :)

ann nonymous : ...amazing...

Radio Bikini : Awesome!

Eugênio Sobral : 😰

Tuich 47 : Wow

Bicentennial Nagger : Haters gonna hate. But i'd say this display confirms that an old bird based on the C130 still qualfies as *"nimble!"*

John Dill : Pretty ridiculous. What matters is payload, range, and short/rough field capability.

Kenneth Mixson : Who does he think he is, Bob Hoover? Oh,wait, his engines are running.

Spitfirenut Spitfirenut : That's not a loop! Close but no cigar.

Jens Jensen : Pilot got skills

Duncan D McGrath : Huevos grandes!!