Mark Zuckerberg knows a thing or two about "Smoking Meats"
Smoking meats fellow humans

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Matt Crisp : - initiate blinking protocol -

Jareth Gawain : "I like meat, for I am human, just like you."

Rob : Hide your meats

Natalie Alfera : Sweet baby Ray’s

Meat : this is my edit. can you credit me please?

TheScreaminGoat : *meats*

Robbie Phillips : I must say You smoke a good meat

Me : Brisket & ribssss!

Ronan RiemanJohns : definitely has like Aspergers at least... no hate

Bobby Ewing : Android Zuckerberg: "Hello fellow humans, I also consume charred meat and other carbon-based material for sustenance. While this primitive propane based apparatus slowly cooks these organic components behind me, my algorithms indicated It would be a prime opportunity to use the platform I own and display and showcase it's functionality. Now that Facebook has a LIVE feature, I concluded that my fellow human companions and I would operate this feature and communicate with my fellow human viewers using this platform. I hope you are in store for a wonderful time as I discuss the latest software that was installed into my mainframe It's programmed and titled "Smokin meats.exe". My last system check was around 45 seconds ago and the biometrics have indicated that "Smokin Meats.exe" is opperating at arround 87% efficiency."

Forgotten Legacy : I was human

Iulius : Briskets and ribs

Jason Taylor : Lizard man for sure

twistymcslide2 : 420 braise it

Ramiro Figueiredo : ho would a hooman do this?.. tel's do it dat way

The Gorn : I bet no one asked him if he smokes meat

proXy : B R I S K E T A N D R I B

Mehrzaad Mir : Hey your meme was stolen by Pyro. How do you feel?

MLG_ freddy_56 : He's comeing for yo meat boi

Recon Fi : An embarrassment

Mad Cyborg 2552 Reviews : He eats meat? Well that's not very leftie vegan friendly...what will the users of facebook think? MEATGATE! :P haha

Hans Castorp : B R IS K E T A N D RI B S

Secondhand Sampler : Nobody really wants to see what’s under the hood.

James Tocher : Theres definitely a baby under there.

Drew Corrin : what can a vegan smoke mate?

trew linson : He is a creep.

Gabriel Lopes : Zucc smocc lizard meat a lot