RiceGum's Response to iDubbbz is not too good

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NFKRZ : demonetized after 15 minutes of being up, gg youtube

choncy barbosa : The pewdiepie point is not a good one, pewdiepie wasn't the one who criticized him, he only appeared for like 10 seconds, and was not a criticism of iDubbbz:

Jedy Zichterman : I just noticed this now but Ricegum's non-verbal communication is aggravating as fuck, flailing his arms all over the goddamn place like a fucking spastic

Maraudience : Rest in Paul Walker headphone users

Gulsah Sahin : Lesbian Pyro made more good points than you, man. This video was weak as fuck. Go do your homework. I'm dissapointed.

A1 Madddoggkilla : Damn that 16 year old got nice tits... oops that slipped out of my over aged mouth

Rao Ku : Hm, I actually thought ricegums response was good due to him spending time with sleak edditing, but now that you mention he has an editor..

Jackaled : But rice gum edited the view and pewdiepie was on a live stream

Ethan Saur : Yo, I have never heard of you before now but as an amateur news channel on youtube you did a really good job. You shared youe personality and humor in a good way, keep up the good work.

MrLeviNielsen : I miss the the old YouTube because it always seemed like such a good way for passionate creators to lay down what they have. Now it's just a douche hangout zone exploited by good-looking f**kboys people like RiceGum who brag about their fortune and "good content", where we have to make multiple videos and responses to get them off the front page.

john selvarajah : Am I tripping or how to do u make a music video with out producers and mix makin

Nasty Habits : Again NF's your video was good but saying that point about Pewdiepie stretching his vids to 10 mins was a valid point is just stupidity bro, Pewdiepie done that way after everyone else done it and he only did it to take the piss out of all the idiots that actually do it on purpose, Pewdiepie is legit!!


Prizmah : does he know that the girl is the rape victim ?

Sachin Ramsay : This dude voice annoying as f**k

Alex Quaesar : His entire video proved idubbz right. It reinforced everything idubbz said.

Creative Guy123 : um, ricegum and his editor both edit the same videos they do half and half

Ey b0ss : A Russian imitating an African American. Pure goooold

MicKy : Funny how Ricegun talks about the time he was poor (I doubt it, he's so much of a spoiled brat) while wearing a Gucci shirt PS: I live in a favela in Brazil so bite me!

Somewhere Someone : When pewdipie slipped out, he immediately apologize and realized it was wrong while Ricegum only “apologized” when he started to get called for it, no because he realized it was wrong. Then he dares to compare the two

Friquido : No one wanted to hear some not popular commentary channels opinnion on this matter. You had nothing to do with this, why do you throw your 2 cents in it? Why aren't you making original content, you might be popular if you do that

Waffle : Hey guys *Ḑ̗̝͓̬̍̓̀̾̈́́͟ͅ Ỉ̙̯̭̠̹̼̮̠̳͂͆͊̒͞ Ḍ̛̞̭̘̙̎͛̄̅̌̾͒̄ I̶̛̺̩͉̖͚̘̥͌̌̀͂̈́̆̇̕ Ț̯̦̳̳͒̊̐͐̎́̐͛͂͝ F̴̳̫̟̬̐̑́̿̐͟ Ȩ̛̝̻̥̜̜́͂͆̓͜͟ Ė̢̗̗͓̪̹̜͎̰̄̅̉̔̍̏̐͡ L͖͕̳̮̟̻̦̫̾̌̓̇̆̊́̈͊̕ G̴̡̛̗͍̳̟̼̮͐͒͆͂́̕͜͡͞͞ O̴͕̻̫̬̯̔̿̀̒͒ O̸̡͔͎̤͖̖̰̜̞̫̓̇͗͆̀̆̏̄ D͓̖̺̯͕̐̒̀̐̽͟ Ţ̧̢̣̙̖̩̯̩̜̒͑̀͛̇̎̚͠ H̶̦̻̟̩̣̼̞̽́̀͋̓̕͘ Ǒ̤̥̻̻͒͐̊͛͆̔̏͂͜*

Xx_Phedora_LvUeR_xX : "Rice gum not editing for his response is bad" not a quote but the same point you made. Pewdiepie is the top youtuber on youtube, sub wise, he's basically right now the AVGN, slowly dying and trying to cling onto his own popularity for survival, doesn't edit his videos.

The V8 : ricegum is edgy as fuck.. trying to looks cool by moving his hand like a black rapper style thing


kobie_up_next cloutgang : And he said he is irelavent and he is saying he is stupid. Apparently people can't take a joke anymore. He takes rice gum and critsiesisess him and dose not say anything about idubbzs saying nigger fag get. Ur so fucking dumb.

WYTC19 : WAIT...youre russian? i never realized that. Most people with russian accents sounds stupid or drunk, not saying thats a bad thing. you actually sound smart...-ish

LuigiMC - Minecraft&More : Just don't man u don't even have 1M subs so stop u suck a dick oh wait... U can't get one because u don't have one

Harikesan Balachandran : I don't like ricegum, on idooobzzzz side, but why was there a download button on that video.


Tunable Snake : Ok why YALL HATING ON RICEGUM? Its stupid ok he said if the rape was GOOD but he didnt mean that and YALL HATING Leafy why Just because he has no chin NO BODY IS PERFECT,and why are yall supporting a person that says the "N" word... thats stupid JUST GO ON WITH LIFE AND FUCK THE DRAMA✌

inzain : Saying couldn't buy the same clothes his friends had is not saying that he started from the bottom. dafuq are you talking about, stop twisting his words. *not a ricegum fan*

LitAfuseiCantStop : That pic of Leafy at 1:12 👀That's the shit nightmares are made of

alex calderon : Fuck you for spamming so many ads

Awesomegra : I reckon that fancy edititing on ricegums videos is compensating for something

Turbomonkey882 : Dude he had to of paid those dudes to say that shit, it just sounded so forced and contrived. There was no real emotion in it and shit.

Zak Grady : i think you knitpick a bit much but i hate ricecum..sooooo good video :)

Sir_M8te : Don't cry about demonetization I watched 5 adds this video

Not Jesus : Did ricegum abduct those clueless Black kids from the hood and forced them to watch that Clip of ian saying nigger over and over while they get paid in KFC?

MrSteep136 : Russians couldnt care less about the word nigger as it means 'a black person' in russian language: 'negr'

Sedivh : I wanna get famous to have a content cop all for myself!

Jeff Kaplan : fucking music from naruto in the background tho

Mus Official : Those points are not valid

Crzces : Not hating on him for his channel, but there's a reason he isn't on a major label. Still, he's a bleepin millionaire, so props to him, but he's begging for a YouTuber to make a video about him, then gets really mad that the person did what he asked? And had a better video? He broke a girl's camera because she was silly enough to goof with a YouTube rapper and challenge him to a freestyle, without his writer there. Yikes. Because Gabbie? Gabby? Whatever, is so know for her impeccable flow and vernacular talent? You know if he had a dis memorized he could flip her name into he would have accepted. If she let him know a few days in advance so someone could get some 25 second disses ready he would have he would have been all over it. Instead he breaks her phone. Then makes a vid saying how irrelevant she is, goes on other shows saying that you don't come up to people and just record them without letting them prep. You don't record at a YouTube party? He does all of this all the time. The only thing she did that he doesn't do is she didn't hide the phone so he didn't know she was recording. Oh, I don't think she smashes other people's phones either. His writer is also pretty bad, so I guess that's more props to him for blowing up terrible lyrics. Maybe it's better than his own as he makes up words like Goerge Bush Jr, but wow, maybe he does it on purpose? Not to toot my own horn but I write better than his people? Him? Whoever his ghost writer/s is/are. You could probably write a better rap as well. I'd listened to him (portions) before, but this was my first entire song, then I tried a few others. I don't think many artists are nervous. Can't see him making a guest appearance on Anthem anytime soon, and his coming from nothing is lower upper class with parents taking in a little over 3/4 of a million per year. He's never been poor, his parents just wanted him to appreciate money, but he was still getting at least one pair of new Jordan's when they came out. Only one pair of $450 kicks though, not every color like some of his friends. That poor kid. I'm happy he flips 20's at poor people, but what would have been much cooler, gotten just as many hits, and a far more positive reaction, would have him going over to the people and saying "Hey man, I've never been down like this, but I feel for you. I make money from YouTube and you're living like this? Here, my fans pay me, so this is from them" and handed them 300 usd, not flipping 60 $20 bills on them. That's disrespectful. I'm sure the homeless people are thrilled to get the money, and are disrespected far worse, but that's a shitty act of charity. Seriously, are you going to go to Africa and you see thirsty kids, bust open a truck full of water, and hose them down? What the heck is wrong with this kid? And his channel doesn't have lasting appeal, so it's definitely good that his parents worked their ass off and probably saved a ton, as he won't be around in 3 or 4 years, not "relevant" at least. He may even have to get a job that pays, $100k, $75 grand, maybe as low as $50 thousand a year, as I haven't seen any marketable skills. Wish him luck. Maybe he can tell his tale of poor Vietnamese boy who made it to Ed Sheeran or Eminem. They will surely be able to relate, sign him to a deal as it's not like he puts up a front or anything...

Dannymclovin69 : Diss track????? Tf is that faggot in middle school or something lol wow embarrassing

James Varner : at least when pewdiepie did it it was somewhat funny and not a desperate call for more money

darkjosem13 : Is it normal to be in love with this nigger faggot communist?

farlon muentes : would this bitch stop flexing his chicken feet arms. his shirt is small size but the arm holes are still big for his skinny arms.

redaggron1 : Your first video was dope

Dennis Gagliano : the worst is, he posted on twitter i think "guy's i need more time "I NEED TO EDIT AND STUFF" and i was like dude wtf i'm pretty sure you'll let someone else edit it.