Super Seducer

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BanditRants : Wow!! This triple A game is has absolutely phenomenal graphics and and such pristine game play.

anny05 : Every time... what's his name? Ruined Dick? Every time Ruined Dick speaks I get this instinctive urge to cross the street.

Hummy's VR Comedy : Can't believe this game is a thing! And I love the 'king of kong' reference

Veritas Calivmeir : After extensive playtime with this game I have mastered the art of seducing a lamppost

Kurai ChanZ : Wait what? You can't just randomly walk up to a girl and try to kiss her? But Prank Invasion has taught me otherwise!

BangableRoz : That's N I C E

Drew Dubs : Tell Tale Games is getting really desperate for new game ideas.

Paco Pérez : I want a full walkthrough of this game, I think this is the best game ever made, dunkey, don't let us down and go get those ladies, we must know the secrets of seducing

Slyy : Yo can we get a part 2 though?? 😂

Temerith : THANK YOU DUNKEY, this video has singlehandedly changed my life by introducing me to a MASTAPIECE. After experiencing such greatness I can now say that my relationship status has changed from SINGLE to HAPPILY SINGLE -2 out of Spinach

Ogryska : Metal Gear Solid 6: The Seduce of Liberty

Portuguese MGTOW : Saying these "right things" will bore them to death

Dylan Wilding : C *r* _I_ n *G* _e_

DracoHandsome : You know what I like in a girl? Girl: What? SPAGHETI AND MEAATBAAaaALLZz Girl: get out of voice chat you're not dunkey what? but it's me, dunkeeee Girl: you are not videogamedunkey that's it, now you've done it, time for my ultimate attack Girl: ......... Girl: you're not even doing anything Richard La Ruina: See, this is just awkward and confuses the girl. You want to establish a topic she wants to talk about, and nobody wants to talk about videogamedunkey because he is black.

Heychuh : Snake??? SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!

fruitloops : yeah um, just going to the park to feed some squirrels

Christopher Hayes : Nothing against Dunkey but I just couldn't sit through this video. I cringed way too hard.

Jay Rich : "Ahhh i knew i was fucking something up" " put you arms up like basketball "


chickenlord : Oh man, the hotly anticipated sequel to "Plumbers don't Wear Ties"!

Zacharias : "your friendly neighborhood seduction guru" now that's a title you don't see everyday

LiteralPotato : God he's fuuuuuuucking creepy.

Lodestar : _But when do you tip your fedora??_

Gencay Deniz : Pls MEDIEVIL

ッandy : They still make Sega CD games?

Zant : I like how there are multiple camera angles on him in the bedroom to make this appear as though it's a professional, well-thought-out production.

Gnarrkhaz : What i learned from Richard La Ruina: 1. Block women's way 2. Don't give them a chance to say 'no' 3. Do it at night to increase chances 4. If someone criticises me, throw a tantrum

Markus Saulle : Richard: Be sure not to touch yourself in public. Dunk: Ah, i knew i was fcking sumthin up.

GougingPastas : I'm pretty sure this game was made for people with aspergers and trying to flirt...

Lad Chancho : This game is the dark souls of dating sims

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : So, trending algorithm actually has some taste

GoldLeader_04 : "You Like Nuts You Said"

Sweating Dynasty : I’ve been laid 60 times since watching this video, thanks dunkey

Jérémie Campeau-Poirier : is this the remaster version of the classic "Hooker Fucker"?

UnagiTempura : here's the thing. Men talk in this specific way to me all the time, and i was always weirded out by the way they all talk in the same completely alien way. Going off this i guess they were all just going off pickup culture... Btw it doesnt work. Its incredibly boring and feels lile talking to a lamp

ansaree97 : *M Y D I C K*

q r e s / Noah : A game made by an actual human? fake news.

William Bond : I M N O T T R Y I N G T O F U C K Y O U I N T H E A S S O R A N Y T H I N G.

Monliego : That Perfect Dark music ;) didn't go unnoticed.

Jake Dooley : It takes some balls to star yourself in a production where 5/6 of the scenes are you being weird and creepy.

UnPhayzable : It's the USSR The *Ultra Super Seducer Richard*


Michael Tkaczevski : Tip #17: Dance like Commander Shepard.

Nick Raiden : Haha, you are listed in the reviews for this on Steam. “Thank you Richard” VideoGameDunkey

KhaosityTM : That’s nice

Lil Meme : top 10 anime *love story*

Cody Metzger : Goodbye Virginity

Zr Hakeem : You know what I like in a girl? *MY DICK*

Halogeenix : Holy shit! The cringe is real!

nico amadeo veloso : 10/10 This game really makes you feel like burger king foot lettuce. -IGN.