The dogs reaction to me in a dog mask

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Seeing what the reaction would be. Just dad in another mask. dog prank to scare the dogs i failed at the camera angles. ----- dogs reaction to me in an inflatable dinosaur suit- Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel. Follow Us on Facebook - Instagram - #zuntic

Comments from Youtube

Sean : Your dogs must be terrorised, knowing you killed a dog and took its skin for the mask

Margaret Ping : *CAT:* _Ah these 4 uncivilized creatures fooling around again. I am having none of it, I am outta here._

Tony : “We’ll have flying cars in the future!” 2018:

JC Cuber : So many cameras and you din't capture sht.

Nomadic TigerSoul : Dogs send cat into the battlefield first!

ghosthusler : The music sound like something from Crash Bandicoot

O-Beefyy : Aliens would think some weird shit if they found this footage.

Snapmare : They are some angery boyes

JoshYboi YT : Cat: "why do you have a dog ma-" Dogs: -runs over cat like he / she doesnt exist-

Luis Mendoza : Now make a human reaction to a dog in a human mask

Crispii Creme : This dude really just barked at his dogs lmao

Onni Karppinen : The funniest thing is the cat😂

Millersaur 1 : Rare leaked footage of the first recorded furry becoming one with the tribe (circa 1999)

XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068 : *Cat:* The dogs have possessed my owner...

I Don't Know Why This Channel exists : 0:46 cat: oh hell no im out (Edit) idk how this comment got more than 2k likes but thanks lol

Flann Flynn : It would have been hilarious if them dogs bit the nose off ya.

NE One Here From : it’s just a prank bro!

John W : 3 big dogs in one house..that's kinda over the top

Eagle NeBular : And I'd have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling dogs!

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : Now try it with a grizzly bear mask. Out in the woods.

San Diego : it looks like you need to get just a few more pets, for your zoo. 😂

fanguchiha194 : "That's not a dog! *rips off mask* it's old man owner!" "And i would have gotten away with it too if it wasnt for you mangy mutts!"

Kyle Herrera : That's the most haunting thumbnail I've ever seen.

Hugo : 0:38 nice dog

MeatVision : Cat was like "hey John, nice mask"

Blueblood1270 : LMAO played this with sound and my dog went ballistic at the dogs barking 🤣🤣🤣🤣

AdamBruins : “ He has finally become one of us”

Jeff C : A rottweiler that lived in a fenced yard would bark and go crazy which the fence was right by the bedroom window. At night I put on a halloween mask that had 2 big horns and giant sharp teeth and wrapped a blanket around me and took my dive light out by the fence in the dark and when the rottweiler came over barking i turned the light on my face from below and roared. The dog froze and ran off in silence. The dog stayed on the porch and they took it to the vet because it stopped eating and they were sure it had been poisoned. This is a true story--dogs recognize teeth and horns which is universal and that fucking dog never peeped again.

name : "Oh my god! It's Anubis! Oh god! forgive us--- wait, dad?"

June 47 : poor little cat in the middle of the traffic

Jason Wilbert : Why am i recommende- oh well thanks youtube

Zebra Gamer : Cat:wow another dog not a cat.

Al Pacino : lolol they can smell it's their owner dog's got 20-30 times better sense of smell than human

Kazbek Kazbekov : Просто пиздец, как можно на хате держать 3 собаки и кота, там наверно от мочи такой запах стоит. Грязнули бля

Luke Skywalker : Breaking News: A man in dog mask found dead after being attacked by his own dog.

SALAM QAZAQSTAN : I suppose cat is the "God father" Alter dog father🤣🤣🤣

Abelis : Hehehe... what reaction? Lol... they knew all along that it was Dad in a mask. No dummies there!!!

mirror talk : I did the trick with my doberman back in the 80's , he attacked. Freaked him out me too!!!

M4RC40 Cameroon : Dogs reaction: Brutally attacks and murders their owner

theblackfemme : The first dog, the orange one, is a little strange... 😅

alex the fox : Me :ahhhhh it's the under beer My friend:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ME:BRUH YOU DON'T KNOW THE EAGLES BRUH

The Winged Messenger : Are they suffering PTSD. Great reaction, truly shows their individuality, and eventually their sense of humour. Dogs really are *man's best friend*

Ben Wood : That cat clearly had a shit time dealing with those 3 gigantic dogs, at the start it literally gets trampled lmao.

Rockylol : Me at 10pm: I should sleep. Me at 3am:

Leandro 1311 : Cat: realy? Another dog?

Its Ali64xX : "if you don't like Furries go away" 😂😂

Nome Sobrenome : Dude: I love lolis Cat: Dude that's weird... Dogs: *FBI OPEN UP*

Not Todd Howard : Dog 1: Is that Hooman? Dog 2: I do not know Dog 1: What is it doing? Dog 2: I believe it's tricking us Dog 3: We have been fooled

Peterthespidey : Cats are way smarter