Amazing video shows eagle battling fox for rabbit in mid-air
Fox catches a rabbit then an eagle catches the same rabbit

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A fox who captured a rabbit quickly lost its prey when an eagle swooped in to try to steal the fox's meal.


Evi Tthought : I can clearly see without a doubt in slow motion part the eagle flew away with the rabbit in his right leg. The fox was not fighting the eagle (eagle could have killed the fox easily). The fox was unlucky it got caught but eagle dropped the fox (left leg) and took the rabbit (right leg)

usethefooorce : "Unharmed"?? Pause at 0:16 or 0:17, you will see that the eagle has the fox' face in the talons of its left foot. Ouch. The rabbit is in the right foot, and the eagle flew away with it.

BT Design : Everybodys got babies who are hungry.

C North : That fox is not unharmed. You can clearly see his face, possibly even his eye socket, got hooked by the talon.

erfoolak : The fox definitely got some injuries from eagle claws and the impact.

JRS2623 : At least the fox got away.

orkhaa : the eagle clearly still has the rabbit.

AcelaRailfan2150 : Fox: Minnesota Vikings Rabbit: New England Patriots Eagle: Philly

JABS991 : Fox is lucky to not get its head ripped off.

Saved by Grace. : All very well until a child becomes eagle chick food! Man them bird's are strong.

ColdieHU : Not sure the photographer or uploader actually watched his own footage. Eagle clearly flies away with the rabbit. Not so sure about the fox not being injured. watching it in slow mo, one can clearly see that the eagle grabbed the fox in the face. Looks like even it got a claw in the fox's eye.

TheCadillacCat : It's gotta suck to be in the middle of the food chain.

voteZDLR : I kept waiting for the Pterodactyl to swoop up the Eagle which had the Fox which had the Rabbit.

Mattathias Macabees : Fox is lucky eagle didnt just go for his neck

Tim Wilson : Is that a bear or a mountain lion in the background?

Ted Vreden : AMAZING video, one of the best nature action movies i have seen.

det Bits : ABC can't even get the facts of this video straight lol. The eagle clearly took the rabbit in it's right talon, while it's left talon was hooked onto the fox's face. Watch in 0.25x speed 1080p pretty clear.

J.R. Productions : Eagle clearly stole the rabbit, and the fox obviously was fatally mauled. Lol

Deirdre Bernal : Leaked footage of Fox vs. Falco, but with an eagle.

gibles3000 : Imagine the puncture holes in that foxes face....he is gonna die..

Xiao Houzi : Even if the eagle managed to take the rabbit from the fox, I know from experience that you should never try to take food away from foxes.

Tomasz Tomasz : Super ๐Ÿ‘Œ Movie

MrAbsentdriver : Hate eagle just like buzzards. Will shoot any that comes into my no fly zone.

QuIgYx : Im proud they are our nationโ€™s animal.

k11401 buitienthinh : that fox was downright lucky. I think the eagle was aiming directly at the fox, not the rabbit. One hook to the skull or spine was more than enough to kill it instantly. Luckily for the fox, he turned his head around and the rabbit took the blow for him. If he had kept running without turning back, those claws would have brutally sunk in the fox's spine.

kaiz julius : is the eagle has super power like that

Snowywolf653 AJ : NO. POOR FOX๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜พ

Johnson Trimble : I was rooting for the rabbit lmao

Queleimporta Pene : This clearly proves the existence of god.

vexonica 02 : The rabbit must be contained lot of oil

Dustin H : if you call a talon in the skull unharmed

Toribot : It's crazy the fox heard the eagle and turned to defend its food just amazing.

Hidden Mountain Drum Covers : Outfoxed ๐Ÿ˜

herb dean : dude how high were you when u made this vid.... the eagle got the rabbit them look ballz

Leoverden Leo : Dark souls school!

CNN FakeNews : Don't mess with a bald eagles lunch!

SheltieShangriLa : Yeah, unfortunately it does appear the eagle got the rabbit. Poor fox. But moreso, poor rabbit.

Ramon Arellano : Freedom locked in like a missile.

AndreasTube : Nice fake news in the end there.

Joseph Dittli : Looks to me that the eagle had his left talons clutching the fox's head and his right clutching the rabbit. He drops the fox and leaves with the rabbit. I don't know if he dropped the fox because of its resistance or simply because he couldn't generate enough lift to carry both at once... but I suspect it was the latter.

Martin Amirtharaj : amazing..!!

Terra148 : Eagles . . . . yeah, the USA symbol, but man . . . getting so many issues the past decade or so with them scavengeing and being brave enough to come in close and perched above houses, acreages and farms . . . . Well, we're 'all' part of the natural system and 'we' take care of our own as well!

Mike C : If the eagle still had the rabbit it would be hanging from its talons and clearly visible. The fox got a free ride but tenaciously kept its meal. Everybody has to eat.

Stephanie Edwards : Nature, you scary.


FOX : yeah go get them fox!!!!!

TheIrfanxz44 : Bold eagles are tasty

k max : Sea gulls are flying rats. Bald eagles are super powered flying rats. I don't like em. Looks like the eagle actually snatched the rabbit, with the rabbit still in the fox's mouth. The fox then let go of the rabbit.

QWERTY1980 : how income tax works! the government (the eagle) steals your money (the rabbit) from the people (the fox)