Primitive Life:Stone-Swimming Pool-part2!

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Tolga : This is absolutely excellent work. But i'm so curious about how can you keep clean the water? Do you have any tactic for it in the nature? *Edit: Too many ppl sharin' their opinions, ideas or informations and i'm appreciated for it. Thank you so much folks..

CentrifugalFacewear : how do you plan on keeping the pool clean? leaves and stuff is fine, but once mosquitoes or other pests start laying eggs in all that standing water, it's going to be a very bad time for you

Primitive Survival Life : *Another Fantastic video*

Grenadiel : I suggest creating a water cleaning/filtering system. A still water like this is going to become troublesome. Actually it would be lovely if you made a special bamboo pipe system that would reach the top an bottom part of the pool and the water would meet along the way some stones, sand, charcoal which would filter it. Also, you could make a round strainer to collect the nasty stuff from the surface.

Boreasrex11 : Very funny. Two questions: 1. How many bags of concrete did you use on this project - not the whole village, just the pool? 2. Do you really expect anyone to believe you filled the pool with your little bowl? I estimate on the close order of 3,000 trips to the river.

Elmoji : I love the new minecraft texture pack.

Ivan Smith : show this pool in a month or two, when it blossoms

Данияр Шарафутдинов : Вот же заёба грешный... Сколько труда чтоб сполоснуться . Я то ожидал, что он в конце ручеёк какой нибудь туда перенаправит. Тогда хоть какая то логика в работе. А то такую яму рыть палкой-ковырялкой, раствора месить руками три куба, тонну камней с реки приволочь, собрать всё это великолепие, чтобы потом тарелкой до ночи туда воду с реки носит... Примитивный человек бы на это хуй забил, и пошёл бы в речке купаться... Но за старания твёрдая пятерка!

ZChum : This absolute unit flexing on his neighbors with his new pool.

Megan Rivera : It must be incredibly satisfying to build your own home like this.

mr. Qahtan 505 : الي عربي يضغط لايك سعودي مصري عراقي جزائري مغربي كويتي إماراتي بحريني عماني يمني أردني لبناني تونسي واعذروني الي ما كتبت بلده

Giorgio C. : How about you show us how to do taxes next?

elioanis136 : Finally a real primitive pool because all videos from other primitive channels make pools that are not even 1 meter high

FreezerBurn : The Blair Witch is gonna be mad he moved all of those rocks.

Юрий Исайченко : Через 500 лет придут в это место архиологи. И найдут стоянку древнего человека. Всё сделано без применения орудий. И охуеют... (Археологи). А на самом деле чувак кино снимал. Про постройки вручную...

Big Ben : Absolutely brilliant. And that back flip though! 👍

TOP FISHING самоделки для рыбалки : *КРУТО!!*

GeneralKayoss : Still cant figure out a way to move large quantities of water effectively..... lol

Exposition is unnecessary : when you add 2 and a half minutes of swimming to pad out your vid to 10 mins >:D

hi : what next?

Luis Leo : Amazing!! But how you would manage the bactherias problem un the water? I mean in 1 week the water will not able to stay in.

Rainel Paabo : Build a water transport system that delivers water from the river.

hayden robbie : if you add some charcoal and/or plant to that sand it'd help filter any water going into the pool... that is if that channel and pipe are for that purpose...

Scarlet Carpenter : Ok I love watching your videos I a question how do they keep the pools clean

Chris Valeske : How do you keep the water clean?

Alexander Presscott : a thousand years to fill the pool XD

Andre Olive : Pra que uma piscina se tenho isso aí?

mightyScon : In 200 years from now someone will find this and think it was the tomb of an important person in that area carbon dating the cement rocks to 10,000 years ago.

JJCN : You might have to remove the three trees next to your pool, in a few months or even a year their roots will damage the pool.

Primitive New Huts : linda pool greetings from peru

PAULO JÚNIORッ : *WOW... GOOD JOB* *i am from Brazil 🇧🇷*

zmasterx : This man is a legend

Alex : 7:43 best swimming pool backflip and jumps compilation 2018

Михаил Березкин : И это конечно не цементный раствор а чистое гуано

ga lla : I love you ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖇

Yvys Bertuce : How does he will keep this swimming pool clean?

Ko D : part 3 may as well be him doing breaststroke in a lap pool.. this man is a factory

Mobile Game Master : Think something to clean the water and you should start making a strong house for living

freeindeed2006 : If you think the mosquitoes are bad now.......wait and see what they will be like in 1 week! Also, you are going to experience severe algae bloom and between the are better off swimming in the ocean or river! Any plans for an effective filtration system? Would like to see how clear it stays in future videos.

Drea Clark : I'd be too worried too do a backfill b/c 1) I've never done one and 2) it just doesn't look deep enough for me 2try it safely.🐣 Lovely job Sir!!

Stephanie Dews : I love this man. He's so creative that place looks absolutely beautiful I would love to live there

beth98362 : Nice bathtub...needs a few fish to eat the misquote larva that's gonna come visit!

Jake Sprunger : Put like 50 pounds of salt in it or at least make it above ground to drain it cause this pool will need to be drained after a short period else it won't be safe to swim in.

W Boring : 2 weeks later, it's nothing but algea and mosquitos

Roosevelt Mauro : Isto q é vida😁👍🇧🇷

Stavrilaos 10.000 subs without videos : Fantastic job man.Well done and i as can see the water is cleaner than other pools in the jungle well done

Axel Rivera : how do you clean the water?

Marjorie Baker : I've been waiting! 😀

Double chin potato with a unibrow and a monicle : *SICK BACKFLIP BRA*

kctyphoon : Nice job, but in a month it will be a cesspool.