Mark Zuckerberg knows a thing or two about "Smoking Meats"

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Zark Muckerburg : smoke human meat. fuel for the zuckerbot.

Matt Crisp : - initiate blinking protocol -

Meat : this is my edit. can you credit me please?

Natalie Alfera : Sweet baby Ray’s

Rob : Hide your meats

Forgotten Legacy : I was human

Jareth Gawain : "I like meat, for I am human, just like you."

Me : Brisket & ribssss!

TheScreaminGoat : *meats*

Ramiro Figueiredo : ho would a hooman do this?.. tel's do it dat way

trew linson : He is a creep.

Robbie Phillips : I must say You smoke a good meat

Iulius : Briskets and ribs

proXy : B R I S K E T A N D R I B

James Tocher : Theres definitely a baby under there.

Enigma : S M O K E M E A T Z U C C B R I S K I T R I B S Z U C C

MLG_ freddy_56 : He's comeing for yo meat boi

Drew Corrin : what can a vegan smoke mate?

twistymcslide2 : 420 braise it

yashvone : 00:25

Recon Fi : An embarrassment

Jason Taylor : Lizard man for sure

Ronan RiemanJohns : definitely has like Aspergers at least... no hate

Gabriel Lopes : Zucc smocc lizard meat a lot

The Gorn : I bet no one asked him if he smokes meat

Secondhand Sampler : Nobody really wants to see what’s under the hood.