RiceGum's Response to iDubbbz is not too good

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NFKRZ : demonetized after 15 minutes of being up, gg youtube

Seth Fenn-Williams : This is Content Mall cop

ShrekDaddy445 V2 : Ricegum’s response: 6mil after a day. Idubbbz content cop: 10mil after a day Take this goddamn L, rice!

Raina : Is it weird that I'm Asian but I can't understand what fried rice is saying for shit. I can honestly understand NFKRZ's accent better--

Glasgow Kiss : he didnt mention anything about going into that girls phone without permission and nearly secretly recording a sextape without permission, why? because both are illegal.

Space Gnome : he even ignored some stuff like the phone smashing

Knots : I dont understand why people said he is redeemed, even himself. He ignored the sextape point, him destroying the phone and disrespecting other youtubers, calling everyone irrelevant and playing it off saying "I guess I need to learn more words"

Lone Chromosome : NFKRZ=Pyrocinical Jr.

Randy Refil : They have houses in Russia?

Michal Is : Ricegum clearly chose the best videos to showcase Pewdiepie doing the same thing. The first video he shows Pewdiepie talks about this exact issue on YouTube, it was a joke. Second one he sings, so it's at least some content. Great points.

Nudify : ricegum will drop faster than something that was dropped on his ancestors in 45.

Mighty Raccoon : He completely ignored his deleted video about the sex tape.

Carla Ferguson : I can't even see the live stream 'slip ups' to be a good argument. You could see after Felix messed up he clearly reacted to it and knew what he did was wrong, and apologized on his own terms. Ricedumb however had to wait until other people reacted and told him he was an idiot. He still can't even take the weight of his mistakes...

AvrG.Misfit : NFKRZ got that fresh cut Nobody can touch his swaaaaag...

Schmeckle Boi : The biggest mistake Leafy, Tana, and Rice made: Responding

Hydron : 5:14-5:42 Well MLK, everything you've ever done to help the black community has been washed down the drain, goodbye, done, that's it, you did good buddy, but your race now glorifies criminals instead of people like you.

aliGol D : Lol crew of black people? That's 21 savage's gang. Idiot🔥🔥😂😂😂

Vepkhia : That part where RiceGum played Woke The F*ck Up by Jon Bellion made me want to cry. Like NO. DO NOT RUIN THAT SONG FOR ME UGH.

Nicklas VEVA : Who is that poor guy holding the camera while ricegum is having a date with his gf?

Pyrocynicals Guardian. : Did it feel good though.

Improved Studios : 7:53 oooh the victim card, excellent choice.

choncy barbosa : The pewdiepie point is not a good one, pewdiepie wasn't the one who criticized him, he only appeared for like 10 seconds, and was not a criticism of iDubbbz:

BakedPotato : I realized why idubbbz said at the end of the disstrack did it feel good though, and at the start "there's a 261 in progress"

JustLeaf : I was about to watch rice gums video and i was like "do i really wanna give him money by watching him :thinking: ohh wait NFKRZ :0"

StockiestLeech : gay boy strikes back

APlayerWhoPlays : hey no brazzers no fak his hair.

Nova : nfkrz... DID IT FEEL GOOD THO???

Tegnet : Can we just get to the core of all of this? How the hell have ricegum even become "famous"? I don't know much about him... All I got is he raps and makes music videos. So I'm guessing that's where he got his money and "fame" from? But how is that even possible? Some of his lyrics I've heard over the last few days are okay... But the guy has ZERO flow. He sounds like someone who started practicing a few months ago. Which is okay... Everyone has to start somewhere. But his stuff is NOWHERE near something he should be earning money from?

SAMURAIZZ : Lookin like that dude from lazy town haircut ass

Rory Crittenden : If rice gum is apparently this rich he should use that money for a sandwich and a gym membership so he won’t break his arms picking something

Translucent Vegan : i am sure you get this a lot but i love your voice. kbye :)

Gia Bird : Tbh I like when all my favorite youtuber upload about a popular topic. I get to hear all their different opinions on it.

I Hate 2D animation profiles : Asian Jakepaul deleted negative Comments

TrapTiger : Nice Jimmy neutron haircut

sam M.Y : SOMEONE GIVE THIS GUY SOME COOKIES OMG btw im ur new fan bro <3

Heather Johnson : Awesome video man! Ricecum is 🗑🗑🗑

followthisSWAG : RiceGum=Asian Slim Jesus

Rave : I died when Roman played one of his old videos

HyperBrokenMusik : DEMONETISED

Jemison : I have to say your intro is dope.

DatGameh : Has NFKRZ usually gave this like-dislike ratio? I mean, it is extremely liked, but seeing the dislike bar being larger more than a few pixels is a little unusual for me to see.

MC3141592653589 : The thing about ricegum's point about pewdiepie is that shouting a word due to the stress and anger from a video game is very different from having a full conversation with a rape victim and asking "did it feel good though?". But that is just my opinion

Tsedegee : The point Ricegum made about Pewdiepie also stretching videos was, again, missing the context. In Pewdiepie's video "WHY PEWDIEPIE IS THE DUMBEST YOUTUBER" he responds to a maniac vegan Sorsha who calls him out for not having a "core message" and such. So in this video Pewdiepie finds out that Sorsha just puts the thumbnail at the end of her videos for minutes just to make them more than 10 minutes long and he then ironically did the exact same thing at the end of his video. He then did this same thing in some of his following videos (maybe 3 or 4 times) referring to the same joke. I personally think that maybe one or two times would have been enough but there was context to it (which Ricegum did not have) and most definitely he is not the one that does it more than anyone else on Youtube.

Mitchell Ng : I love the approach you took to this video and how it offers both side of the argument, obviously people from both sides aren't going to be happy but I feel like it's better than just completely siding with one part and refusing to hear the points of the other. Good job you disgusting Russian lad

2,000 .- : In my psychology class,we learned about child behaviors,and what to do with them.Rice gum is showing signs of a child with little attention.this especially shows up in 7-8 year olds when they are going though "first puberty" so your welcome.

JTM Honeycombs : Maybe Ricegum got his name from when he was a kid. Growing up in the dense jungles of Vietnam, Brian and his parents worked constantly. During the day, he and his dad would work at a rice farm. And during the night, he and his mom would work at a gum factory. Hence the name, Ricegum. Yeah, that would be a good story if it were true.

Xx_Phedora_LvUeR_xX : "Rice gum not editing for his response is bad" not a quote but the same point you made. Pewdiepie is the top youtuber on youtube, sub wise, he's basically right now the AVGN, slowly dying and trying to cling onto his own popularity for survival, doesn't edit his videos.

YOUTUBE'S CURRENT MONETIZATION SYSTEM : *_piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh_*

Nintechdude : Love this comment and I will pay you $10,000 GET BAITED! *i won the contest right?*

ben : Learn to pronounce someone's name before criticizing them