The dogs reaction to me in a dog mask

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Sumukh : Cat: “ah it's the dog thing.”

ChrisGTXvideos : These dogs would be like .. “Who are you trying to fool Bro ? Take that mask down we know” .. Haha 😂 what a smart dogs , Great video

can i get 1k subs without any video? lol : 0:46 cat: oh hell no im out

Sean : Your dogs must be terrorised, knowing you killed a dog and took its skin for the mask

Snapmare : They are some angery boyes

Nomadic TigerSoul : Dogs send cat into the battlefield first!

Tony : “We’ll have flying cars in the future!” 2018:

Obergruppenführer John Smith : And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids...

JoshYbricks 4Ever : Cat: "why do you have a dog ma-" Dogs: -runs over cat like he / she doesnt exist-

Does it Matter : 0:44 the cat was "ufff stupid dogs"

LordWhiteWolf06 : even dogs hate furries

Onni Karppinen : The funniest thing is the cat😂

O-Beefyy : Aliens would think some weird shit if they found this footage.

GIANCA Travel : 1:05 Veamos quien esta detras de esta mas cara rufian! -NUESTRO AMOOOO!?????? -MALDITOS PERROS INTROMETIDOS.

10,000 subs with no videos challenge ! : What about a cat mask?

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : Now try it with a grizzly bear mask. Out in the woods.

Xeno : At 1:17 that dog was like “ take that mask of ur not one of us foolish human”

Millersaur 1 : Rare leaked footage of the first recorded furry becoming one with the tribe (circa 1999)

Margaret Ping : *CAT:* _Ah these 4 uncivilized creatures fooling around again. I am having none of it, I am outta here._

NE One Here From : it’s just a prank bro!

caesium glade : Cat was like " Eh i don't care."😉😂😂

XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068 : *Cat:* The dogs have possessed my owner...

King Aragon II : 0:38 the cat knows everything, sneaky little shit😂😂😁😁

B O B B : *Cat's ultimate nightmare*

Peterthespidy : Cats are way smarter

هوغو : 0:38 nice dog

saquib hashmi : Cat be like : " Ohh God! Men will be men" 😒

name : "Oh my god! It's Anubis! Oh god! forgive us--- wait, dad?"

Crispii Creme : This dude really just barked at his dogs lmao

June 47 : poor little cat in the middle of the traffic

Kyle Herrera : That's the most haunting thumbnail I've ever seen.

Eagle NeBular : And I'd have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling dogs!

MrViperBG : 1:10 the dark one coming up to you, barking in your face and going away like nothing happened.

Seigel Stifftung : Those dogs are smart. remove.the.mask? Intelligent creatures dogs are. My.father use to say the more he sees of human the better he loves his dogs

Luis Mendoza : Now make a human reaction to a dog in a human mask

Rockylol : Me at 10pm: I should sleep. Me at 3am:

Yxung Drxxpy Thv Dxn : This is what happened to Tom "Tom and Jerry" When he dressed up as a dog to find Jerry under the puppy

Lance1223 : *sees owner in a mask* Cat: meh

Al Pacino : lolol they can smell it's their owner dog's got 20-30 times better sense of smell than human

MeatVision : Cat was like "hey John, nice mask"

San Diego : it looks like you need to get just a few more pets, for your zoo. 😂

AdamBruinsツ : “ He has finally become one of us”

Magnus C : Where is the dog in a dog mask? CLICKBAIT!

karan kharat : I don't know why humans love to watch weird shits 😂

Leandro 1311 : Cat: realy? Another dog?

Its NOEV : Recommended videos never disappoint

M4RC40 Cameroon : Dogs reaction: Brutally attacks and murders their owner

Fernando Chulde : Like si hablas español

Thog : Thog don’t care

David Rislund : Dogs be like: elimenate fury